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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 8 April 2016

Apostolic excruciating mess

The Bishop of Rome has set the Catholic Church on a path of doctrinal dissolvement. The brief passages I have read so far are not good. You know every paragraph that starts to sound Catholic has a "but" coming. It's all over it.

Different strokes for different folks is what he is advocating. This is not Catholic. It is heretical. He has also adopted Canada's "Winnipeg Statement" on conscience and elevated to papal teaching. Another heresy. The reference to homosexual "orientation" is a heretical phrase adopted from the secular world. There is no "orientation" there is sin! While on one hand he condemns "gender ideology" on the other he adopts their mantra. The "internal forum" is now the arbiter. This Pope, and yes, for better or worse, he is the Pope; this Pope assumes that mercy has never been a part of parish life. I know priests who are deeply hurt by his condemnation of them for an apparent "lack of mercy." The German menace in this document and papacy is profound. There is a schism but it is not those of us faithful to the Church who are in schism. 

Complete heresy by the Bishop or Rome himself! Sin is no longer, sin.

301. For an adequate understanding of the possibility and need of special discernment in certain “irregular” situations, one thing must always be taken into account, lest anyone think that the demands of the Gospel are in any way being compromised. The Church possesses a solid body of reflection concerning mitigating factors and situations. Hence it is can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace. 

Do you remember this?
The Promoter
"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."
With that quote, (originating at the NCReporter) Father Thomas J. Rosica, on numerous occasions, laid out the plan of the Synods on the Family and Pope Bergoglio. You can bet your sweet bippy (since we are back in the 1970's) the at the likes of Rosica and the rest of the clericalist twitterati will be praising this document. 

Oh, they have won, for now and they will have their reward, you can be sure.

Let's look at some of what I've read so far; right away in paragraph 3:

3. Since “time is greater than space”, I would make it clear that not all discussions of doctrinal, moral or pastoral issues need to be settled by interventions of the magisterium. Unity of teaching and practice is certainly necessary in the Church, but this does not preclude various ways of interpreting some aspects of that teaching or drawing certain consequences from it. This will always be the case as the Spirit guides us towards the entire truth (cf. Jn 16:13), until he leads us fully into the mystery of Christ and enables us to see all things as he does. Each country or region, moreover, can seek solutions better suited to its culture and sensitive to its traditions and local needs. For “cultures are in fact quite diverse and every general principle… needs to be inculturated, if it is to be respected and applied”.
Paragraph 79, as an example, is a deception. On one hand, it gives the reader assurance that what is being said is in the great Familiaris Consortio of John Paul II. Yet, while it refers to what it wants to state from 84 in FC, it does not add the rest of it:

