Friday, 22 February 2019

CHURCH in CRISIS: Pope Francis, Vatican Losing Control

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Ana Milan said...

Popes, Cardinals & Bishops through generations (even good ones) all ignored the warnings of Our Lady. None of them would carry out Her wishes & consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart when asked to do so under the severe warning that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world if not. Neither did they release in full the Third Secret of Fatima when they were told to do so in 1960. They have all been complicit with the devil in not obeying the Mother of God's express wishes so that Her children would be saved from the dire outcome of not doing so. They have no love for Her, Her Son or for us, His disciples. They are NOT true successors of the First Apostles but Apostates in league with Satan. If they do nothing else when they are in Rome it should be demanded they fulfil Her wishes at last. There is nothing for them to lose but the devil's grip, & everything for us all to gain.

There is nothing holy within St. Peter's now - it urgently needs to be exorcised & the people who run it, especially PF & his administration. Words are not enough at this time in our history - they must be accompanied by tough action. Excommunications must be carried out on those who publicly flout Divine Law yet call themselves Catholics. No Pope or Bishop has the power to change the Ten Commandments or Sacraments of the Church or endorse those that do, no matter how much government money they may have to renounce for doing so. No Pope or Bishop worthy of their calling can turn a blind eye to Satanic Masses, rainbow coloured vestments/altar cloths/dancing in the sanctuary which is a grave sacrilege. Those that either support or ignore such blasphemy should be immediately stripped of their Office & excommunicated. They must also relinquish their pompous way of living which is not in accord with the Great Commission given by Christ to the First Apostles. Their palaces, celebrity lives, beach houses, rent boys, homo-drug fuelled parties, etc. must end & we must see that it does by concerted action, along with the constant persecution of priests & laity for trying to uphold God's Word. If they are not willing or are incapable of fulfilling the roles appointed to them they must either leave or be ousted as they are not Men of God but of His enemy & that must be enacted immediately.

We must remember that even the few struggling good men amongst them are of the VII years & have been contaminated by that council so we shall still wait & pray for the Prelate Our Lady spoke of in Quito to be sent to us to lift the spirits of our priests which have been severely damaged. The Vatican & Episcopates own this entire shambles.They should receive no government money directly - it could be given to properly run Catholic charities overseen by the civil authorities so that none of it goes to improper usage. Time for public accountability & true repentance has arrived & we must see that both are accomplished in accordance with God's Will, not theirs.