Friday, 30 November 2018

Rosica claims Basilians are "humbled"

The scandal of abuse at St. Michael's College continues. As reported previously, a student at the prominent and costly "Catholic" private school in Toronto was sodomised with a broomstick and a video of the crime was posted online. Six students have been charged by Toronto Police; eight in total have been expelled from the $20,000 per year tuition school. The President and Principal have resigned, they failed to report the crime to Toronto Police, it was known by the public through media and the police came calling and the Board remains intact. The Board of priests and two laity, one, a lawyer with Fogler Rubinoff, Nina Perfetto, represented Thomas Rosica on pro-bono basis in his attempt to sue this writer. The other, Toronto businessman Nick Di Donato bragged about hosting the largest same-sexed, so-called "wedding" in one of his operating facilities.

These are today's Catholic "leaders" of Toronto.

Yet, there is one more. Thomas J. Rosica, in an interview with Michael Swan of The Catholic Register, Rosica has literally lifted from this blog, the problem at St. Michael's College School. Rosica states that “The deeper question is what has our influence done or not done with these students?... If we have been unaware of this for a long time, how is that? How can that be?” 
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“Without that pursuit of truth, we would not know it. Some of the journalists — excellent journalists in Toronto and the editors and the hosts on television — have done a superb job,” A complete and utter failure of the Basilians and school leadership is admitted by Rosica, it took Toronto media and this blog and Toronto Catholic Witness to ensure that the Basilians "know it." At least he admits total and utter failure of duty!

Rosica continues that “Our Basilian motto — ‘Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge’ — is not something we emblazon on walls or wear on t-shirts and on mugs because it’s cute. But if we take that seriously we have to look at this crisis and say, ‘Where was the goodness’ Where was the discipline? Where was the knowledge? If they were absent, then we have to make sure we inculcate those values into the students.”

Indeed Father Rosica, where was it? How is it possible that only now these abuses came to the knowledge of Tom? He knows well what this writer endured fifty years ago. Oh yes, he knew it, he knew the Basilians provided a settlement with no admission of guilt and then he turned around and abused this writer by a vexatious and frivolous attempt at a lawsuit. 

How is it possible that only now, Tom Rosica and the rest of this Congregation of priests have come to the realisation that their motto is a fraud? Rosica admits that the clericalism has created a "culture of prestige, entitlement" but then includes the "clericalism of the laity" which is non-sensical. Where is "clericalism of the laity" in all of this? The laity can be blamed for being badly behaving Catholics for forgetting Jesus or for giving undue deference to the school, but I see no clericalism of the laity that has caused this problem.

Rosica asks if "we modelled our system on a system of the world? And how have we failed to incorporate the vision of Jesus in this? The answer is a resounding yes! 

In the posts this blogger has written, I emphatically repeated that the problem at St. Michael's College School starts at the top, that the crisis of abuse is historic, endemic and part of a deep-seated Basilian culture. I have written that they have sold out for the riches of the world and long ago left behind their motto.

It seems that Tom still reads this blog. He seems to be finally learning.


Anonymous said...

The sin of clericalism is the latest novus ordo V2 scam to distract the minds of the faithful from the spirtual carnage caused by homosexual clergy. Rosica is a vexatious narcissistic TV clown that Catholics would do well to ignore.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Of course, they (all homosexualists) model their lives on the ways of the world, not on Jesus Christ.
Rosacea gloats about Bergoglio overthrowing the way of Christ and the Church.

You are a cancer on the body of the Church, rosacea on her face. Stop pretending, deceiving and promoting cancer and rosacea. You knew everything, and you wanted it - but only so long until you were caught with the fruit of your activities.

Don't you know that God's commands and godly ways are an ideal somewhere on the tongues of rigid hypocritical bead-counting neo-pelagians? Have you not openly rejected them and LISTENED to satan instead? It is all about listening to the world, and about rejecting the cross. Isn't it your mission to lead as many toward the world as are gullible and ignorant enough to be deceived by your lies and machination, including blatant distortion of the Word of God?

