Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Cardinal Collins and the Annual Priest Retreat is underway - but not at the Naughtywassaga!

A few weeks ago, Tom Collins announced the annual priest retreat of prayer and contemplation and golf would be held once again at the NaughtyWasaga Inn. The annual fest paid for by parishes for each priest out of your collection was cancelled in 2020 due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus. Collins stipulated that all priests attending must be double-jabbed with the fetal stem cell tainted injection which revealed itself as a not so subtle way of exposing the priests in Toronto who have defied his edict that it was in the "common good" to take the jab.

At the same time that this money of yours was going to be spent by Collins and Crew on this shindig, he was laying out plans to cause the parish secretary single mother to take $40 off their child's table every week to enrich the Bronfman family and its retail empire for the rapid CCP Virus test. On top of that, he intended to gather all these priests together in an enclosed environment all injected with a "vaccine" that clearly does not work to prevent transmission, hospitalization or death. Imagine the shuttered churches if hundreds of priests had to isolate for fourteen days! Imagine the disruption in the cathedraticum!

Naughtywassaga was cancelled and the meeting would be made virtual. 

You can watch it daily from the Cathedral where it is live-streamed for all to benefit from the spiritual wisdom of Thomas Collins. So crafty, eh? Nobody can challenge him in private or public on his selling out the faithful to government diktats, the closing of churches, the banning of Holy Communion on the tongue, the throwing under the bus of unemployment the lay faithful that choose to forgo the jab. What a hireling. What a coward. He has abandoned the faithful to the diktats of tyranny. He uses Bergoglio as an example - now Swiss Guards are unemployed!

People in the know have confirmed that Collins was fearful of another private zoom-type affair because they were concerned that his more private moments and facial expressions would be uploaded somewhere and presented here as we have done repeatedly.

We all remember, "I will shut you down." 

Next move, Tom?


john Grant said...

As usual, well said Vox. As a bit of an aside: am I delusional or don't the ancient occult slogan, "Solve et Coagula" and the new occult slogan "Build Back Better" nave the same meaning.

Phineas said...

In Cardinal Collins' defense (and it's a weak one) I'm of the mind he was incredibly naive about the vaccine strategy engineered by Bergoglio. Basically, to give no Catholic an out concerning whether they should get the jab. When Bergoglio called it an act of love, we were all thrown under the bus.

Will Cardinal Collins come out against "boosters"? Everyone knows the jab is useless at best and in fact quite dangerous. And when they start pushing it on 5 year olds? Will Catholic Children's Aid start knocking on doors and removing children from the homes of "dangerous parents" that won't vaccinate their children? Take a stand now Your Eminence.

Anonymous said...

Volunteers are now subject to compulsory vaccination. Clergy are now playing the role of vaccine police. Are there any voices of resistance among the clergy?

Vox Cantoris said...

"Are there any voices of resistance among the clergy?"

Yes. In fact, I facilitated a group of priests from different areas of the Archdiocese to come together in support of one another. The number is not significant. They are opposed to all of this.

The purpose of my work was to get them speaking with one another for support and common purpose. What they can do with the tyrannical Cardinal and his useless is episcopally bored Auxiliary Bishops is very little.

I expect some of them will be "cancelled."

Anonymous said...

Vox Cantoris said...

Tomorrow morning's post is going to hit him like a ton of bricks. This will add to it.

Thank you.