However, the Church reaffirms her practice, which is based upon Sacred Scripture, of not admitting to Eucharistic Communion divorced persons who have remarried. They are unable to be admitted thereto from the fact that their state and condition of life objectively contradict that union of love between Christ and the Church which is signified and effected by the Eucharist. Besides this, there is another special pastoral reason: if these people were admitted to the Eucharist, the faithful would be led into error and confusion regarding the Church's teaching about the indissolubility of marriage.
Reconciliation in the sacrament of Penance which would open the way to the Eucharist, can only be granted to those who, repenting of having broken the sign of the Covenant and of fidelity to Christ, are sincerely ready to undertake a way of life that is no longer in contradiction to the indissolubility of marriage. This means, in practice, that when, for serious reasons, such as for example the children's upbringing, a man and a woman cannot satisfy the obligation to separate, they "take on themselves the duty to live in complete continence, that is, by abstinence from the acts proper to married couples."[180]Similarly, the respect due to the sacrament of Matrimony, to the couples themselves and their families, and also to the community of the faithful, forbids any pastor, for whatever reason or pretext even of a pastoral nature, to perform ceremonies of any kind for divorced people who remarry. Such ceremonies would give the impression of the celebration of a new sacramentally valid marriage, and would thus lead people into error concerning the indissolubility of a validly contracted marriage.
By acting in this way, the Church professes her own fidelity to Christ and to His truth. At the same time she shows motherly concern for these children of hers, especially those who, through no fault of their own, have been abandoned by their legitimate partner.
With firm confidence she believes that those who have rejected the Lord's command and are still living in this state will be able to obtain from God the grace of conversion and salvation, provided that they have persevered in prayer, penance and charity.
In paragraph 186, we are told:
The Eucharist demands that we be members of the one body of the Church. Those who approach the Body and Blood of Christ may not wound that same Body by creating scandalous distinctions and divisions among its members. This is what it means to “discern” the body of 142 the Lord, to acknowledge it with faith and charity both in the sacramental signs and in the community; those who fail to do so eat and drink judgement against themselves (cf. v. 29). The celebration of the Eucharist thus becomes a constant summons for everyone “to examine himself or herself ” (v. 28), to open the doors of the family to greater fellowship with the underprivileged, and in this way to receive the sacrament of that eucharistic love which makes us one body. We must not forget that “the ‘mysticism’ of the sacrament has a social character”.207 When those who receive it turn a blind eye to the poor and suffering, or consent to various forms of division, contempt and inequality, the Eucharist is received unworthily. On the other hand, families who are properly disposed and receive the Eucharist regularly, reinforce their desire for fraternity, their social consciousness and their commitment to those in need.
Quoting Pope Benedict XVI, one again there is an attempt to show continuity, but while Pope Benedict writes of the Eucharist as "the reality both of being loved and loving others" and that if not, it is "intrinsically fragmented" Benedict does not use secular and worldly terms which take on Marxist rhetoric and equate them with mortal sin! Christ did not come to bring unity, though He certainly prayed for it in the Garden, he came to "bring a sword." He came to bring "division." We must have "contempt" for radical ideologies and the people that advocate them and seek to destroy our culture. "Inequality?" While people may be equal before the law, or should be, cultures are not. The behaviour of certain ethnic groups is not acceptable. This is sheer Marxist rhetoric and to equate it with being improperly disposed for Holy Communion is abominable. Nowhere in this document is this stated over sodomy but tell the kid to stop washing your window as you stop at a red light and you'll go to Hell.

Paragraph 297 is a complete contradiction and confusing jumble of platitudes. Are we or are we not to permit open adulterers, abortionist, sodomites to read at Mass or not? Now, if we all went to the traditional Mass, this would not be an issue!
297. It is a matter of reaching out to everyone, of needing to help each person find his or her proper way of participating in the ecclesial community and thus to experience being touched by an “unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous” mercy. No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel! Here I am not speaking only of the divorced and remarried, but of everyone, in whatever situation they find themselves. Naturally, if someone flaunts an objective sin as if it were part of the Christian ideal, or wants to impose something other than what the Church teaches, he or she can in no way presume to teach or preach to others; this is a case of something which separates from the community (cf. Mt 18:17). Such a person needs to listen once more to the Gospel message and its call to conversion. Yet even for that person there can be some way of taking part in the life of community, whether in social service, prayer meetings or another way that his or her own initiative, together with the discernment of the parish priest, may suggest. As for the way of dealing with different “irregular” situations, the Synod Fathers reached a general consensus, which I support: “In considering a pastoral approach towards people who have contracted a civil marriage, who are divorced and remarried, or simply living together, the Church has the responsibility of helping them understand the divine pedagogy of grace in their lives and offering them assistance so they can reach the fullness of God’s plan for them”,328 something which is always possible by the power of the Holy Spirit.
What a bunch of jesuitical bile speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. So, there is no Hell? The Gospels are wrong? Jesus lied?

As for 299, they are not "excommunicated" and get off this sentimentalist claptrap of "feelings."

What a bunch of 1970's bile. Will the felt banners be at the next Papal Mass?

Paragraph 301-306 are pure an unadulterated, if you'll pardon the pun, heresy! The door is open for Kasper and the rest of these heretics to drive a locomotive through. This is a schismatic document issued from the Bishop or Rome himself!

The Pope backs sex-education in schools. This is not Catholic, it belongs in the home, period!

Pure idiocy from which, I dissent!
The author

Abortion bears hardly a mention. Where is the call to arms to families? Where is the demand that Catholic parents rid themselves of pornography and ensure that this pernicious evil never enters the family domain? Where is the call to be more like "rabbits" and rebuild the culture? Where is the demographic crisis discussed and the effect this will have on Catholic families? Mercy, mercy, mercy me? I've heard about enough of this mercy crapola.

