Saturday, 2 February 2019

All of a sudden, abortion is "Evil, Pure and Simple."

Abortion is a lot of things. "Pure" is not one of them.

In Canada, there is no abortion law; it has been this way since 1988 and before that, there was not much of one, at least it was mostly ignored. The State of New York is three decades behind those of us up here in the great white (by white, I mean snow) land of Moloch.

Look Joe Naumann of Kansas City; abortion is evil, period.

It is evil a moment before birth, it is even at three months or three days. 

What these monsters in America are talking of is not abortion but infanticide, not that abortion is really any different. 

America, stop this now! Be the nation God called you to be and lead us out of this hell.

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“This Legislation is Evil, Pure and Simple,” Says Chairman of U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Activities Committee; Calls All Catholics to Fight with Renewed Vigor for Unborn  

February 2, 2019
WASHINGTON—Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, KS and Chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities has issued the following statement in response to several states moving forward with legislation that would permit a baby to be aborted at nine months.

Archbishop Naumann’s full statement follows:

“Abortion has always been built on a lie. Today, the lie is switching from 'abortion is a choice' to 'abortion is healthcare.' A law recently passed in New York not only legalizes abortion essentially for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy but removes any protection for children born alive after abortion. A similar bill was proposed in Virginia along with several other states, all in the name of women’s health.

This legislation is evil, pure and simple. And it shocks the conscience to see such evil legislation greeted with raucous cheers and standing ovations. Most grieving to our Lord of Life is that those who advocate for abortion put their eternal souls in jeopardy. 

It is sickeningly dishonest to claim that women’s lives or health depend on intentionally killing their children. This is especially true for late-term abortion, which always involves the purposeful destruction of a child which could have been born alive, with much less risk to the mother, had they both received real healthcare. 

Now is the time for all Catholics—bishops, priests, and laity—to fight for the unborn with renewed vigor. We must educate family, friends, legislators, and fellow citizens about how it is never necessary to intentionally kill unborn children in order to save their mothers. Local action is especially important. Though ending Roe v. Wade is a central goal of the pro-life movement, if the decision were overturned, only eleven states would immediately ban abortion; the other thirty-nine states would still allow it. 

I urge Catholics, and thoughtful Americans of all religions or none at all to advocate for local change. Sign up for your State Catholic Conference or diocesan pro-life advocacy network, which can help you communicate to elected officials. Or seek out state and local pro-life groups, including parish respect life groups, that are making a difference at the state level. 

Though we live in very dark days, we know that the Lord has already triumphed over death. But we must use this time on earth to be His hands and feet. This means each of us rededicating ourselves to prayer, and fighting for the most vulnerable among us, especially unborn children and their mothers.” 


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Anonymous said...

"What these monsters in America are talking of is not abortion but infanticide, not that abortion is really any different."


A New Yorker

Anonymous said...

Michael Ortiz said...

A hard rain’s gonna fall.

Anonymous said...

As one who has seen first hand the most terrible of murder/suicide/air disasters/mutilations etc etc I have never been so shaken as when I saw those photos. Are there really such people in the world that would commit/condone such atrocities
( a rhetorical question as I know that such animals exist under guise of human beings) Just how do they live with themselves. The photographs and just shattering..... That last little girl looks very much like my little grand daughter born 11 days ago.
The really is a special place in hell...

Dan said...

Michael, that rain could fall for 40 days and 40 nights, and cover the earth, and Francis would claim it's "global warming."

hannah said...

Rome is burning. Any nation that kills their children will not survive

Loveisneverdefeated said...

I have always been prolife but have never seen pictures like that. How awful it is that we are so willfully ignorant to this issue as a society. Those poor babies. I will carry those pictures with me forever but am still glad that i have seen them,

Anonymous said...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I was pressured to do it.
But I did not. Was I certain of what was the right thing to do back then? - No.

What I knew was that I could not tell the precise moment, when pain began.

When I hear people say: It could have been Beethoven, I think: It could have been Stalin.

It was never easy to raise my daughter. Quite the opposite. She has always been tough. Her mind is more clear, fast, and stubborn than mine. With it comes arrogance. Generosity and gratitude is what I have always taught her. But... she ain't getting it. She is not following the path of Jesus Christ. She denies Him.

