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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 12 November 2018

Whatever little action on perverts by American bishops has been deep-sixed by Bergoglio and his minions

NATION |  NOV. 12, 2018

Vatican Cancels US Bishops’ Vote on Sex-Abuse Reform Measures

The instruction to delay consideration of a new ‘Code of Conduct’ for bishops, creation of a lay-led investigative body came directly from the Holy See, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo told USCCB meeting.
Ed Condon/CNA
BALTIMORE — Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, has told the American bishops that they will not vote on two key proposals that had been expected to form the basis for the Church’s response to the sexual-abuse crisis.

The news came at the beginning of the U.S. bishops’ conference fall general assembly, meeting in Baltimore Nov. 12-14.

The instruction to delay consideration of a new “Code of Conduct” for bishops and the creation of a lay-led body to investigate bishops accused of misconduct came directly from the Holy See, Cardinal DiNardo told a visibly surprised conference hall.

Cardinal DiNardo said that the Holy See insisted that consideration of the new measures be delayed until the conclusion of a special meeting called by Pope Francis for February. That meeting, which will include the presidents of the world’s bishops’ conferences, will address the global sex-abuse crisis.

Apologizing for the last-minute change to the conference’s schedule, he said he had only been told of the decision by Rome late yesterday.

Ahead of the bishops’ meeting, two documents had been circulated: a draft “Standards of Conduct” for bishops and a proposal to create a new special investigative commission to handle accusations made against bishops.

These proposals had been considered to be the bishops’ best chance to produce a substantive result during the meeting and signal to the American faithful that they were taking firm action in the face of a series of scandals that have rocked the Church in the United States over recent months.

Speaking before the conference session had even been called to order, Cardinal DiNardo told the bishops he was clearly “disappointed” with Rome’s decision. The cardinal said that, despite the unexpected intervention by Rome, he was hopeful that the Vatican meeting would prove fruitful and that its deliberations would help improve the American bishops’ eventual measures.

While Cardinal DiNardo was still speaking, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago intervened from the floor, expressing his support for the Pope. 

“It is clear the Holy See is taking the abuse crisis seriously,” Cardinal Cupich said.

At the same time, he suggested that the work that had gone into preparing the two proposals should not go to waste.

Cardinal Cupich suggested that if the conference could not take a binding vote, they should instead continue with their discussions and conclude with resolution ballots on the two measures. This, he said, would help best equip Cardinal DiNardo to present the thoughts of the American bishops during the February meeting, where he will represent the U.S. bishops’ conference.

“We need to be very clear with [Cardinal DiNardo] where we stand and be clear with our people where we stand,” Cardinal Cupich said.

While acknowledging that the February meeting was important, he noted that responding to the abuse crisis “is something we cannot delay — there is an urgency here.”

Cardinal Cupich went on to propose moving forward the American bishops’ next meeting, currently scheduled for June 2019. Instead, he suggested, the bishops should reconvene in March in order to act as soon as possible after the February session in Rome.

Ed Condon is the Washington editor for Catholic News Agency.


M. Prodigal said...

Oh yeah, Cupich is who they should listen to...NOT!

Barona said...

Narcissism really does rot the mind. I am afraid that a lay led organization is already investigating these churchmen, and in the spirit of Vatican II's ecumenical efforts, this lay group compromises not only Catholics, but Protestants, Jews, Mohommedans, Hindus, agnostics, and atheists.

This new, lay movement "Assisi in America", made up of police, the US State Department, and other government offices all across the USA, are all working might and main to investigate, bring to trial, and jail assorted deviant churchmen who either engaged in sexual abuse, and/or covered up sexual abuse, and stole monies to coverup criminal activity etc.

Truly this great, ecumenical movement deserves our support and prayers. This lay led, ecumenical law enforcement effort, is a splendid example of Gaudium et Spes and Nostra Aetate being put into action.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The music was modern and weak and so was the response by the Bishops who surrendered to the "insistence" of The Bishop of Rome (The Molly Yard of modernism) who is outraged they'd actualise their will in their conference.

What a very sad collection of Bishops who wimped-out at the first sign of opposition.

Would it have kiledl these Bishops to have begun their session with the Latin Chant of De Profundis?

C. LaSalle said...

This pope has no intention of correcting the homosexual clerical predatory situation in the church. It's a sad state of affairs that our bishops now need a 'code of conduct.'
I can't even look at Cupich or listen to him. I have an overwhelming desire to hurt him.
I feel badly for our faithful, honest bishops who get lumped in with the rest.

So I continue to pray for us all.

Dan said...

Funny how quickly the Francis Vatican can act in some cases, while I'm still waiting for them to care about the giving of communion to protestants in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Their following the usual procedure.

TLM said...

I cannot help but think that this was a 'team effort' so to speak. DiNardo blamed it on Francis of course, but isn't it funny that Cupich had a pretty detailed plan all fleshed out and ready to present IMMEDIATELY. And.....I understand that the 'College of Cardinals' made the decision to table the agenda, whether or not the Francis gave his seal of approval, but no doubt he DID. And.....just take a guess of the two American Cardinals that serve on the College of Cardinals? CUPICH AND WUERL. Was this a set up or WHAT? This was a set up, and they are all LIARS!! This was planned from the get go.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least that come February when they are supposed to be meeting universally about sex abuse that some 'emergency' comes up and the meeting is 'postponed' ........INDEFINITELY. These monsters have no more interest in facing the music on the abuse crisis than flying to the moon. And the victims? They don't give a flying rat's behind about them!! These monsters are evil, evil, evil!

Kathleen1031 said...

It is inexcusable for him to pull the plug on any action at this point, knowing Catholics are juiced up hoping SOMETHING concrete will be done about the large number of homosexual predators having a field day with our little boys and young men. But no, nothing will be done. When little boys are being sodomized, what difference does it make if we wait three more months?
Elizabeth Yore shared the story of an 80 year old priest, caught with child pornography, TWO YEAR OLDS BEING RAPED.

Yes, when you've got that level of satanic evil, what difference does a few more months make. The only reason to wait...is this....