On a positive note, the scripture reflections are quite nice. 

The Presenter
The hidden men behind this document are modernists, Marxists, heretics and sodomites! May God convert them or damn them all to Hell. 

I'm sick of them, I'm sick and tired of these rotten liberals as Mother Angelica, may she even now see Him face to face, opined. I've had enough of what they did to my childhood faith. What they did to our heritage, our Catholic culture and our lives. They have done this. These bishops and cardinals, these theologians and twitterist clerics - they are responsible for what has happened to the family. They have done this.

You, Catholic out there. You have been misled. You have been lied to. Get up and educate yourself. You have no excuse anymore. These are evil men destined for eternal damnation, do not be amongst these goats.

May the Bishop of Rome enjoy his time at Lesbos. If he likes it enough there, maybe they can make room for him. He'll wash their feet and worship their same god as he bows to the vagina asteroid!  

A future Pope will fix this. May it be the next one and sooner rather than later.

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Dorota said...

I say, some got what they clearly stated they wanted - a calm feeling, after reading an irrational treatise in duplicity and wilful blindness. If not yet, then it is coming your way.

I am not saying it to throw a temper tantrum (as someone suggested), but to show you how very disoriented you are. My comments were never unfortunately "homophobic". They were anti-sodomy. They were not shameless papolatry, sorry excuses for Bergoglio's diabolical disorientation, either.

I stress - a rational person is one who uses well-constructed arguments, not one who consistently and stubbornly seeks for ways to excuse cognitive dissonance and lies. I do not care how good lies make you feel.

Stop throwing a tantrum NOW. You are just like Bergoglio. A harmless man, maybe a little odd. Isn't it?

Brian said...


Once again, live from Rome, its Modernism Central with the Francis Zone. Are there not any bishops who have the courage to speak publicly what you are saying here and then demand Jorge's resignation? Are there any bishops who will say: "Sorry Jorge, my Diocese will remain Catholic and faithful."? Why is the defense of Catholic teaching left in the hands of courageous laity? This episcopal silence will continue...... What a bunch of milquetoasts. I am dreading the obsequious, slavish, sickly sweet statements that will now come out from the chancery offices and episcopal conferences. And the Spell of Vatican II continues it's destruction.

Libera nos, Domine, a neglegentia episcoporum.

Vox Cantoris said...

Nice to see you back Darota.

Vox Cantoris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vox Cantoris said...

Dorota has left a new comment on your post "Apostolic excrement, indeed":


I am not back. Never again. I am not going to waste my breath here any more. I am visiting this once only, because I see you fail to see that you can't have it both ways at the same time. Be rational. Calm down a little. MT is coming to the rescue. HE will tell you what to think about this, how to think about this - in order to be able to pretend that nothing irregular is going on (apart from some irregular situations and unions, of course). Nothing irregular in Rome, all very nice. He will have assorted quotes and denials for you.
You were very unjust toward me, and unjust toward MT, who likes to lie to himself. It is not good for him.

You should tell MT to read Rosica's words, the ones you should read carefully, too.


I've done nothing "unjust" to you! Your comment is unjust, in fact.

I've asked you to stop badgering Mark.

Dorota said...


Guess how I knew that my last comment here would be on the morning of April 8? Guess how I knew what it would be? I might have just as well composed it ahead of time.

I knew you would be hysterical. Wait a little, listen to Mark Thomas or Rosica (one and the same method of excusing the inexcusable and muddying the waters to gradually change the unchangeable) - you will feel all better in no time, and again you will come after people like me with your expectation of "gentler" language and tone. A Catholic will inevitably be a "homophobe" then. Can't you see what you are doing? I assure you I am no "phobe". I DO hate lies and manipulations as well as mental acrobatics. My no is a no.

Just what tone has the Church always used against liars and heretics? Bye. I this hasn't helped, nothing will.

If I knew ahead of time exactly how UNcalm you would feel today, how come you did NOT?

Anonymous said...

