Monday, 25 February 2019

It's over for you Tom

Thomas Rosica has resigned, or "resigned" from St. Michael's College for plagiarism, He states that it was not willful. How can this be? It went on for at least 25 years and pre-dates any possible "Intern" and the whole technology of "cut and paste." 

Rosica shows no contrition. No recognition of the wrong done.

Just as he showed no contrition or offered and apology to me and my wife for the suffering he put us through.

He is a sociopath.

I will post for public record the inflammatory, mocking and disgusting quotes from a series of emails he sent to me.

It has been confirmed to me that on at least two occasions he attempted to interfere with my employment. 

The man is wicked.


Kathleen1031 said...

Good. Out him. Let everyone see the true heart of the men who pose as Catholic clergy these days, this sorry lot! We all suffer because of these men, mere hirelings, not true shepherds. You suffered directly, and it is sweet indeed to see a little bit of justice come to these men. God will take care of them, perhaps one at a time.

Johnno said...

The God of surprises finally paid Tom a visit.

Don't worry though. I'm sure all Tom's heretical statements are genuine. And we'll be sure to attribute them to him correctly in all the books and articles yet to be written about the Great Apostasy of our times.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Rosacea attacked you, he attacked Archbishop Vigano in the most vile fashion. As he was slandering Archbishop Vigano, something happened... it came to be known that he was using someone else's words to do it.

It is not for his cowardly, disordered, arrogant and deceitful ways that he is resigning today. It is for a little illegality.

He, who praises Bergoglio unceasingly for his heresies or... new insights emerging, for his hatred of... legalism aka doctrines and traditions, is caught on a stupid illegality, so much less harmful that everything else he has done!

He opened himself to the world in a massive aggiornamento, and the world has loved him back.

But there is little hope that the psychopath will learn anything.

Anonymous said...

There is no one more vicious than a faggot scorned. I am was intended victim of a certain man named Geis who contacted the managing partner of my firm accusing me of anti-Semitism (it was a heavily Jewish firm), because I dissed homosexuality. I had no idea at the time that he believed that ancient Christianity's admonitions against homosexual acts referred exclusively to temple prostitution. This nut case is a published author! Fortunately, my colleagues picked up on him right away.

Father Peter de Jong said...

Peter de Jong, priest

The wicked man, ordained or not, comes to his end and this is the experience Father Thomas Rosika is going through in this very moment. He and many with them bump on their deepest and ultimate limits, they undergo the death of their narcissictic ego. Thomas Rosika felt the need to ruin you and other sincere men and women and now his reputation is irrevocably ruined, due to his own performance. With you I drink a bottle of champagne. Uncle Tom came to his end and now uncle Thomas Rosika and many more will follow since they are notably alienated from the true f/Faith. The USA has two monasteries where Thomas Rosika could a retreat: Clear Creek Abbey and another Benedictine monastery in New Mexico (whixh is not aligned to the Benedictine Confederation, but to the Pius X priestly Fraternity). The fact that he has performed plagiarism since 1991, proves that he is a lyer, unfaithful to his own deepest self and core. I am so glad for the many crosses I had to carry in my own life, they made me sensitive for the Truth. Let us proceed calmly and embrace the Truth of Jesus. Let us forget and lose ourselves in Him. The negativity which is shown to us in the performance of Thomas Rosika, is a reflection of the Pure Goodness, the Holyness of God, let us cling to Him and to the Saints. Let us endure the arrogance and unfaithfulness of so many priests and bishops. Let us pray the holy Rosary every day. Soon Thomas Rosika and many with him will be forgogtten. May the Most High bless you all. Greetings, father Peter de Jong

Peter de Jong said...

One more comment from Peter de Jong, priest. Thomas Rosika has performed plagiarism from 1991, which proves that he does not have the right inner disposition: not humble and not focused on the one and only necessary reality of our life. He needed confirmation from the public, which is a sign of inner poverty and he threatened innocent people with court-sessions. It is repulsive and disgusting to see the ordained perform in such a way.However, soon he will be forgotten, because there was no blessing in his performance and behavior, no reference to holiness, which should be the aim of each priest. Thomas Rosika is here and now confronted with his nothingness and that, I predict, will not be painless. I hope and pray for him that he will be able to face the truth of his performance. If not, I will not sleep one second less! The name of the Benedictine Monastery in New Mexico is Our Lady of Guadalope, Silver City. To all priests who feel the need to publicly confess their sexual orientation, I publicly declare that your orientation is not relevant. As a priest you are called to follow Jesus on his Crossway. You are called to Spiritual Fathernood, but you will not succeed as long as you make an idol of your own person. The priest must forget and lose himself in the reality of daily life. I am not longer able to keep this insight for myself. I claim that this insight is an objective truth with respect to which we can not and should not negotiate. It is time that holy priests stand up, who have the guts to withstand the satanic power of the secular spirit and who are, if need be,willing to give their life for this mystery. May the Lord bless you all. Peter de Jong

Anonymous said...


Don't beat someone when they are down.


Petrus de Jong said...

It is not my intention to beat someone when he is down. However, he has made serious mistakes and these must be named. Many people feel abandoned by the arrogance and selfcomplacency of so many priests and bishops. When Thomas Rosika would want to talk to me, I will be most willing to do so. The sinner is endlessly more than his sins! If I had the intention to beat him, I would be unfaithful to my vocation as a priest. Fr. Rosika has, due to his own way of acting, lost much that gave his life security and protection. Let him now enter into the silence of God and pray. May it be given to him to make a U-turn and to begin a new, a spiritual journey. Fr. Rosika and I are brothers in the priesthood and that is what ultimately counts. I pray for Fr. Rosika and for all those, uncountable priests and bishops who have embraced the secular spirit, who have made it impossible for small and vulnerable people to recognize Mother Church. Now it is up to Fr. Rosika to proceed, at all speed, with the Grace of God, Father of us all. Peter de Jong

James the Convert said...

Are you sure he didn’t plagiarize those emails???? Asking for a friend...

Anonymous said...

Please, please open the windows and get that room cleaned out..if you do not, somewhere in the future ,one of the probaly thousands of others that he has attempted to destroy might get destroyed by this monster..

Mark Docherty said...

Finally he's exposed as the sociopath that he is.

Good on you, Vox, for standing up to the bully in the first place.

Mattm said...

"putting on public record the inflammatory, mocking and disgusting series of emails he sent to me."

Ehhh, you better be careful about that Vox - you never know whose intellectual property that material might actually be. :)

BTW, here's another blog commenting on Rosica:

Unknown said...

Exposing him isn't gloating, but popping the cork might be...

Be careful.

Proverbs 24:17.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Rosica the charlatan.

We're all flawed.
But when it comes to charlatans such as Rosica, their obstinacy compels them to try to keep up their pretence. Why? Pride, of course.

Pride refuses them to admit their cheating, clandestine, duplicitous ways.
Pride prevents Rosica from admitting his guilt.

Pride was, and will be, his undoing - unless he changes pronto.

I hope for his own safety sake, Rosica's path never crosses my path in real life.
I wouldn't hesitate, not even for one second, in breaking the charlatan's neck.

And that's a promise.

Charles E Flynn said...

Fr. Rosica, Fraud, by Joshua P. Hochschild, for First Things: