Sunday, 24 October 2021

On this Sunday morning in the Diocese of Grand Falls, in Newfoundland, there is No Mass for You - unless of course you're jabbed!

Bishop Anthony Daniels, Bishop of Grand Falls in the long-suffering Church in Newfoundland has barred anyone from attending the Mass or sacraments unless they are "fully vaccinated." Daniels, former Auxiliary of the Diocese of London is another gift that keeps on giving from Pope Benedict XVI, clearly duped or oblivious to the faithless hirelings he was appointing. 

What a stupid, stupid fool is this Daniels. The rolling seven-day average in all of Newfoundland and Labrador is 3; and for this, he has taken this action.

Utterly demonic. 

Coronavirus trend in Newfoundland and Labrador - Bing

On September 18, we wrote of the situation in Moncton where the bishop attempted the same thing contrary to the other bishops in New Brunswick. A few days later, he backed down. The publicity and letters to the Nuncio no doubt had an effect.


Can we do the same thing for the good and long-suffering Catholics of Grand Falls?

Bishop Daniels, 

Your action to bar the faithful who have chosen not to or cannot receive the experimental genetic injection tested on or containing remnants of fetal stem cells from a baby delivered alive by Caesarean and then dissected is Satanic. You have betrayed your flock and showed yourself to be the rotten hireling that you have always been.

Where is the mercy? Where is the encounter? Where is going out to the peripheries? You call Pope Francis a liar! Of course, so do I but at least I’m honest about it. 

Enjoy your publicity. 

Vox Cantoris


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Brian said...

....Coming to a diocese near you....
Is this a sign of things to come? I think so. Did Daniels do this without first sending out some feelers to his fellow bishops?

Anonymous said...

This is entirely right, Vox. Even in our jaded times it is impossible not to call this shocking. How dare these bishops openly demonstrate their full Communism by demanding "QR codes" before "allowing" the Catholic faithful to attend Holy Mass or receive sacraments?? It is simply unbelievable that this is something a "bishop" would do. By their own words and actions they reveal they are Communists, who are themselves totalitarians by enacting these evil measures. The faithful should not only bombard this person with communications, but protest, actively and outside the church, and refuse to give in to these diabolical acts against God, against the Church, against the faith, and against the people of God. This man has no fear of God whatsoever. Whom God has called to His flock, this man bars from entering.
This entire Francis-church has become nothing but an arm of the UN. It is a nightmare, a horror, and if the people are going to just submit and lie down for it, then welcome to Communism and the loss of your church. Pray people, and resist! You have rights under God, God gave you your rights, not these pencil-neck goons who clearly went into the church for an easy gig. They have no zeal for the true faith or for God, and no heart for the people, who they are here to SERVE. Stop being complacent sheep, and demand your human rights! At some point, people must realize, if you are not willing to defend your rights, then you just won't have any. They weren't stolen, you gave them up.

Vox Cantoris said...


Vox Cantoris said...

Brian, Moncton’s cuck was forced to back down. Let’s see what we can do here. Write him and the Nuncio.

M. Prodigal said...

To prevent the faithful from receiving the sacraments is a serious sin. The "vaxxes" do not stop the infection nor its spread. Never has the "church' even in times of plague prevented the faithful from the holy Mass. Time to go to the SSPX if possible if there is one.

Phineas said...

So here's number two, now. Bishops of non-influential dioceses coming out to deny the sacraments to the unclean (or "purebloods", which I like better). This is so predictable and right out of the FrancisVatican playbook. We'll a see third diocese in the coming weeks, and then Cardinal Collins will deliver the coup de grace.

Sadly, there will be a great many Novus Ordo Catholics who will support this and even some TLM goers. The same ones who supported closing the churches for "safety". I'm reading up on the Japanese "hidden Christians" for some tips on how to keep the Faith as we look ahead.

TCW today talks about the need to support cancelled priests. My pocketbook is open to them. Perhaps in due course we'll be provided with information on how to financially support them.

