Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Marx's own words convict him of heresy and prove that Bergoglio's Apostolic Exhortation is full of it!

Have these wretched malefactors no fear of the living God?

O Lord Jesus Christ we beseech Thee to deliver us from these malefactors!

Cardinal Marx: “No Situation in Which Someone Is Excluded”

On 17 April, the head of the German Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx – who is the archbishop of Munich – gave a homily during Holy Mass in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria. In this homily, the cardinal – who is also a member of the pope’s “Council of Nine Cardinals” – said that “there is no situation in which someone is excluded forever 


Anonymous said...

Since the German Church had investments in pornography ,they have no moral standing whatsoever,after it was made public they sold the investments of ,but the fact that they had such investments in the first place is proof positive they have neither Faith or Morals.

Peter Lamb said...

I am becoming daily more convinced of the existence of a "controlled opposition" as a strategy of the luciferians. This is a secondary net spread to catch Catholics who feel uncomfortable in the NWO church, but who have not yet fully realized that it is not the Catholic Church. The role of this "controlled opposition" is to keep these traditionally-minded Catholics within the ambit of the NWO church; to prevent them from abandoning it; to bolster an appearance of legitimacy for the false church; to keep these Catholics recognizing the false hierarchy as genuine; in a word to keep them in communion with false Rome:
"Today we have Francis, a man without Faith. He is completely in line with the philosophical school behind the sixties program that skewered the Church. Now he’s arrived to institutionalize the leftist replacement. The irony is, however, that if he can’t convince people that he’s Catholic, he’ll lose his leverage. He has to maintain the facade so that Catholics follow his deadly leadership. He, more than John Paul or Benedict, knows he needs the SSPX ... He recognizes them as the sort of people they eliminated fifty years ago. He knows their beliefs have an ancient power, that they grow if not checked. Nevertheless Francis needs them desperately to come and make him seem Catholic, to legitimize him with their ‘union.’"
To my mind, this analysis is spot on. I of course consider people like Salza and Siscoe and elements of the SSPX as prime agents of the "controlled opposition", but then I'm a sede. :)