I do not have patience for sentimentality which often comes with survival stories. There are no guarantees that we will have a saint or a genius.

But we must understand that if
a right
to choose
life or death
of our children

we become murderers.

I am not sure if it will help anybody. Maybe some Rosacea or other will read and engage his conscience for a change.

This is not about lack of compassion or understanding. This is about murder.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I meant to add that not only do we have millions of murdered children, we have many millions of mothers and fathers, who murdered them.

I am sure it makes a difference to how our families, our societies are.

This mercy without justice we have everywhere, might simply be a guilty conscience, a refusal to take responsibility, repent and change.

I am no better than many of these mothers. I considered doing what they did. But I judge it as murder, therefore I do not contribute to the spread of this evil.

Michael Ortiz said...

Ha! Yes, he would. But it will be so real so undeniable all will know it is of God.

geoff kiernan said...

For some reason my earlier comments have been ascribed (11.16am 3/2/18) to 'anonymous'.... Not one to not openly standby my comments, I hereby assign my name...... Geoff Kiernan

Peter Lamb said...

Dorota you are a great lady. :)

TLM said...

These people that promote and perform such atrocities are barbaric, satanic demons. FULL. STOP. Not only should they that claim to be 'Catholic' not be given the Lord's precious body and blood, they should not be allowed to darken the doorsteps of the Church....any Church that is a Catholic Church. These people are dangerous demons.

Tom A. said...

Dont worry, they are going to Novus Ordo parishes most likely where the hierarchy no longer believes in transbustantiation. If the NO hierarchy were Catholic they would not tolerate these butchers and accomplishes at Mass. But, again, it Novus Ordo so no foul, just the scandal to those who still think the NO is Catholic.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

Of course, it is embarrassing to make these comments about oneself, but ever since I am mostly resting on top of my bed, I managed to stir some interest in some people in what I am saying, long-distance.

I got better after my brain surgery almost two years ago, but am not doing so well anymore. Today is better than yesterday though. Thank You, Heavenly Father.

My story is one of a little girl who talked to God in my earliest memories. My Father was a man of great faith. He sacrificed a lot under communism for his right to speak the Name Jesus in public. But I - I was a sad little girl, who thought that God never answered me.

When I left the Church, it was because I didn't want to profane it anymore with my blasphemous questions. My Father was devastated. Until his death just before my surgery, he prayed for me and my siblings unceasingly. Just a year ago my middle brother repented and married his wife of many years before God. I hope my Dad knows and rejoices.

My husband is still a non-believer, as he was 30 years ago. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met. And he taught me (or we taught each other) how devastating a man's love can be, when he is his own law-giver.

Does God speak to me? If it is through the pain I set myself up for, always well-meaning, and the pain I have caused, He does - all the time.

Every time I strayed from the path outlined by the Church, it was a terrible mistake. Had I obeyed, my life would have been a more glorious testimony to the love of God.

I do not think God wanted me mostly in pain most days, I think I was supposed to be a wife and mother - something I was not able to see back when I was convinced to have been born for own glory.

With my only daughter, unlike everyone around me, I was generous, but also a disciplinarian. If I could help it, I would show her the way of the true, good and the beautiful. We learn virtue through practice. Every dent I managed to make in her pride, helps her today. It was hard work. When sent to her room to ponder a mistake, she would usually say (or scream rather): It is where I wanted to be anyway.

I want to do only what my Heavenly Father approves of.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

AmBishops will not excommunicate these killers because most Catholics are Pro Choice - especially those who call themselves Pro-Life.

Not one of them - NOT ONE- of theses putative pro-lifers ever calls for the pregnant Mom to be pushed with a crime for contracting with a killer to kill her unborn baby.

Peter Lamb said...

Thank you Dorota. To me you are an inspiration. Unite your pain and suffering to Our Lord's Passion and offer it to the glory of Our Father. Properly used, it is a great source of merit. Get a DVD of the Tridentine Mass from St. Joseph's media and watch it daily, lying on your bed. Make daily Spiritual Communions. Our Lady will be waiting for you with arms widespread when the time comes. XXX

Irenaeus said...

God bless you for your bravery, Dorota. Thank you.

Irenaeus said...

Regarding the post above this combox ... I do have to ask, "Why all of this outrage NOW?"

