Wednesday, 6 October 2021

What is the cost of the jab policies of Thomas Cardinal Collins? Termination of employment and his actions and words used by others to do it!


The Chancerycrats under the orders of Thomas Collins have issued their "Vaccination policy FAQs." The information comes from Director of Human Resources, Stephanie Nargoz who can be reached at or by cell at 416-819-7442. Collins and Nargoz are toeing the line of the new Ontario Ministry of Patriotic State Churches and the tyrannical diktats of Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Health, the same doctor who last week ordered an immediate suspension "out of an abundance of caution" of the Moderna jab for those 18-24 because of serious complications of pericarditis and myocarditis - a reality known for many months and only late, acted upon. 


Everyone must disclose their injection status to the pastor, department head or regional bishop. See that? This means that the priest must disclose to the bishop. Note, of course, they were already outed in the Nottawasaga retreat charade. Any staff who refuse to disclose will not be permitted to continue in their role - this would, one presumes, include a priest in his parish. Those not "complying" will be counselled for re-education and "managed."


The injection is the default position for volunteers. Period. Is it legal? Don't agree? See ya later. You are not welcome, we don't want you, we don't need you. Pastors, "may" use discretion, but of course, the volunteer would need to pay $40 for a test in order to, volunteer.


One would think that anything to do with the Holy Mass would be the first on the list, it is not. You can still attend the Holy Mass without the experimental genetic injections but you can't volunteer. She sees no contradiction in this, which I suppose is a good thing. According to Nargoz, parishes need to be welcoming and open to all people and there is no desire to prevent any of the unjabbed from worshipping (and giving over their money). She continues the false narrative that some people do not have simple access to the injections (a lie - every local Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and others provide it.). She further opines that there are those without a health card or a fixed address. Nonsense! Toronto and all Public Health units have a program for the homeless. But. Let's at least give ole' Steph credit for using the homeless as the excuse for not shutting down the churches to the lepers. After all, Karen of the Parish Council would never want to criticize the homeless and suffering. Well done, Steph!

Or course, one could ask, why isn't Tom Collins housing the indigent at the Newman Centre mansion so they have a "fixed address" rather than turning it into his luxury retirement home. Tell us, Tom; curious minds want to know how much this is costing.

Religious exemptions

Of course, there are no religious exemptions. Oh, the irony.

Tommy says the jabs are "for the common good" and "common sense." Of course, we all know Bergoglio calls them an "act of love." As for the "remote" cooperation with evil. Well, what of that and never mind about that pericardial effusion thing and the all the others now coming to be more widely known. Submit! Does Steph wear black leather and carry a whip too?

"Is this my best side?"
While we are on exemptions. I am aware of a current and actual case where a nurse with many children will be fired for not taking the injection and where her religious exemption request was denied. The employer used the Cardinal's words and link from the Archdiocese of Toronto webpage and that of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in their response to justify their refusal. Cowardinal Collins has taken the food off the table of this family. The recompense will be grave, indeed! Yet, they did not want to come forward with a full exposé and have "forgiven" him as he is seen by them as a grandfatherly shepherd whom they do not wish to offend. I have no hesitation in that regard.  

In fairness to Steph, one can respect their conscience and get along just fine, just get the weekly rapid test at your own expense and all will be well and they are working to provide some lower-cost alternatives than filling the Bronfman Shoppers Drug Mart coffers with even more money.

Ultimately, if a person employed by the Archdiocese of Toronto does not accept the jab or pay for weekly testing, they will have their employment, terminated and presumably, their priestly vocation.

Parish Events

You need a jab, and you need a jab and you need a jab, but not if you're attending a parish hall or event for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, working in a soup kitchen or food distribution for the indigent, who may or may not be jabbed.

Steph goes on to state that even if one has had the CCP Virus, the God-given natural immunity is just not good enough. Tom and Steph follow the science, don't you know.


Phineas said...

We are truly at a point where it would be foolish to continue donating to any parish in the Archdiocese. Let the whole rotten edifice collapse under the weight of its own conceit.

Cardinal Collins has emulated Bergoglio by pivoting to the Canadian equivalent of the United Nations, in order to do their bidding. Knowing that the State will continue funding them, as the CCP funds the Vatican to the tune of $2 billion per annum.

We will need to fund Toronto cancelled priests ("those who do not disclose") so they can offer reverent Masses in private homes, etc. Better to live in Truth than to live a Lie.

Robert Mignella said...

In the very best of Catholic tradition, debate and reason, guided by revelation, inform the search for truth. The scholastic method of responding to sensible objections seems to be missing in the conversation. The reasons for not taking the vaccine are compelling. To stand up to the pressure of government coercion is an act of courage worthy of attaching one's name.

Robert Mignella

P. O'Brien said...

"You can still attend the Holy Mass without the experimental genetic injections but you can't volunteer." When I read this to my wife, she said, "For now."

Anonymous said...

Vancouver now requires all deacons to be jabbed. I see more coming everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says science like ignoring it. Natural immunity has been the gold standard of immunity, but under Covid it is completely ignored. This isn't about public health. That fact alone demonstrates it. What does it take to wake people up.

The Church, the pope, the Cardinals, the bishops, have the responsibility of protecting the flock. If despite what many of us see concerning deaths and adverse reactions don't make an impression on these men, the fact that people are losing their incomes should. If nothing else, these men should be defending the people against the kind of tyr anny that means people lose their means of providing income for their families. Even if they disagreed and actually felt the injections are a good idea. But that they do not, they remain silent while the people suffer being isolated, cornered, coerced, and punished, means the men of the church are of no value at all to the flock. Worse than that, they don't care about the flock at all. We all need to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Be grateful ,their showing their true colours and where their true loyalties lie.Everything that was hidden will be brought out to the light.