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Mouvement Tradition Quebec has uncovered that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has funded the Protestant heretical sect, the United Church of Canada with over $115,000 yearly. 

The CCCB's revenue comes from their profit on publications, annual collections and levies on dioceses across Canada generated from the collection plate in each parish. 

The United Church of Canada was formed as an amalgamation of Congregationalists, Methodists and some Presbyterian congregations. It has, historically, been the most liberal of the mainline protestant sects in Canada and in a recent statement before a Parliamentary Committee studying Euthanasia in Canada (legislation now introduced) on assisted suicide and murder; the ecclesial community stated:
Legislation for physician-assisted dying might, however, provide for careful assessment of such situations and allow, at a time of choosing of the individual, for the insertion of an intravenous drip and the provision of a mechanical aid that could begin the insertion of lethal medication into the drip on the action of the individual (perhaps controlled by a breath tube).
In August 2000, the 37th General Council affirmed that:
“human sexual orientations, whether heterosexual or homosexual, are a gift from God and part of the marvellous diversity of creation." 
Three years later, on February 1, 2003, the next General council decided "to call upon the Government of Canada to recognise same-sex marriages in marriage legislation. The “Reverend” Dr. Jim Sinclair, General Secretary of the General Council, said: 
"Marriage will be enhanced, not diminished, religious freedom will be protected, not threatened, and Canadian society will be strengthened, not weakened, as a result of this legislation." 
Jackie Harper, as Church's program staff for Family Ministries, said: 
"A significant, unique contribution that the United Church brings to this debate is the denomination's own experience of making same-sex marriage ceremonies available to its members and, at the same time, respecting the right of those within the denomination who are opposed to such services ... Religious marriage is not, and cannot be, affected by the proposed legislation. All faith communities in Canada, whatever their views on same-sex marriage, have the absolute right to determine for themselves who will be eligible for religious marriage within their communities. This includes the right to determine whether the community will offer religious marriages to interfaith couples, to divorced couples, or to couples who are not members of the community." 
Now, we find out that this evil agenda of a radical remaking of the tradition and social construct of Canada in both terms of so-called "marriage" between member of the same-sex and euthanasia has been funded in part, by Catholics in the pew as a result of malefactors at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops!

Accountability for actions cannot only be left up to God, but know that He surely will hold these evildoers responsible.

Accountability must be demanded now from the Catholic laity in Canada for this gross injustice and evil act and abuse of the funds of Catholics to support a protestant heretical sect that puts forth values that are not Catholic, not Christian and is responsible for the continuing undermining and rendering of the garment of of Christ, universal and the Church.

Not one penny in one collection plate. Not one dollar to one pastoral plan.

Stop now. 

Cut them off!

Mouvement Tradition Québec


Canadian Bishops: 115,000 dollars to the United Church each year

Bishop Lépine reminded us in an interview he gave on Friday at the Journal de Montreal (26/03/2016)

"We do not have a huge investment fund whose interests allow us to live, no matter what incoming.We rely on the generosity of our faithful and that's it, our fragility. These people give less to the quest one year and there is a problem. "

What he fails to mention is that the dioceses of Quebec and the other provinces fund with this money every year, community organizations that are far from Catholics.

Not surprising if one knows that the most serious example is given by the Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) , the governing body of all Canadian bishops (which also serve Lépine and Bishop Mgr Lacroix).

According to the latest report (2014) of the CCCB  made ​​to the Canada Revenue Agency, the $ 782,640given to 19 organizations  :

Dioceses Northern (James Bay, White Horse, Hudson Bay ...) each receive $ 55,000 from the "treasure" Catholic.

The Archdiocese of St. John receives $ 48,000

The Archdiocese of Quebec receives $ 10,000.

While the majority of donations to organizations vary between $ 965 and $ 80,000, some suspicious items appear repeatedly:

The United Church of Canada , Liberal Protestant persuasion known for its many heresies (promoting abortion and contraception, Ministry of Women and sodomites), annually receives its stamp of $ 115,000. In 2014, this was 14% donated by the CCCB.

From 2010 to 2014, in all annual statements provided to the Canada Revenue Agency appears   - from donations to dioceses in difficulty and various organizations - the famous amount of $ 115,000 to the United Church.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has never hidden its new post-conciliar orientation ecumenist, but since when this ecumenism helps finance the Protestant sects with money from Catholics?


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Brian said...


This is sad but, again, not surprising. Imagine that, giving money to a Protestant community. Our bishops have simply lost the courage to lead and defend. What a bunch of wimps. When all is said and done, is the day to day religious pulse of these bishops and many mainline Canadian Catholics all that different from those in the United Church of Canada? Cosmetic differences for the most part. Certainly, in 1960, the differences would have been very loud and clear, but not now. The iconoclastic frenzy that is the Spirit of Vatican II has seen to that. Is not Modernism, more or less, liberal Protestantism in Catholic dress? Lots more scandalous skeletons in the CCCB closet I'm afraid. What a wardrobe! We'll just have to wait and see.

Unknown said...

The UCC is consistently one of the most pro-gay advocacy groups in this country.

Anonymous said...

How can it be countenanced that a Catholic organisation is funding a Protestant organisation.

Anonymous said...

Give nothing to them ,give directly to the poor.Are Catholics now expected to fund the demolition of their Faith.

TheGoat said...

Truly unbelievable. The bishops simply cannot be trusted with any of our money. Stop giving to them.

david said...

For what reason did they give them this money