Thursday, 15 November 2018

You can suspend Vox Cantoris from Twitter, but you can't suspend "Me" from Twitter

Vox Cantoris has been suspended from Twitter. It took place not long after I called @pontifex a liar over his heretical and blasphemous comment that the Holy Spirit brings confusion. I suggested that he read the Pentecost Sequence, Veni, Sancte Spiritus. Then again, I tweeted to him over his continued cover-ups of homosexual perverts in the clergy asked @pontifex if he was, therefore, a "homosexual."

But neither Twitter nor any who do their bidding can ban "me" from Twitter. While the nearly 4,000 followers are gone and cannot follow me there, they can surely still find me here - at least until Blogger shuts all of us down.

I have been blocked by many on Twitter. Tom Rosica, Austen Ivereigh, Antonio Spadaro, Rocco Palmo, Cardinal Napier and many more too numerous and silly to count. I consider it, as with the Twitter suspension, a badge of honour. 

What these clericalists and their minions can't seem to comprehend is that it is quite easy to have one or even multiple Twitter accounts under multiple email addresses. How else can we keep monitoring what they do?

I am not going away. 

The attempt to stop me has happened before, attempted lawsuits, nasty emails, interference with my work as a Cantor, ostracising me in my Archdiocese, slandering me with the former President of Una Voce, Leo Darroch and then his joining it to defame me to the whole Governing Council of FIUV and even attempts to attack my income and my employment.

They have lost everytime they have come at me and they will continue to lose.

They have their reward.

I have mine.


Ana Milan said...

I'm glad you realise that those they target most are the ones nearest to Jesus & His Blessed Mother. Your loyal following will not betray you nor anyone else who is slandered likewise. We are the ones upholding the Deposit of Faith & Tradition of the OHC&A Church & these apostates will not prevent us from doing so. We must all hang in together!

Kathleen1031 said...

Why does Twitter care about the Pope? Ah, this world makes strange and evil bedfellows. Who is the Italian priest who was just excommunicated for being faithful? You join his ranks. I would consider that excellent company.

ProLIFEmommy said...

Was looking for you on Twitter & got worried. SO glad I found your blog! Will be following you here. You have the right attitude about the injustice done to you. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight! As a homeschool mom of 4 little ones, I rely upon trustworthy Orthodox Catholics like you to get me through these dark days in the Church. Pax.