Friday, 8 April 2016

Bergoglio blasphemes the Holy Spirit "women's movement" is God's doing!

"There are those who believe that many of today’s problems have arisen because of feminine emancipation. This argument, however, is not valid, “it is false, untrue, a form of male chauvinism”. The equal dignity of men and women makes us rejoice to see old forms of discrimination disappear, and within families there is a growing reciprocity. If certain forms of feminism have arisen which we must consider inadequate, we must nonetheless see in the women’s movement the working of the Spirit for a clearer recognition of the dignity and rights of women." Frank 


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an associate Pastor at my parish who was said something to the effect that regarding women priests, 'you never know with the Holy Spirit.' Suspect that such thinking has been imparted to priests during their formative years. I wrote to him and referenced teaching like Pope St. John Paul's II Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. To his credit, he accepted the correction.

Jonah said...

Most of this generation's clergy are the product of Cultural Marxism. To quote my comment on Louie Verrecchio's facebook timeline:

Look at the sanctuaries of our Amchurch (both north and south America), and what do you see: temple whores and their sycophantic geldings - both clergy and laity. They are the gatekeeprs -- teachers, administrators, school and parish councilwomen and boardmembers, feminist "family services" busybodies. They corrupt and deprave boys and young men and then recommend them to the seminaries. Then, they further corrupt them as priests and propel them upward in their self-serving careers, deepening their depravity at each level. We must stop legitimizing this pagan, demonic regime. It is not from God.