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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 20 July 2021

Catholics: Do not succumb to Bergoglio's gaslighting. No more co-dependency. Resist!

Every once in a while, a comment comes along that deserves to be a post on its own. This is one of those times and it will follow, after a few words of my own, below.

Bergoglio's act to abrogate Summorum Pontificum has all the seeds to ultimately, in time, destroy the Holy Mass and the ancient Missal. Unlike Paul VI, it is a direct attack on the Papal Bull, Qui Primum, and is a classic case of an abuse of power. On a human level, the pain that people are enduring over this as evidenced by comments on blogs and social media is dreadful. This alone proves that the act by Bergoglio is not of God. God the Holy Spirit cools the heat and warms the chill. We are reminded of this in the Sequence of Pentecost. He does not heat up further the hot or kill of others by freezing them, He moderates, He brings peace, He is Love. He does not bring confusion and sadness and fear and dread and pain. To say that He does is blasphemy. As bad as Bergoglio's actions are, the defence of it on social media is dreadful. We are being gaslighted, the bullies are blaming the victim.

The Longenecker's of the world are stinking frauds when they write that nasty bloggers and "mad-trads" and "rad-trads" have caused this. First, if this papal monster is that thin-skinned then he has more problems, in addition, be being a sociopath. Second, it is bovine excrement. It is an excuse. These men are not stupid, they are evil. They know the demographics, particularly in Europe and North America. They see that these Latin Mass communities are growing and that young priests want it, want the faith of our fathers. They need to destroy it because it does represent the future. They have done this because they hate Christ, hate the Catholic Faith, are probably possessed, sodomites or atheists or all of that and more. They came in to destroy, not to save souls, not to love God and serve His flock. 

The proof that this is not from God is in how you, my dear reader, are feeling. The fact is this. You have been abused by a bad step-father who hates you and what you love. He has defiled your mother and raped her and has now turned his sights on you. That is what you feel. God did not do this. A demon did.

A demon named Jorge Bergoglio.

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Now, from our reader.

I refuse to waste any hope at all in these men. We have the same type in the political realm, the weak kind with not enough conviction to do anything worth much. A few squeaks and it's all over. Done that. 

There seem to be two paths. One, resist Bergoglio and his satanic extermination of the Holy Mass. Recognize it for the hateful act of a man facing his own mortality yet determined to go out shaking his fist at God. He was hired for a reason. The Traditional Latin Mass threatens them because it is the proper worship of God as God intended. Catholics should stop being lazy and looking for social hours and go to the TLM and see for themselves Catholicism. You've been robbed. Go reclaim your heritage. Laziness about Latin is no excuse. Get a Sunday Missal from eBay with Latin on one side and English on the other. Get one from about 1962 or earlier. You don't need to know every word to follow the Mass, and absolutely nobody cares if you don't know the Rite. You're there for God, not others. People are focused on God, not you. 

For what it's worth, I don't think Bergoglio can be pope. No pope would do this. He does not own the Holy Mass, and only an imposter would try to eliminate what he does not own. He does not have the right to kill the TLM unless he does indeed "own the Holy Mass" A pope is to defend the faith and PASS DOWN THE FAITH INTACT. 

If men of the church will not resist him to the face, we must, and if that means leave for the SSPX, or even do without the Mass of the Ages and be excommunicated for the rest of our lives, so be it. But no more co-dependent relations with Bergoglio. It is sick. It is exhausting, it is depressing, it is over. Ana Milan's solution sounds spot on. But I do not believe the men of the church will do one thing more than make a few squeaks. I will not waste a moment waiting for them any longer.


Aqua said...

As you said yourself: we don’t need permission of a Motu Proprio to celebrate the only only valid Mass, nor does a Motu Proprio withdraw permission.

*Quo Primum* dogmatically asserts a DUTY on every Catholic in every age to worship Christ in the Liturgy of Pope St Pius V according to the Bishops in union with him in Dogmatic Council of Trent. And it asserts a parallel duty to never change that Mass or worship using any other Liturgy than that given to us by Council of Trent.

Motu Proprios against Dogma are invalid on their face. No one need fear this Motu Proprio because it is instantly rendered invalid by our Church Fathers and the Magisterium of the RCC, which patrimony belongs to every faithful Catholic EQUALLY.

Quo Primum needs to be on the lips of every orthodox Catholic from this moment forward.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The modern Popes, beginning with Pius Xii (Mediator Dei) are all in opposition to Qui Primum and especially the Popes of The 60s Synod.

