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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

"Pope" Bergoglio doubts his own orthodoxy - doubt no longer George!

What kind of intellectual pygmy in the realm of theology and philosophy is this Bishop of Rome who would need to ask if his crowning work, the abominable Amoris Laetitita, is "orthodox."

But he is no "intellectual pygmy." He knows exactly what he is doing.

Perhaps this is more of a "mafia" style. You know, a Mafia Don is caught in the act of something untoward by an underling and he says, "What did you see?" eliciting the response, "See? I didn't see anything?"

In a stunning revelation, his official "interpreter," Austrian Cardinal Christophe Schönborn, revealed that he had assured Bishop of Rome Bergoglio that this filthy and scandalous document penned by a committee of miscreants was "orthodox." and that assurance gave him "comfort."

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The mask fell long ago on this papacy and the filthy minions around it. It is only now that it has become more clear to so many more.

The Spadaro's, Martin's and other priestly, clericalist boobs on Twitter can try to defend this monstrous intellectually bankrupt papacy, but it is no longer possible.

May God deliver us from this persecution without delay and send us a truly holy Pope who will restore all things in Christ.




Rab said...

Schonborn, pillar of orthodoxy, confirmed all is well with AL. Phew. I had my doubts, but boy, am I calm now.

Anonymous said...

You were too easy on him, Vox. He refused to listen to the problems Cardinal Muller, at the time CDF, had about AL and went full steam ahead, anyway. Only after the chaotic stir it created did he seek an opinion from Schonborn, whom he already knew was his ally in the whole plot to change Church doctrine. The man who surrounds himself with like-minded co-conspirators is like a dictator who refuses to listen to anyone who speaks with sound mind and reason when it disagrees with his own thinking.

Michael Dowd said...

The homosexual toads in the Vatican are legion. It high time for divine intervention.

Anonymous said...

Popes come and popes go, Christ remains alive and with us. His Church is eternal - do not get so upset - it is the way I think - as it grants me serenity to go on. Ehabib

Osusanna said...

I'm afraid I don't believe a word they say anymore.

M. Prodigal said...

I, however, have no such confidence.

Johnno said...

This is too funny. Just who is running the show there?

But I don't buy it. If they are now claiming Mr.Not-A-Theologian Francis Jorge Bergolio is too stupid to see obvious heresy and has abosolutely no prudence when in doubt not to promulgate his ghost writers errors, then I suspect Cardinal Satanborn can see opposition to Amoris Adulterii growing and is doing damage control to distance Francis via argument of temporary stupidity. He had suspicion but pulled the trigger anyway! Let's make a mess and let the god of surprises sort it out.

Funnily the same distancing logic some sedes use when excusing previous pre VII Popes of supporting heresy through loophole appeals.

viterbo said...

There is no room for taught doubt in the Holy See. Bergoglio is, like his fathers' of VII before him, upon the death of Pius XII, a creature of contradiction, doubt and heresy. If folks believe the Vicar of Christ remains so while, publicly, in his ordinary magisterium be a creature of contradiction, doubt and heresy, you have turned to Protestantism.

TLM said...

Like I said in another blog comment box: Would someone please hand the man a Catechism of the Catholic Church?....PLEASE??!!! And then tell him to READ his own Encyclical! Even the newest edition of the Catechism will do!

Peter Lamb said...

Johnno, Please explain: "Funnily the same distancing logic some sedes use when excusing previous pre VII Popes of supporting heresy through loophole appeals. "

Anonymous said...