Friday, 16 November 2018

"It's Not Francis's Church. It's Jesus Christ's Church." McCarrick Victim James Grein Gives Powerful Testimony

"It's Not Francis's Church. It's Jesus Christ's Church." McCarrick Victim James Grein Gives Powerful Testimony


C. LaSalle said...

Thank you so much for posting this video. Heart breaking as it is I treasure James testimony and like him I agree that it is time for all of us to 'take back the Church of Jesus Christ' from the likes of PF, Tobin, Cupich, etc.

peasant said...

In a discussion after a prayer meeting with Remnant Catholics recently I was made aware that Opus Dei and quite likely other good Catholic groups have a policy of "No criticism of the Pope." This was a very good thing in the past ( before the conclave that elected Bergoglio) but it is not sound doctrine to keep silent when one must speak, especially in defense of the teachings of the Church and those of Christ himself so often twisted or dismissed by "the Pope) It also came to light that such groups and there members have lots of money. You might recall that parable of the rich man trying to get into heaven with his camels. This group and the members thereof have sought after some good Catholic bloggers and good online Catholic news sources that may not have been as well endowed and offered them cash. However it is not just cash but cash and chains for along with the acceptance of the money there is an enforced adherence to the "No criticism of the Pope" policy. The church has thought that at the end of this era a false prophet will come who prepare the way for the Antichrist before Christ will come again. Archbishop Fulton Sheen taught well on this. The church teaches that this WILL happen. Some people erroneously add that this will happen in the future but Christ himself taught that we do not know when and that we must always be vigilant especially NOW.

These boggers and those operating Catholic news sites who do not criticize Bergoglio must be encouraged to cut their chains by returning the cash and disassociating themselves from such benefactors. Itsa gonna hurt and itsa a gonna hurt a lot likea sugery without a anesthetic. They would be much better off without these chains and the freedom to publish the truth rather than failing in their calling and mission to inform the militant of the truth and putting on the heavier and longer chains in the next life.

This needs to go out to all bloggers and Catholic news services who are FAILING in their ministry. copy it