Paul VI didn't t even legally impose the Lil' Licit Liturgy and subsequent Popes also violated Quo Primum - especially he who abdicated. His Motu Proprio was a usurpation of the authority of Quo Primum. He too acted ultra vires in claiming the authority to "allow" the Real Mass.

Sorry, Father Ratzinger, the authority to celebrate the Real Mass has existed for centuries and you tried to circumscribe that right recognised by Pius V.

The SSPX does not rely on the SP of he who abdicated. It recognizes Qu Primu as the authority, rightly so.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Session 7 Canon XIII Council of Trent

“If anyone shall say that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church customarily used in the solemn administration of the sacraments may be disparaged, or be omitted at pleasure by the ministers without sin, or be able to be changed by whomsoever pastor of the churches into other new rites: let him be anathema.”


This amateur does not see how it is that from Pius XII on - who hired the Bug Man (Bugnini) to wreck the Real Mass- this leaves the modern Popes unaffected.

Vox Cantoris said...

Fully agree, Aqua, ABS.


P. O'Brien said...

Vox, I love your fire, your comments here, your blog.

ejl904@aol.com said...

It is a long established principle of the Church never to completely drop from
Her public worship any ceremony, object or prayer which once occupied a place in that worship.

Archbishop Fulton J Sheen (before he was an archbishop C1940)

Listen to the good archbishop. His teachings are easily found on the internet and are as timely as if he said them yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I think it's beyond time to empty the Novus ordo parishes and get to a Latin mass, ANYWHERE, by ANY group.

To hell with Bergoglio and ninety nine percent of the so called shepherds.

Tom A. said...

The best way resist is to remove Bergoglio’s filthy blasphemous name from the Canon.

Anonymous said...

You don’t need to know Latin. You need to know the Mass.

Vox Cantoris said...

P. O'Brien,

Thank you for your kindness. I may not have the busiest combox, but those that come here are the best!


CJ said...

Having the Latin language at the Novus Ordo changes nothing. It grinds me when I hear the expression “English Mass”. That is just marketing nonsense to fool the ignorant. One is a Mass, the other is a Mess. They are from two distinctly different religions! Does no one wonder why the Novus Ordo is so accepted by the Freemasons? They do not molest it because it is of their doing and it pleases them...and the Devil.

You want to know where to find the only TRUE Catholic Mass? Just look where it is the demons rage.

Anonymous said...

Why has the Vatican and Bishops done nothing about the appalling liturgical abuses,no complaints about making a mockery of the Mass,but plenty to say about the Latin Mass.The Catholic Church is been demolished and ransacked not by enemies from without,but by enemies from within.

DJR said...

The idea that the attitudes and behavior of "old Mass" attendees is the cause for the latest papal motu proprio is... well, never mind.

Every single one could be Mother Teresa, and this still would have happened.

It's not the people as much as what the old Mass stands for. It stands as a stinging rebuke to everything the modernists do and believe, and they just can't abide its continued existence. They hate it because they hate what it stands for.

Of course, too, the people who attend the old Mass stand in the way of a more "merciful" church, one that's worried about climate change and rainbow flags. So, they need to go.

I'm with Hilary White on this one. In a way, we should be glad the pope did this. It clarifies all the rot that's been sitting underneath the surface, unattended and ignored for so, so long, and brings it to the surface.

It also shows us that God loves His Church and is beginning the purge, not in a way that modernists think will happen though.

They'll have their day, and then Our Lord will have His say.

It will be painful, but there's no other way but through.


Cybro said...

Had a feeling this was coming. Been collecting the books for some time now. Missals, Breviary's, Catechism and others. Everything I can get between 1570 to 1954. It was in 1955 that Holy Week was changed so I don't go past that with the Missals.

Having it on PDF is not going to be enough. Better get the paper copies. Think 10 years out, maybe sooner, all these books will be banned. Got an idea how they will do that too.

This is a spiritual war and these dudes are not fooling around.

Aqua said...

Cybro: “ Having it on PDF is not going to be enough.”

I see where you are going with this and totally agree,

To support your comment above, anecdote. I cancelled everything I had from Amazon and disconnected cold turkey as a matter of principle.

Guess what happened to my collection of Kindle books, collected over a decade? Erased when i pressed “return”. Gone. Everything. Permanently.

Lesson learned, and I don’t really even care, I hate Amazon that much. Still … buy the book. Don’t depend on pixels. Paper is the future.