A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Was Mr. Theodore McCarrick one of Bella Dodd's plants into the Catholic Church?

No surprise to me. I've been saying it for years.
Beyond his horrendous evil of homosexual predation for decades, Church Militant has learned exclusively that McCarrick may also have been clandestinely trained by Soviet Communists here in Europe during his younger years, making him effectively a Communist plant in the heart of the Church. 
Through a back channel, Church Militant has obtained information from former Communist personnel who were instrumental in setting up a secret network of indoctrination and training centers throughout Europe in the aftermath of World War II, and their information directly implicates the involvement of Theodore McCarrick.


Anonymous said...

Many, many years ago i read: AA 1025, and i am still shocked.

Anonymous said...

Of course he was .St Gallen is where one of the worst European Communists was born and raised by the name of Fritz Platten.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts very much, David. But you confuse me here in your opening paragraph.

Pope Gregory I ("the Great", born Gregorius Anicius) lived from c. 540 - 604, was Pope from 590.

Peter Damien lived from 1007 - 1072 (d. 2/23).

Pope Gregory VII (born Hildebrand of Sovana) lived from c 1015 - 1085, was pope from 1073 onward (4/23). Hildebrand became Pope after St. Peter died. But the moniker "the Great" is truly ascribed to Pope Gregory I.

Both Popes had impressive papacies, and both have been canonized by the Church.

St. Peter Damien, pray for us.

-- Illinois Legionary

Vox Cantoris said...

I don’t understand.

mike said...

a very interesting description of where and who is the foundation of the st galen mafiosa and who is involved


Anonymous said...

Watch Taylor Marshall's first interview of James Grien, McCarrick's 17-year-victim on youtube. Much about Communism, McCarrick's past and his influence all over the world. Grien knows a lot. I'm hoping he'll provide more details so that we can connect the McCarrick/Communist/globalization dots and save our Church.