Friday, 15 October 2021

Cardinal Collins: How do you respond to a real scientist on the matter of the jab for your, "common good!"


Phineas said...

Keep trolling His Eminence, Vox - he deserves it. Expect him to utter nary a word on vaccines before he self-exiles to his Xanadu, the Newman Center.

Anonymous said...

Last I recall , the Newman Centers were overseen by Opus Dei.

Anonymous said...

The Newman Centre at U of T Toronto has Collins’ boy, Mark Kolosowski at its helm. What a masterful play by Collins. He sent Mark to be the Executive Director, so that he could have him renovate his retirement residence. Then the two can live happily ever after. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is the second interview I've seen by Jim Hale of Lifesite. I have so appreciated both interviews. An interviewer often enjoys the sound of his own voice more than the person interviewed. Mr. Hale lets people speak, and then he asks the questions we might ask, given the chance. So much appreciation to Jim Hale and Lifesite.

This is a profoundly powerful interview based on what Dr. Malone has said. He has demonstrated he is not "a right wing conspiracy theorist", but his concerns are based on what he understands and has experienced as an extremely gifted physician and researcher. What he says aligns with what we all have seen. That he is so disturbed by irregularities within the medical and research community, tells us that things are in fact, dire.
Yet he speaks out, at great risk to himself.
May God be with him, with other doctors who have the courage and principle to speak out, as well as all of us.
One thing I would counter. While young doctors may feel they cannot speak out based on their personal debt, I would say this is a time when people must put aside their own personal concerns. We are in a fight for freedom, for basic human rights, and the right not to have the state hold us down and inject us with a substance we don't want. Personal debt, pales in comparison.
Don't expect Cardinal Collins, or any of these other posers, to say one word contrary to what they have been instructed to say. Act accordingly.

Robert Mignella said...

It was often said, "a faith that is sad or mad and not glad, is sad."
Seems like it has now become, "a faith that has lost its way, with nothing to say, that is stumbling along the synodal way, is pretty gay."

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert, except the TLM. It still has Catholic things to say.

Anonymous said...

Yo Robert! I miss my buddy’s incisive humour.

We should open up a Canadian chapter of Coalition of Cancelled Ps.

Bonam fortunam!ūüėĒ

MartineGiambertone said...

Excellent letter and we want this Cardinal Collings to TAKE OWNERSHIP of the fact that this is politically driven, and HE SOLD OUT TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR FUNDING THE CHURCH....

it was like a BIG CERB PAYMENT!

Christina ofs said...

I am in full agreement that Church Militant or other ie. LifeSite should open
a Canadian chapter of Coalition of Cancelled Ps.

There's some funny stuff at a nearby Parish for sometimes.
They got a good holy Priest removed.
I will soon report it to Michael Vori.

Enough is Enough Bishops!