I do not accept Rosace's admissions. Perhaps tomorrow, if he changed his ways, repented and let us know about it. That would be true humility, not bergoglian virtue signaling.

Winefred said...

All hail, thou sainted journalists!! Without their diligent reporting, how would anyone know the culture of bullying, up to and including physical violence which has been entrenched at SMCS for generations? I know because I keep meeting people, of various ages, who have seen all this before, up to and including sodomizing someone with a broom-handle (that report came from an alumnus from the mid-1990’s) as well as physical assaults on students by teachers. Everybody knew who should have known — just like the McCarrick scandal. Once again, Rosita is just blowing smoke. As he himself might (and did) ask quasi-rhetorically and totally judgementally, “How can he say Mass?” How can any of them say Mass? I know a handful of excellent Basilians. And I mean a handful — as in, you can count them on the fingers of one hand. Some of them were considering breaking away and forming a small separate chapter. The oldest and the youngest have been suitably punished.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I am back, and so soon.

It is because I realized that this is an opportunity to direct Rosica toward something he does not partake in, dwelling in Sodom - spiritual reality.

Anal rape with a broomstick is an evil act, an assault not only on the body, but also on the inherent dignity of a man or woman, boy or girl.

Consensual anal games are also rape, but without correct discernment of the conscious mind, which - confused by stupid and/or evil so called shepherds and common practice in Sodom - is not aware of the true nature of the act, and was convinced to accept it as God-ordained norm. The act or habit, even if consented to by a an ill-formed conceptual framework (sex is for pleasure, deadly sin is love and life-giving), is still serving the satan-inspired process of raping and degrading the participants. While consented to, this kind of rape of the human soul and spirit, may in result prove even more damaging than non-consensual and fought against.

But - if Rosica is reading this, he should pay special attention now - there is also the violence of promoting sins crying to God for vengeance (as described by God), and of enforcing them via propaganda and regulation on society, including young children, where non-compliance is criminalized and punished.

Be sorry for all your acts of rape of the souls. It would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown in the Atlantic.

You homosexualists out there love to virtue-sigsgnal about individual conscience and authentic living. When it comes to living out propensity for filth and rebellion against the Creator, you are all for freedom to choose. But when it is living out a desire to be like Christ, you bash it, and you turn away in disgust (this reveals who YOU are, not who faithful Catholics are).

All the PR/sodomy on the faithful you committed for the short-lived seeming triumph of satan, all the rape you contributed to inflicting on millions of children and adults, you ally of Sodom against Heaven, can be forgiven, if you sincerely repent.

Dan said...

Dorota, I cant tell if you are talking about Rosica, or Francis. But then again, I dont think it matters.

C. LaSalle said...

Roscia doesn't know the meaning of humble. This climate of toxic male abuse has been going on for some time now so don't give us the humble talk. It's a load of dog do do.

Barona said...

Pride, terrible pride..... still Fr. Rosica is blind to the terrible pride that has beset the Basilians. Still he seeks answers where he shall not find them.

We are now nearly three weeks into this (official) crisis, and still we have yet to hear of SIN, of REPARATION. The inability to mention SIN, to ADMIT to sin, (without excuses), is a sure sign of spiritual pride. Of course, we are all guilty of this. Nonetheless, when we become aware, we admit, we repent and we do reparation.

Terrible as sin and pride are in an individual, they are even worse when sin and pride is fused into a collective. Even worse is if this collective sin and pride is within a religious Order. Where do we look for the cause of this crisis: the Basilians. It is time for Cardinal Collins to approach the Roman authorities to issue the immediate transfer of St. Michael's to the Archdiocese, where the school may have some chance to be rebuilt as once again Catholic.

Irenaeus said...

Good observations, Barona. Let's hope so about Cardinal Collins. However, I have my doubts.