Saturday, 23 October 2021

Cardinal Collins - Will you ban the un-jabbed to open churches fully to up your collections?

"Neil, you're a genius, collections will skyrocket if we ban the un-jabbed!"
On Friday, October 22 in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford announced a plan that would, given the right numbers, bring to an end all pandemic restrictions by the end of March 2022, three months before the election. 

Churches are restricted on attendance, not to a specific percentage at the current time but to "social distancing." In many cases, depending on the size and layout of the church, this is not much of an improvement over 30% or 40% occupancy.

Ford has implemented a "vaccine passport" with a QR code for restaurants, bars and the 20,000 attending Maple Leafs or Raptors games - quite the breeding ground for new cases of SARS-CoV-2 and its leaky "vaccine." With Ford's announcement yesterday, churches can have, as of October 22, full occupancy just as the Maple Leafs if they choose to - all they need to do is admit only the double-jabbed.

Yesterday, Excellency, Mr. Neil MacCarthy, the Cardinal's chief spox, issued a Memorandum stating that there is no "immediate implication" for the parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Neil indicates that the plan will be "under review" and that dialogue with the medical tyrants will continue. Right. "Under review." Pardon my cynicism.

One wonders if Cardinal Collins will throw the un-jabbed under the bus and ban us from churches in an effort to have full occupancy of the jabbed to increase the collections which have plummetted.

Any bets? After all, the government pay-off is about to dry up. Their job is done.

Cardinal Collins - what say you? Are the lepers welcome?


Phineas said...

It was always about the vaccine passports.

I think we all noticed previously closed establishments, and brand new ones, starting to all of a sudden open up in October. The beautiful new street-level LCBO at Bay & Bloor. The TTC streetcars emblazoned with "WELCOME BACK TORONTO" and "FREEDOM". Full capacity limits restored for Toronto Maple Leafs home games - only to the fully inoculated of course. The hard date of November 1 for mandates. The completely manipulable "reduced case counts". It couldn't be any more obvious, yet somehow 80% of the populace seems utterly blind to it. These walking zombies take this as evidence that Ford's COVID measures "worked", and in fact take a sense of pride in it.

But I digress. All these markers point to vaccine passports being implemented in the Archdiocese. When that happens, that day will live in infamy.

Anonymous said...

Don’t give him any ideas. I’m sure there are clergy who want to do this.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, there are.

Anonymous said...

Johnno said...

Lift restrictions before elections.

Reimpose them again after elections.

We gonna trust any promises Ford has ever made?

The entire Ontario government needs to be tried and hung. If Ford was coerced, he needs to start singing.