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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday, 11 April 2016

Edward Beck, CNN's go to priest - a liar and a deceiver!

His own words convict him.

Edward L. Beck
Francis saves some of his most startling and liberating comments for the latter part of the exhortation.  After having made an earnest appeal for the primacy of conscience and individual discernment within the context of the faith community, Francis says this: "It can no longer simply be said that all those in any 'irregular' situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace."
How extraordinary!
That means those who cohabitate without the benefit of marriage are not to be perceived a priori as "living in sin"— nor is anyone else, for that matter.  We do not have states of life that are deemed sinful, or beyond the reach of grace.  Rather, we have individuals who must be encouraged, no matter what their state in life, to be continually transformed by the grace of inclusion and mercy.
Joyous indeed.
Father Edward L. Beck, C.P. is an on-air commentator for CNN on issues of Faith and Religion.


Mark Thomas said...

Father Beck's column begins as follows: "I have heard some of my parishioners say that they don't feel treated as adults by a Church they perceive as paternalistic and patriarchal. They complain that the Church intrudes into places it is not needed or welcomed – like the bedroom, for example."

I hope that Father Beck corrected "some of his parishioners" who uttered the above nonsense. Father Beck should have at least refuted via his column the anti-Catholic sentiment that "some" of his parishioners exhibited. To claim that Holy Mother Church "intrudes into places it is not needed or welcomed" is to God's Church. What a sad way to talk about Holy Mother Church.

Father Beck then wrote that in "his remarkably pastoral apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis seems to have heard these concerns and responds as a pastor who wishes to join hands with the faithful rather than wag a finger at them."

Okay...that's why Father Beck did not refute the above nasty, anti-Church statements that "some" of his parishioners uttered. Father Beck believes obviously that they had a point. He also believes that Pope Francis' agrees with the nasty opinions in question.

Father Beck then said that those "who enthusiastically embrace the teachings of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) have much to be joyful about in Pope Francis’ document on the family. The hand of a seasoned pastor dedicated to the teachings of the Vatican Council is more than evident in this ambitious and sweeping 263-page document that addresses issues of marriage and family life with undeniable compassion and sensitivity."

Okay...additional nonsense. The obligatory link to Vatican II. Thanks to Vatican II, the old "wag a finger", mean Catholic Church has disappeared. Today we have the new, "accompanying" Church. The Church Of The Accompaniment.

That set up Father Beck's statement that "those who cohabitate without the benefit of marriage are not to be perceived a priori as "living in sin" — nor is anyone else, for that matter. We do not have states of life that are deemed sinful..."

The Church is out of control. The spin on the Exhortation is out of control. His Holiness Pope Francis must address immediately the insanity that has swirled about the Exhortation.

I am uncertain as to whether anybody other than Pope Francis can correct the nonsense in question. That is, can Cardinal Burke and, perhaps, a few additional Churchmen, calm the waters in regard to the Exhortation?

If Father Beck's understanding of the Exhortation carries the day throughout the Church, then we are way beyond being in trouble. We will enter into a time and trial for Holy Mother Church that is beyond belief.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

The Jesuit has you preening prelates on the run, huh?
Get used to it.
Luther was only the beginning.
Francis will complete the project.

Felix M said...

Father Beck summarises Pope Bergoglio as saying that no-one is to be "perceived a priori as 'living in sin'". Father Beck adds, "Rather, we have individuals who must be encouraged, no matter what their state in life, to be continually transformed by the grace of inclusion and mercy." You might quibble about wording, but he's certainly reflecting the Pope's intention.

The Pope has been talking in the context of marriages, but his message has wider implications.

Consider for example Bill, who is in a homosexual relation with Bob. The Pope and Father Beck will now say that it's fine for Bill to receive the sacraments. According to them, absolution no longer requires that anyone need to actually repent and intend to turn from sin.

And if Bill and Bob want to get married? Well, Pope Bergoglio's exhortation said that a homosexual relationship can't be equated to marriage. So the Catholic Church won't marry them. But how long before a "merciful" priest will give them a blessing and conducts a service that looks virtually the same as a wedding? After all, isn't that the "merciful" thing to do?

Ana Milan said...

Amoris Laetitia is a catastrophe which must be scrapped. How any true apostle of Christ can justify it defies the imagination. It is Modernism to the core. If the Pope goes to Lund to join with the Lutherans in their celebration of the Protestant Revolt let him now he does not represent the Catholic Church - the only One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church Christ founded - but himself only. He is not the Vicar of Christ on earth for he has shown an antipathy to the Ten Commandments, the Magisterium (which he wants t change) &, of course, Tradition. Let him be called what he undoubtedly is - a heretic, and give us a true Catholic Pope dedicated to upholding God's law on earth even to the point of death.

Barona said...

It is so wonderful to see Edward Beck taking up papal teaching. Given that Fr. Beck has taken such a shine to papal teaching, I wait for his next homily on the Pius XI's Quas Primas.

Aged parent said...

Father Beck is not the most manly-looking priest I've ever seen.

tuleesh said...

That image accompanying this post looks like, no it is an actor/model's tear sheet. Beck simply "plays" the role of a Roman Catholic priest.
This confusion and disobedience is on the bishop's shoulders. Since they have the power to ordain priests, and they choose to ordain men like these.
How long, oh Lord? How long?!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even look at that creep's picture without cringing, never mind listen to the heresy and evil he spouts to people.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you heard of Msgr James Lisante? He is similar to Fr Beck.....

Anonymous said...

Ichabod, the glory has departed. This is a heretical priest and, I fear, a heretical pope. I can at least understand the theological underpinnings of Luther's objections to the Catholic Church at the time (i.e. the idea of selling indulgences and the concept of "earning or buying" your way to heaven as opposed to depending on the unmerited Grace of Jesus's sacrifice.) But this is not even in the same league. This is out and out watering down God's constant, unwavering holiness and making excuses for sin.

Susiecase2000@google.com said...

Rush Limbaugh played comments from Beck on his radio show today.

Beck has sold his soul by joining the media mob. The fact that he's gay makes my point.

It appears that to try to disgrace the Covington kids incident shows how low he will bend over for CNN.

Unknown said...

You better not touch kids inappropriately this man needs help