Frank O'Leary, St. John's, NL said...

I propose some questions for Bishop Daniels :

" Is your diocese independently wealthy ? If, not, please tell us : who is the wealthy benefactor replacing your diocese's revenue from Sunday collections ? Is it Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum ? "

" More importantly, is the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass no longer the 'source and summit of our Faith' ? "

The Good Shepherd left the flock to seek the one sheep lost in the wilderness. You seem to think the unvaccinated deserve to be abandoned to their fate. Three questions :
" Are the unvaccinated no longer part of 'the People of God' ? "
"How are they to avail of the supernatural graces without which a Christian life is impossible? "
"Will you now, logically, also decree a dispensation from the Sunday Obligation just for the unvaccinated? Or is it your intention to coerce them into accepting the 'jabs' ? "


" To whom do you report, Almighty God, or Justin Trudeau ? "

" Whose apostle are you, Christ's or Satan's ? "

I will pray for your conversion.

( Harsh ? Yes ... but deserved, I think. )

Anonymous said...

I wish you could make this stuff up but you can’t…spineless coward is what he is.

Anonymous said...

Satanic is the right word.

Every bishop in the world is somewhere on the learning curve, and what they are learning is: In order to be employed and PAID in the church of Bergoglio, one must practice Satanism.

Anonymous said...

M. Prodigal, when going to an SSPX Mass next Sunday, ask a priest if Bergoglio’s filthy heretical blasphemous name
will be in Canon or not. He will tell you that this is the Law that we must follow. Then you need to explain him that Bergoglio is an anti-Pope (refer to Br. Bugnolo from Rome),
and communion with an heretic is a serious sin, in fact, a crime - according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.
Then he will kick you out of the chapel as an act of charity and love according to SSPX Law.
Then where you go next?

Anonymous said...

The gene-altering potions CAUSE abortions and have caused millions of other deaths. Why is it that the ONLY death Catholics are allowed to THINK about objecting to is a death that occurred years in the past.

And, of course, the CDF says vaxxines are "generally" not obligatory, while Bergoglio says getting this potion is "a moral obligation." (Not to be confused with rigidly declining to receive Communion while fornicating, which is no obligation at all.)

Cybro said...

The only "proof" this shows is who or what is presently in control of the Conciliar Church. Yes it has all been hijacked. Don't take the jab, don't even walk... Run.

Anonymous said...

A Polish fellow started a petition in the Diocese of London Ontario:

Anonymous said...

Where is that part of the Gospel that says a bishop needs to mimic the flawed health policies of civic leaders? Please enlighten me. This nonsense deserves international condemnation.

Tom A. said...

If you are being denied access to a Novus Ordo protestant worship service, consider it a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Now I agree with your main point, but...

Why are you referring to yourself with the royal "we"?

Vox Cantoris said...

To annoy you.

Now put on your mask and far cough.

Anonymous said...

This is so dumb. 1928 cases in total in Newfoundland over the whole course of the pandemic and a whopping 15 deaths.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, he is.

You can take the Bishop out of the Diocese of London, but you can't take the Diocese of London out of the Bishop.

Jim Dorchak said...

Here in Chile it is like we no longer have a Catholic Church.... well because we no longer have a Catholic Church!

We have had to follow this rule for the past 2 years here in Chile.
We have NOT been to Mass in 2 years!
Sit 6 meters away from each family member or NO MASS
Have your temperature taken or NO MASS
Shoe or foot wash... so absurd,,, or no Mass.

NO Mobility Pass NO MASS.

These rules are not Catholic but are enforced here in Chile.

Jim in Chile

Irenaeus said...

Dear Phineas,

Thank you for your patronage of TCW.

One way to financially support the priests you sense need support is to put money in an envelope, with or without a little note, and put their name on the front of the envelope. Find some way for the priest to get it.

Money isn't the only way to support a priest, either. Making food, sewing their vestments, getting them life necessities, or even driving them from A to B is another means of support.

Hopefully this helps.

God bless you,