Thursday, 21 October 2021

Thomas Cardinal Collins - the beneficiary of a murdered baby and he wants you to be too.


Jorge Bergoglio, the Bishop or Rome has fired Swiss Guards who have greater faith than he. To Bergoglio, taking the injection to allegedly protect against the latest virus out of China is "an act of love." This from the man who has thrown the Church in China to the wolves.

Here in Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins continues with his "spiritual" retreat for priests, live from the Cathedral. Revealed for his foolish attempt to have it a swanky golf resort at your expense along with his Victorian retirement home and fearful that a private ZOOM conference would be leaked to this blog, Collins chose to have a low-key public presentation online and available to all.

Collins has literally demanded all his priests and staff take the jab or pay to be tested. At least, they can be tested. Word has reached this writer that in a diocese not far away, no testing is even permitted. Jab or your out, priest, secretary, contractor, choir director, volunteer. You're dirty, you're a leper, you are not welcome here.

No mercy. No dialogue. No encounter. No reaching out to the peripheries.

I point you to the blog of Jon Rappaport which I just discovered. Read if you will with shocking clarity and documented history including the background of Lex van der Eb, the monster behind the HEK293m cell line.

This, is for the "common good" according to Tom Collins, This, is "common sense" and an "act of charity." 

Tom Collins has injected into his body a serum tested or containing the stem lines of a baby girl murdered alive and carved up in Holland in 1972.

On his judgement day, Collins will see that little child in all her glory in the arms of Our Lord. I believe that the original sin on her soul was washed away with blood at her martyrdom. God knew her before He knitted her in the womb and she is there now with Him. She will be there with the Pantocrator the glorious and terrible judge and she will accuse van der Eb, Bergoglio and Collins.

This post will land in Collins's inbox this morning. May it disturb him greatly as he waxes on in the Ambo. May it disturb him enough to repent for benefitting from the death of this girl and throwing under the jackboot of the State, Catholic faithful and those of other flocks put out of their livelihoods. 

A terrible day of reckoning is coming. 

New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing « Jon Rappoport's Blog (


Phineas said...

Great headline today, Vox. It is TRUTH.

It's never too early for Cardinal Collins to confess the egregious sin he has committed and do penance. And reparation, although in the time he has left on this temporal plane it may not be enough.

The testing in lieu of the vaxx is a complete LIE. Because vaxxed and unvaxxed can equally spread Covid, the testing should be given to all or none. Even Captain Obvious could figure that one out.

Check out Stew Peters from a couple of days ago. He discusses the great physical harms the testing can do. Poking the surface area of your brain three times a week with a Q-tip? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for speaking truth to power, Vox.

Anonymous said...

Oh Vox this is heartbreaking. Having had an argument with our priest about the need for new cell lines ( His Bishop told him the cell line was,"..... from one baby boy who was therapeutically aborted in the 70s in the Netherlands!"


Anonymous said...

Has Collins ever challenged the secular status quo? He’s the same as the majority of other Canadian bishops.

Anonymous said...

Phineas, thank you for sharing that about the testing risk. It is hardly ever mentioned, yet here we are thinking being tested like sick cattle every week is a favor the regime is doing us! How quickly we acclimate to slavery. And it is a medical procedure, quite invasive, to have a probe with who knows what on the tip of it, put in our noses right onto permeable mucous membranes so near to our brains. And to do this weekly? Over what, months and years? We'd all better know what's on the likely Chinese made tips of those swabs. At least, don't let them to their former "brain probe", where they shoved it way into your nose. That was totally unnecessary, and an investigation should be launched into why they EVER thought that was necessary. It was abusive.

Anonymous said...

Paganism at the Synod

Aqua said...

I speculate, sometimes, about my sweet little girl who has Down. Such a kind, gentle little soul with an amazing, precious sense of humor.

To protect her privacy I will call this flower - Mary Anne.

What if it was her, the “Doctors” had identified as the best candidate to supply the “fetal lines” for their experiments and industrial productions of medications for mankind to inject into their veins. Her “disability” might render her expendable to these people. Perhaps … they can give her life meaning by rendering her for medicine.

My little “Mary Anne”. Not taken to term, delivered, raised in an orphanage, then foster home, then adopted from her native China to my happy little band of misfits on the other side of the world. Imagine - she got none of that because “science” needed her organs and they needed them besting and alive. We talk about “Stem Cell line Cx12.356” or some such. So scientific. So medical. How about we imagine a name and a face. Imagine my “Mary Anne”, who swung on the porch swing with mommy, earlier today. Imagine her instead having all those unimaginable horrors perpetrated against her natal body on that cold metal table under the bright searing light so that science can make juice for the rest of us at some future dates.

Speak their names. Remember their faces. Or imagine their faces and the lives they could have had. Vivisected for that juice in the vial. Not remote cooperation, as some would say. It is an industry that ensures many, many, many “Mary Anne’s” because we demand what Big Pharma is producing from these little babies harvested alive. Past, present, future - the slaughter is not restricted to some remote event in the past, as they would have you believe. It is heinous, it is now, and we must not cooperate in it.

Anonymous said...

I know a woman who had an abortion many years ago and is now a serious Christian. She said that even if there were another bubonic plague she would never receive an abortion-tainted shot because she now knows her soul’s destiny is far more important than her physical well being. God bless you and your little “Mary Anne”.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vox, have you already written about the Diocese of London's jab mandate yet?

Anonymous said...

They remove a living baby's heart while it is beating, with no anesthesia. They do this with kidneys and other organs as well.
Nobody has to tell Christians how evil this is, but Christians should have nothing to do with this, or try to benefit from it in any way. Once we know, we can't unknow.

Anonymous said...

Grand Falls has fallen

Aqua said...

In reference to the Diocese of Grand Falls - fallen: It has obviously fallen long, long ago. This sad letter to the unfortunate Catholics of that Diocese merely represents the fruit of a parallel Church that worships man and the kingdom of man before God and the Kingdom of Heaven. The mystery and splendor of Jesus Christ on the Cross, present with us in His Holy Sacrifice, has long been forgotten in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. If remembered and adored, there would be no power on earth, over or under the earth that would compel a Bishop to issue such commands of exclusion from the suffering.

“It is clear that the Novus Ordo no longer intends to present the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent… It represents, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session 22 of the Council of Trent. The “canons” of the rite definitively fixed at that time erected an insurmountable barrier against any heresy which might attack the integrity of the mystery." (Cardinals Octaviani and Baccinin a letter to Pope Paul VI, 1969).

As with so many such letters, not a single mention of Jesus Christ anywhere in it. None. Germs, germs, germs; vaccination, vaccination, vaccination; social distance, social distance, social distance; vax pass vax pass, vax pass; records, limits, no singing, mask, mask, mask.

I find it hard to fathom why anyone would grace the door of such a place as this and even make a futile attempt at entry.

Johnno said...

Collins and others of liberal ilk doesn't seem to care that much about murdered children.

See if he and they care more about dead tortured puppies...

Fauci under fire from Democrats and Republicans for alleged research involving puppies, flesh-eating parasites

Fauci Funded ‘Cruel’ Puppy Experiments Where Sand Flies ‘Eat Them Alive’; Vocal Cords Severed

Yes folks, these are the medicine men running the show! There is no innocence they won't destroy!