Saturday, 2 October 2021

Cardinal Collins cancels Nottawasaga gabfest due to fears of virus outbreak - Was it used as a ploy to out the un-"vaccinated?"

On September 14, the Feast of the Holy Cross, we reported (below for original post) that the annual spiritual retreat of prayer, fasting and contemplation, party gab and golf vacation at the NottyWasaga Inn at a cost of $800 each priest to the parish was limited to those who had the double jab. We noted then that those who could not attend would then be outed for the Cardinal and his Chancerycrats to target. 

Yesterday, October 1, Chancellor Edward Curtis issued a memorandum that "out of an abundance of caution" after solemn "reflection" by the Episcopally bored Board there will instead a "virtual retreat" as in 2020. 

It was determined that it would be a "cause for concern" to gather hundreds of priests together in a common setting, given the current conditions caused by the Chinese Communist Party Virus. Curtis further stated many priests advised that they were not comfortable attending in such a large group. Of course, one could ask these jabbed Fathers what they could possibly be afraid of the "vaccine" actually worked. Further, Curtis reveals that if just one priest contracted the virus there it would require that all would need to "self-isolate" under current public health requirements for up to two weeks. This would cause immense pastoral problems.

No kidding Chancellor Sherlock. You didn't know this on September 14 and whatever day you booked the Nottywasaga Inn? Of course, you did - it's "common sense" as Collins has said about all of us getting the jabs, so what has changed in a month?

Oh, I know; mission accomplished

Thomas Collins and his minions now have a list of every priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto who has not been jabbed.

Well played, Tom. Good for you Ed. 

For now. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Cardinal Collins to Toronto Priests - No jab? No gab!

The annual Autumn priest retreat for the Archdiocese of Toronto was cancelled in 2020 due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus (lest we forget its origin and purpose). Held at the Nottawasaga Inn and Resort the annual CardinalFest takes on a different spin this year. No jab, no gab. According to multiple sources, a memorandum was sent yesterday from the Chancerycrats that a priest not double-jabbed by the appropriate time will not be permitted to golf, relax and dwell in the bask of the glow of the Cardinal and his episcopally bored committee.

What an ingeniously wicked and manipulative way to determine which priests in the Archdiocese of Toronto have not gotten the jab. They will all be exposed, outed to all their colleagues for easy shaming and targetting. I can assure you, they may not be the majority but they are not a few. There is also a repugnant level of harassment that has begun against some of those not jabbed. On the other hand, the un-jabbed will probably look at this as a bonus.

Cardinal Collins has been pushing the jab on Catholics for many months. Preaching from the Ambo at St. Michael's Cathedral, he has called it "common sense" and an "act of charity" admonishing Catholics that those who do not take it obviously have no concern for the "common good." It is important to note that Collins went even further than the government diktats in Ontario and shut down Mass completely, even before the initial lockdown and later, at a time when the government did not shut religious services and only severely restricted numbers. For many Catholics, receiving Holy Communion is impossible because Collins continues to prohibit Holy Communion on the tongue at Mass - a situation where some Catholics have now gone 18 months without the holy Sacrament. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Second Vatican Council and the Canadian bishops' own infamous Winnipeg Statement all remind us that our conscience is supreme and that we cannot violate our conscience. Except in the matter of taking the jab or in the manner of receiving Holy Communion. Here, we are expected in these two matters to violate our consciences. 

Rise up, Fathers, unite. If you are a Toronto priest and on your own and do not know your brothers who think like you, or if you are a priest being persecuted or harassed by your pastor, feel free to write me in confidence where I can share with you those priest colleagues who will support you and network in truth, solidarity, support and prayer.

Fathers, you are not alone. Do not violate your conscience!


Johnno said...

One wishes it were more promising, and that the list of priests not showing up was far larger than Collins thought, meaning that Collins would have to fire 2/3rds of the Church to appease the 1/3rd rebelling with him against Christ.

Also, here's a list of Ontario businesses who won't pull a Collins and bow to the Gestapo. Support them!

Faithful Catholics too should start making lists. If Collins can, then so can we. #BOYCOTTCOLLINS #UNCATHOLICCOLLINS #COLLABORATORCOLLINS

Collins should start preparing apologies and aplogy tours and events now, just like he is doing for native people, so that his replacement can hit the ground running to beat his chest publicly in tears, sackcloth and ashes for the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY the Church On Earth and in Canada committed against EVERYONE - ESPECIALLY THE P.O.C.s WHO TRUST VEXXINE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS THE LEAST! MAY THESE COVIDIAN CRIMINALS BE MASKED FOREVER IN THE FUMES IF HELL IF THEY DON'T REPENT AND CEASE THEIR TYRANNY AND ACCOMPLICE TO MASS MURDER AND INJURY IMMEDIATELY!

Phineas said...

On the subject of fears of "breakthrough cases" (aka the vax doesn't work) what's the latest "science" on holy water? Empty basins for 18+ months and counting. Last I checked it's not a water borne virus and when doing the sign of the cross your dampened finger tip comes nowhere near your nose or mouth anyway.

And what of communion on the tongue? The SSPX in Ontario has done it all this time and in other dioceses in the USA they do it.

A "pastoral update" on these two items would be greatly appreciated. Seeing as His Eminence now has a freed up schedule with no retreat happening.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

There are several Toronto
priests who have refused to take the Covid-19 "innoculation" as, in their consciences formed by the eternal teaching of the Roman Catholic Faith, they have chosen not to take the abortion-derived Covid-19 "vaccine".

To coerce these orthodox Marian priests into getting "vaccinated", Cardinal Collins threatened them by saying that they would not be welcome to attend the annual retreat at the Nottawasaga Inn in October 2021.

When he realized that the Catholic faithful were outraged by his refusal to afford spiritual nourishment to the best priests in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Cardinal Collins
shrewdly decided to cancel the Nottawasaga Inn retreat for all of the priests - opting instead for a voyeuristic "cyber retreat".

I find it odd - among other things - that Cardinal Collins allowed Justin Trudeau to go to the pulpit of St. Michael's Cathedral to canonize one of the murderous fathers of abortion in Canada as a "just" man - but His Eminence refused to stand with the principled unvaccinated Toronto priests who are opposed to being injected with a specious cocktail percolated from the spilled blood of innocent children.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Vox. Every time I read your bold and truth-filled posts I am in awe of your righteous courage. THANK YOU!

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