Friday, 1 April 2016

Brian Joseph Dunn, Bishop of Antigonish - To this bishop, the Catholic faith is not what is critical for the survival of Cape Breton!

Brian Joseph Dunn is the Bishop of the long-suffering Diocese of Antigonish on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

Catholics in Antigonish were once arrested for kneeling for Holy Communion. They had to suffer the infiltration of homosexuals into the priesthood who sodomised and raped their boys. They even had to endure the sodomite former bishop, Raymond Lahey who had a collection of child pornography on his laptop computer where he was quite pleased to use it for his masturbatory fantasies.

Now, the Diocese is having a fire-sale of real estate:

Sale of Land and Real Estate in the Diocese of AntigonishThe Diocese of Antigonish is in the process of selling properties throughout the Diocese. This process is being undertaken as part of the Diocese commitment under the Class Action Legal Settlement Agreement. The properties that have been approved for sale, to date, are diverse in both location and property type. In some instances the properties include buildings and in other situations it is land only. The properties are being listed with local realtors in different areas of the diocese.

How pathetic that the Catholics of Antigonish have had to suffer at the hands of these rotten bishops, and yet; what have they, what have YOU Catholic of Antigonish - what have you done to fight for the Faith? 

The "dunn's" cap belongs to Dunn for his desire to have women ministers in the Catholic Church as just one example of his heterodoxy. The diocese is full of corrupted religious orders. A few years ago, a group of desperate Catholics brought in Michael Voris to speak to them and encourage them. Wrath came down upon them for that.

Canada is on the verge of euthanasia, indeed, courts have already ordered it even before the legislation. Abortion is rampant and without regulation. Churches of great history across Cape Breton have been closed. There are no vocations. The faith is dying.

With all of this, Brian Joseph Dunn, Bishop of Antigonish, successor to the filthy pervert Lahey, administrator of millions of dollars in damages due to sodomite priests writes a Letter to the Editor of the Cape Breton Post.

About euthanasia, you say? Maybe the scourge of abortion? A little FrancisMercy perhaps?

No friend; Trains! That's right, Trains!

A rail line, not the Catholic faith! A rail line is critical to Cape Breton's survival!

Dunn was born in 1955 in Newfoundland, another loss for the Church in Canada and hotbed of sodomite priests who raped and hundreds of boys. He would have grown up with these perverts as his teachers and mentors. They knew only how to destroy the faith. Dunn learned well from them, too bad for him and the suffering Catholics of Antigonish he didn't learn how to correct the errors since.

Methinks this train is short a caboose.

Rail line critical to Cape Breton’s survival
Published on April 01, 2016
I am writing to share my concern regarding the future of the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway.
The line’s current owner, Genesee and Wyoming, has applied to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for permission to abandon the rail line.
This infrastructure is critical to the economic survival of Cape Breton. While the island’s traditional industries have ceased, a new sense of collaborative, entrepreneurial activity is pushing forward to create sustainable, long-term opportunities.
International shipping and finance companies have demonstrated interest for a new container terminal and I understand serious discussions are underway. Sydney Harbour has recently been dredged to support this new terminal. Donkin Mine presents new rail activity. Local manufactures and technology companies are currently supplying their products around the globe. A rail line is vital to the success of all these activities.
Statistics support rail as a more environmentally friendly and safer mode of freight transportation. Railways limit emissions, conserve fuel, and relieve highway congestion.
Our provincial government has subsidized the maintenance of this line for decades and if abandoned the current owner could sell the tracks and rail for substantial salvage value. I do not believe this to be fair to the taxpayers of Nova Scotia and ask this action be prohibited as discussions continue between Genesee and Wyoming and Harbour-Port Development Partners. The Scotia Rail Development Society has prepared a report worthy of your review.
Brian Joseph Dunn
Bishop of Antigonish


Unknown said...

Whoever has been appointing bishops in this country, has had a very obvious set of criteria in mind. What we see over and over are men who whose theology is indistinguishable from liberal Protestantism. -Screwtape

Michael said...

If I may I would like to share a link with your readers for a petition to Canadian Catholic bishops for the consecration of Canada to the immaculate Heart of Mary:

Anonymous said...

Vox, I was stunned by your aside that Catholics had been arrested for kneeling. This communion/kneeling issue is ongoing and contentious, but arresting parishioners?

I read the details of the Skokes-Graham case. Although it was finally overturned on appeal, what a horror for the ordinary folks living thru it. As you well know, when a powerful Church functionary brings an action against you, your life is throw in turmoil even if you are innocent!

What I wish to point out regarding this accusation and trial is that it appears from the outset the defense had the wrong argument. The verdicts of guilty were predicated upon the parishioners disobeying a new procedure implemented by the bishop, standing for communion. That is how they were accused of being disruptive, based on not following the "social" protocols of the parish dictated by the bishop.

However, as we all know, no bishop can command a person to stand, because the bishop himself is subject to the Church, which has guaranteed for centuries the communicant's option to kneel. No bishop can abrogate the authority of the Church, and there are recent documents from CDF that spell out this immemorial right to display normal devotion to God.

Why didn't the defense attorney point this out, and thereby negate the claim that these parishioners were not obeying the dictates of their religion?

Maybe this was forced by the lower-level judges, maybe they said the arguments must be on a parish-only basis, not the Universal Church. But the 2 are not separated. I just cannot believe that this went thru several trials with 'guilty' convictions, in a criminal case no less, brought by the Church. Spanish Inquisition, part 2.

This could happen again, as many countries and states have these laws against disturbing sacred rituals or religious events. I hope in the future the defense will point out that parishioners are not disobeying their bishop, they are obeying their Church.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Dunn used to teach at St. Peter's Seminary and at King's College at Western University in London, Ontario.

Unknown said...

Both of those places are intellectual wastelands.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are. I know from first hand experience. And they are not better today either. No "biological solution" is helping things at all in the London Diocese and seminary. Still chock full of heresy and evil.