TLM said...

Dorota: Remember this: "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!" Your bravery and persistence is remarkable! You are such a brave and faithful soul for the Lord! Hang in there! The Lord God has your back!

Anonymous said...


The "Crime" before God which resulted in these horrific murders
had TWO persons involved before the actual visit to the death chamber !
Fornication and adultery ,which are rampant today, was the first "crime" and it is too bad as an alleged "man" you cannot recognize that. As an alleged "man" you have authority over the women according to God's Natural Law on subsidiarity first given in the Garden of Eden.
All over Catholic blogs I read that ssa persons should control their temptation to sin. Nowhere am I reading that hetero men should restrain their sexual appetites to temptation for lust.
James Martin call anal sex "love".
Michael Voris touts his "chastity" all the time .
So please excuse me, but where are the so called "normal" Catholic blogging and commenting men touting chastity ?
Oh sure they will for women and girls , but let us never forget to whom is given much authority also is required responsibility.
Where are the lust lover fathers of these little cherubs ?
More times than not I'll wager they have paid for the cruel murders.

c matt said...

More times than not I'll wager they [the fathers] have paid for the cruel murders.

I have no doubt that ABS wouldn't hesitate for a second to charge the fathers as accomplices/conspirators/co-murderers in such cases, with full penalties attaching.

Anonymous said...

I do Matt because this same ABS is all over the internet condemning Fr John Gallagher who was punished by Bishop Barbarito here for turning in a pederast priest who was living in his rectory. The priest confessed and rec'd six years while Fr Gallagher was locked out of his rectory and told by the Chancery that they just send these priests back to their own country. Barbarito went onto have a letter read at every Mass stating Fr Gallagher was insane. The Sheriff of Palm Beach Cty even wrote a letter to the Vatican praising Fr Gallagher.
Fr Gallagher sued the Bishop for slander but the Diocesan lawyers won as they often do citing separation of Church and State so that the courts back down on the actions of a religious institution regarding punishment of their employees.
ABS continually praises Barbarito because he had friends who did not like Fr Gallagher one reason being the Hispanics took offense he wasn't outside after Mass to shake their hands....
Read here

Anonymous said...

Catholics need to start studying more Biblical History too.

"The most obvious parallel between the rite of child sacrifice and the practice of abortion is the sober fact that the parents actually kill their own offspring. There are however many other parallels. At Carthage the main reason for sacrificing a child was to avert potential dangers in a crisis or to gain success through fulfilling a vow. Today many times when a woman faces an unwanted pregnancy, abortion seems to be the only way to resolve the crisis she finds herself in. The potential danger to reputation, education, career, etc., become overwhelming. To avert the seemingly terrifying consequences of carrying a pregnancy to term, the woman may turn to abortion as a means of escape. Another woman may experience much less of the anxiety and fear that accompany a crisis. She may simply see the pregnancy as an intrusion into her self-serving lifestyle and an obstacle in the way of the road to her success. Sadly this woman's offspring must be sacrificed so that she can continue uninterrupted with her plans for the future.[30b]

It is no secret that in American society extramarital sexual intercourse (fornication and adultery) is the cause of most pregnancies that end in abortion. Pregnancy is a risk many are willing to take knowing that any undesired consequences can be eliminated by abortion.[30c] The theologican Carl Henry recognizes this fact in calling abortion "the horrendous modern immolation of millions of fetuses on the alter of sex gratification."[31] As suggested earlier, child sacrifice in Canaan may have been a convenient way to dispose of the consequences of the illicit sexual practice of temple prostitution associated with the cult of Molech. If so, the modern practice of men irresponsibly engaging in sexual intercourse with women to whom they do not intend to commit themselves and provide for parallels the wayward Israelite man engaging in extramarital relations with a temple prostitute. In both cases the men leave the women to bear the consequences of their aberrant sexual practices. New England Christian Action Council executive director John Rankin rightly calls this irresponsible behavior of men towards women as "the ultimate male chauvinism."[32"

I fear for our nation. How many men make reparation with the little ole ladies and say the Rosary daily as Our Holy Mother asked us to do ?
Sorry guys but for over fifty years I have seen that it has been a majority of women and not men staying after Mass to pray the Rosary.