I have not read the whole document so I am not sure what I think.

To me, from the excerpts you quoted, it doesn't sound as bad as I expected.

The paragraph about being properly disposed to receive the Eucharist is odd, certainly; those passages from St. Paul have always been understood to refer to personal sin, not "creating divisions". This is Francis' pet topic that he keeps bringing up again and again: don't create "divisions" but "divisions" for him seems to mean "don't call people out on their sin".

Paragraph 297 contains that strange, dangerous statement about how "no one can be condemned forever". Well, yes they can - they can go to hell for eternity. While still living, if we ask for God's forgiveness for our heinous sins, God will forgive a contrite heart. While we live, there is hope, as God is always calling His lost sheep home. But we can choose to reject him and choose eternal damnation instead, and that is a serious reality.

However, the parts you bolded, Vox, surprised me in a good way - at least Francis is acknowledging that flaunting objective sin and trying to impose sin as moral is wrong. That's a big step for him, since he has always been so vague. I am also surprised to see that he reaffirms Familiaris Consortio. I expected him to ignore it or throw it out completely.

Maybe I am feeling too optimistic since this document is not as bad as I expected it to be. But this:

Yet even for that person there can be some way of taking part in the life of community, whether in social service, prayer meetings or another way that his or her own initiative, together with the discernment of the parish priest, may suggest.

I see Francis saying that since divorced and remarried people living in adultery cannot receive the Eucharist, attending Mass and going to prayer meetings or helping in a soup kitchen might be a means of bringing the divorced and remarried to the realization that their situation is sinful, and it may serve as a call to conversion. Do you think that is an acceptable understanding?

For example, "reach the fullness of God’s plan for them" seems to indicate not living in sin, since God's plan for all of us is to return to Him in faithfulness.

I'll read the rest when I can, at which time I will probably have a better understanding of the problems in the document as a whole. I just wanted to participate in the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody waiting what is coming out of Rome. Until we get a papacy who from day one will turn things around, progressivism is a forgone conclusion.
Here is a snapshot of my life and where I see the failure of the church as embodied in the people of God.
I have been divorced since I was 23, I am now 79. It has been hard being everywhere the 5th wheel. Then there is the fact of there not being any male help, physical help and psychological help. When my neighbor accidentally breaks my window by his lawnmower flinging a stone, I have no clout to get him to fix it. Whereas a male friend of mine can go over there and come back with $200 in his hand to get the window replaced.
The biblical doctrine of looking after orphans and widows is what needs to be developed. From my experience over all these years, going to my fellow parishioners for help, no one wants to get involved, or even give you a hand to cut down a tree or unplug an eaves trough. There is no development of doctrine of how to help widows and orphans in our midst. I managed to support myself most of the time, but there were time when I was bullied by bosses to the extent and had to quit, there being no recourse in those days. And I became penniless. The easiest solution would have been to get remarried, but I am a Catholic, I don't believe in remarriage. Life only became easier after I got my old age pension. Even so, I am going to have to be buried in a pauper's grave, which is fine with me.
I do not care about, or am curious about whatever progressive doctrine comes out of Rome, they can't help it, that's how they have been formed for the last 60 years, which is equivalent to a lifetime. Rather we should develop our own doctrine of how to help the widows and orphans among us so that living as Catholics, in whatever state we find ourselves, is not only do-able but a shining example of how it can be done. We get pretty much shunned, the widows and orphans part of our society doesn't have much of a place.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear anonymous @ 11:17, I have no doubt that Our Lord will reward you greatly - filled and pressed down - for your faithfulness to Him and your marriage vows. God bless you. XXX

Peter Lamb said...

