Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Thomas Cardinal Collins: "The Archdiocese of Toronto is not asking for proof of vaccination to worship in our churches."

In a press release issued yesterday under the authority of Thomas Cardinal Collins, unlike the attempt by the Bishop of Moncton and the current Bishop of Grand Falls, "the Archdiocese of Toronto is not asking for proof of vaccination to worship in our churches."

Why any credit should be necessary for this matter, given the situations elsewhere let us give it where it is due. In comparison to what the two previously mentioned dioceses did, this is a good development. Yet, it is still a preposterous situation that it should even need to be stated. If no injection with the abortion-tainted experimental genetic therapies, Collins is requiring testing, something some other dioceses is not even permitting.  

Perhaps the pressure put on Cardinal Collins from this blog and Toronto Catholic Witness from No Mass For You to the jab policies has had an effect and served notice upon the Cardinal and his Auxiliary Bishops that we will not sit by silently. We have both said, repeatedly, that Collins has sold out to the State and has adopted nearly the same bully tactics, only now trying to be magnanimous in the face of worse scoundrels.

Our post on Moncton and the one this past Sunday (below) on Grand Falls raised publicity and have had an exceptionally large number of readers. The story has been picked up by GloriaTV, CNA, LifeSiteNews, National Catholic Register. Canon212 and other Catholic media outlets. It is critical that these hirelings are not allowed to hide in the abuse of their flocks.

Archdiocese of Toronto - Update on COVID-19 Policies in the Archdiocese of Toronto (
Update on COVID-19 Policies in the Archdiocese of Toronto
Posted : Oct-26-2021

In recent days, there have been a number of changes to COVID-19 protocols throughout the province. Given all this new information, the Archdiocese of Toronto wants to provide an update on our COVID-19 policies.

First, we thank all our clergy, staff, volunteers and parishioners for continuing to follow the WorshipSafe protocols. These measures have effectively protected against the transmission of COVID-19 in our parishes. The WorshipSafe protocols remain in place throughout the archdiocese.

To ensure our parishioners remain safe at church as we enter the winter months (when COVID-19 cases have previously increased), the Archdiocese of Toronto has implemented a temporary vaccine policy for clergy, staff and volunteers – in essence, those serving on the front line of ministry. These groups have now provided their proof of vaccination or are completing regular rapid-antigen tests.

The Government of Ontario has mandated proof of vaccination to access certain indoor settings, such as restaurants, bars and gyms. Places of worship are exempt from these proof of vaccination requirements, recognizing both the essential nature of religious institutions in our society and the very limited spread of COVID-19 in these settings.

The Archdiocese of Toronto is not asking for proof of vaccination to worship in our churches. Although the Archdiocese of Toronto encourages all Catholics to be vaccinated for the common good, we are making every effort to ensure that our churches remain open to all. The WorshipSafe protocols have kept our parishioners safe throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually removed throughout the province.

We ask everyone to remain mindful that the pandemic is still part of our lives. Please do not attend church if you have COVID-19 symptoms. And if you are particularly vulnerable to the virus, please limit your indoor activities as much as possible.

If you cannot attend church in person, almost 100 parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto are offering livestream Masses. You can find a list of those parishes here.

Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, continues the dispensation from Sunday obligation for those who cannot attend Mass during the pandemic.

We all hope to return to in-person services with no restrictions as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we continue to pray for all of those who are suffering during this time of pandemic.


Rowdy Windwalker said...

Please love us -- we won't beat you as much as other dioceses do.

And why even mention livestream Masses? It's just a TV show. If I had to rely on a livestream mass, I would watch Bishop Sheen saying Mass 60, 70 years ago on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

These soulless missives from the Archdiocese can only be coming from a public relations 'expert'. Any involvement of a pastor must be a perfunctory rubber stamp.

Every reference to "WorshipSafe™ protocols" feels like a slap in the face. The intention is the opposite, of course. It's like the government's "Reopening Ontario Act". The truth is wrapped in a deceptive and frequently repeated trope to tranquilize the masses.

It seems the Archdiocese is turning to the same word wizards used by politicians and advertisers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“for the common good,” (!). 1 out of 3 hospital admissions in Ontario are now fully vaccinated people!

Vox Cantoris said...

