Friday, 22 October 2021

Out of nearly 800 priests (and 2,000,000 Catholics) 45 were participating in the NotTheWassaga Priest Retreat

Out of nearly 800 priests (and 2,000,000 Catholics), 45 were participating in the NotTheWasaga Retreat. None of the others found the time or inclination to log on and listen to Cardinal Collins.

Were the unvaccinated allowed to watch?

Have a great weekend, Tom. No wonder you look so peeved.


Barona said...

"With king and prince of ours, priest and prophet of ours the fault lies, and with our fathers before us. We have defied the will of the Lord our God; trust and loyalty we had none to give him, 18 nor ever shewed him submission, by listening to his divine voice and following the commands he gave us". Baruch 1:16-18

It is for you, priests, to see that this law of mine is obeyed. Give me neither heed nor hearing, says the Lord of hosts, let my name go unhonoured, and with sore distress I will visit you; falls my curse on all the blessings you enjoy, falls my curse …,to the punishing of your heedlessness. Arm of yours I will strike motionless, bury your faces in dung, ay, the dung of your own sacrifices, and to the dung-pit you shall go". Malachi 2:1-3

"Here is a people who will not listen to the voice of their own God, or accept reproof from him; loyalty is dead, the word is on their lips no more". Jeremiah 7:28


Anonymous said...

Slightly unrelated Vox, but let's see if Tom takes up the Ontario government's announcement today that places of worship can go back to full capacity on Oct. 25 if they mandate vaccine passports for worshippers to come in. Bet you Hamilton and London dioceses do it, maybe Toronto as well. Thus banishing the unvaccinated from Mass entirely. I won't be surprised at all.

Vox Cantoris said...

Nor would I and probably the subject of a blog tomorrow.

Toronto is positively free compared to the two you mention.

Anonymous said...

800 priests in Toronto? Surely that can't be accurate. In any case, 45 is still a poor turnout.

Vox Cantoris said...

791 diocesan and religious as of 2017.