Two hundred and thirty four dogmas comprise "Our Catholic Faith without which it is impossible to please God" (Council of Trent, Session V, explaining the correct interpretation of Hebrews 11:6.) These positive "articles of faith" are fundamental truths which we Faithful accept without demur as being certain, by virtue of the authority of God, Who is absolute Truth.(Vatican I.) They represent the mind of Christ. St. Paul says: 1 Cor.2:16. "But we have the mind of Christ".
Hebrews 13:8: "Jesus Christ yesterday, and today: and the same for ever." No novelty! No change! No defectibility! No error! No fallibility! No evolution! God and His Catholic Faith are immutable!
Dogmas are not up for debate, neither are they reversible.
Catholics are called to cleave to Christ and His Church, which is One: 1 Cor. 1:10. "I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you: but that you be perfect in mind and in the same judgement."
There is no place for men to "pick and choose", or "recognise, but resist" the Truths proposed by the Church for they are bound in Heaven by God Himself. If something be decreed on earth and then be bound in Heaven, it must be Truth. Otherwise, God is not Truth.
Matthew 16:19: "And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in Heaven."
The Catholic Church is infallible because it is "the church of the living God, the pillar and the ground of the truth." I Tim. 3:15.
If a baptized person knowingly denies, or contradicts a dogma, he is guilty of the sin of heresy and is automatically excommunicated - be he pope, or layman.

Matrimonial Dogmas:
1. Marriage is a true and proper Sacrament instituted by God.
2. From the sacramental contract of marriage emerges the Bond of
Marriage, which binds both marriage partners to a lifelong indivisible community of life.
3. The Sacrament of Matrimony bestows sanctifying grace on the contracting parties.

The Catholic Church is indefectible and infallible; it cannot teach error. The NWO church is defectible, heretical and teaches error. It cannot be the Catholic Church!

From Dr. Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, published by the Mercier Press Ltd., Cork, Ireland, 1955. With Imprimatur of Cornelius, Bishop.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox-permitting, I would like to offer please the following:

I haven't read today's Apostolic Exhortation. I posted to another blog this morning several news media headlines about the document. The spin was that the document had revolutionized the Church's teachings on the family as well as sodomy.

But seconds ago, I read the following headline from the New York Daily News:

"Pope Francis’ new ‘Joy of Love’ precept offers no major overhaul of church doctrine, but urges a warmer approach toward ‘irregular’ couples".

That isn't bad. I hope that the New York Daily News headline is an accurate assessment of the Exhortation. On Father McDonald's blog, he and some commenters have praised the Exhortation. Additional bloggers have praised the many good points offered in the document. Vox, I know that you noted that on "a positive note, the scripture reflections are quite nice."

Not bad. Not bad. Again, I haven't read the document. But for now, what I can offer to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ is that we must remain calm. I have to remain calm. We belong the One True Church.

God is in charge of His True Church. We are his children. Therefore, let us remain calm. Let us deal with the unfortunate state of the Church. Let us at least recognize that unlike many spiritual leaders, our spiritual leader, Pope Francis, is a man of peace. Pope Francis is pro-life. He does the best that he can to shepherd the Church.

Let us love our Pope. Let us reflect upon the Traditional teachings that he defends and promotes. Let us treat Pope Francis charitably when we disagree with his prudential decisions.

Let us, during this very trying day, turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our great and holy spiritual Mother. Ask Her to intercede for us. Let us make Her ways our ways.

Let us love His Holiness Pope Francis. He is the Vicar of Christ. Let us love and respect each other.

May Vox continue to have the time and strength to keep his important blog up and running. Let us embrace Holy Tradition, which Vox promotes daily.

I am a very poor writer. I can only speak from my heart. I realize that the Apostolic Exhortation today has upset many of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I wish you peace. Let us pray for each other. Let us pray that Holy Mother Church will regain Her pre-Vatican II holy glory. Let us pray for His Holiness Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous at 11:17 am, April 08, 2016:

I appreciate your holy witness to Holy Mother Church. Your comment, that the "biblical doctrine of looking after orphans and widows is what needs to be developed," has caught my attention.

The following comment from you has also awakened me: "From my experience over all these years, going to my fellow parishioners for help, no one wants to get involved, or even give you a hand to cut down a tree or unplug an eaves trough. There is no development of doctrine of how to help widows and orphans in our midst. We get pretty much shunned, the widows and orphans part of our society doesn't have much of a place."

You have given me much to consider. You made excellent points. I wish the best for you. I hope to remember always your words.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Since when calling this obviously heretical i.e. satanic excrement Apostolic i.e. Divine is Catholic? Is your satanic-and-Divine-at-once Catholic?