Correct. I've been saying this for a month now. It is only going to increase, too.

Anonymous said...

M. Prodigal said...

And just what does "proof of vaccination" mean? It does not mean you are not sick or will get sick or will not spread this man-made disease. It really means you are a compliant sheeple. But there are those forced against their will to take the dangerous and immoral jabs and that is not only a loss of freedom but a travesty.

Phineas said...

Thanks Vox, some good news indeed. But as you say, there he goes again with the "common good" push.

After all that we know now, I'm physically sick at the thought of this dangerous inoculation being injected into 5-11 year olds. This is insane. Will His Eminence sit idly by while this CRIME is perpetrated on INNOCENTS?

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Vatican says Pope Francis has agreed to visit Canada in December, meet with Indigenous leaders.
He will also offer an Extraordinary Form of the Mass in full communion with Pacha-Mama in the Archdiocese of Toronto.
Only fully vaccinated to death (now with four jabs) are allowed to attend this Extraordinary event.
Stay tuned to Vatican News.

Anonymous said...

"Worship-safe", what a horrible motto, I've not heard it before. Everybody, do your part to spread fear among the people, to keep the Blessed Covid ever before their eyes, don't let them forget, don't let them have peace, dangle death in front of them at every opportunity.
Fear PORN, promulgated by our local pastors and by FrancisChurch.

You men are obligated to talk about GOD, about SALVATION, about how to live in this dystopian novel that you have created out of our formerly free nations, with your fear porn, your mandates, your constant persecution of the people. You are now part of the problem! YOU, are driving up anxiety, depression rates, suicides, with your relentless agreement with the powers that be. You do not console nor support the people in freedom, you add to their burdens, day after day. Life is the material world only to you men, we are to live in constant fear of our bodily health, to a virus that has a less than 1% chance of killing us, and hectoring us to take an injection that has killed thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands. Now they want to shove that into babies. You will go along.
I happened to see my physician today. I asked him, as I have asked him before, "Do you see patients get Covid twice?". He replied "No. We see patients who get the vaccine and then right away get a "breakthrough infection." I asked him if this could be the vaccine effect. He did not know. Covid survivors are the people that should be welcomed with open arms in churches, stores, restaurants, schools, teaching, as police officers, EMT's, etc., because those are the people who are not going to get or spread Covid again! What will it take, for this truth to make it to the brains of the free world. When will people realize they have been played and manipulated to such a degree. Will they then have the integrity to say NO MORE.

Anonymous said...

People are being coerced, no one is forced.
A job you can replace. A healthy body you cannot. Once your immune system is damaged, or your blood clots up like sludge, or your heart muscle is inflamed, or you have seizures and brain damage, you are stuck with it. There is no cure, and when you seek treatment you are told it had nothing to do with the shot. You're just "anxious" and imagining things.
Easy choice. The harder choice is not submitting to the weekly nasal swabs with who-knows-what on the end of it, shoved 2 inches from your brain every 7 days. That, is a harder choice.
Anybody note these tyrants use terms like "submit".
Why do they not say "You are expected to PARTICIPATE in weekly testing". Or, You AGREE to have weekly testing.
Noo...they say "You must must COMPLY...".

I am in the states, but I would bet anything the terminology elsewhere is the same. The message to you and I is, you are OURS, do what you are TOLD, or else.
Words matter.

peasant said...

"the Archdiocese of Toronto has implemented a temporary vaccine policy for clergy, staff and volunteers"
FALSE. The gene therapy being offered as a vaccine is not temporary it's irreversible.
Thou shalt not kill.
How many times since your last confession Collins? HOW MANY TIMES?

Anonymous said...

Amidst all these, at least there's good news that the Archdiocese of Ottawa is not requiring mandatory jab for clergy, staff or volunteers. We need to redouble our prayers for our shepherds.

Tom A. said...

Vox, first of all, you and your readers need to grasp the obvious fact that Tom Collin’s “churches” are not Catholic. They are Novud Ordo worship centers. No Catholic should ever be setting foot in any non-Catholic church to assist at Mass. I really wish you could make this distinction.

Anonymous said...

St Jane Francis Church in Toronto closed church for mass and opened up a vaccine centre. I believe the vaccine centre was opened up after the regular priest the passed away(not Corona related). These churches are Catholic in name only.