Thursday, 14 April 2016

I will no longer stand for O Canada!

The Government of Canada has tabled today, Bill C-14; An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts for medical assistance in dying. 

The Bill is not as draconian as that proposed by the Parliamentary Committee

The can call it what they want, it is legalised murder.

I will no longer stand for O Canada!

This is no longer my country.


GMUA said...

A new historical "Swindler's list" by Spielberg.
This time going for Pope Pius IX

Unknown said...

Don't blame you at all Vox I think I might join you.

Peter Lamb said...

I feel your pain Vox. The luciferians are smiling, but St. Michael is sharpening his sword, Our Lady is looking sad and grim and Our Lord is slowly clenching His fist. Abject terror will wipe the smile off those judeo-masonic faces!

Robert Ryan said...

Excellently put Peter

Sybok said...

as a michigander it is a shame to see canada fall to such a low. the whole west is falling, i have felt likewise of america for some time now, that is no longer my country nor the country my grandparents immigrated to. its not just our countries, our anglo-saxon culture with the likes of churchill being a monument to, or western culture as a whole, but even our Church has now fallen to theological gnosticism and political personism. it is over for us. one can hope, should our species survive for that long, that future generations will see the folly of this decadent age and revive the religion and morals of their distant ancestors.