Sunday, 4 November 2018

Vanity Fair and the coming Catholic Schism

 man in papal garments exits car
Over a plate of double-egged fettuccine and two bottles of Antinori Chianti at our usual trattoria in Rome’s old city, the Vatican monsignor is gossiping about the late Pope John Paul II: how he wore Penhaligon’s aftershave from Harrods of London; how, as a bishop in Poland, the future Pope camped out with his philosopher friend Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. Now he’s showing me how John Paul mockingly gave a discreet Nazi salute toward the backs of a departing group of German bishops.
“When I raised my eyebrows disapprovingly at his antic,” says the monsignor, “he punched me hard on the arm. It hurt!”
He’s my Deep Throat, my Sotto Voce, purveyor of unattributable whispers in Vatican cloisters. A middle-echelon member of the Vatican bureaucracy, known as the Curia, he gestures smoothly with his wrists, showing off pure-white cuffs and gold links. “This place,” he says with a smile of self-conscious irony, “floats on a sea of bitchery!”


AMalek said...

This is a cheerleading article for Pope Humble. What a waste of paper.

Johnno said...

I have to say... despite how rosily a picture Vanity Fair tries to pain of Francis, they have openly said what much of Catholic media won't.

Francis is a liberal, and nothing like what has come before, and speculates that perhaps splitting the Church is precisely what he wants to do, and Vanity Fair clearly hopes it occurs so that vast sections of the former Catholic Church are free to apostatize and liberalize everything!

Methinks that despite their leanings and attempt to spin Francis as some 'reformer' of the bank and sexual abuse, which are pure lies the reporter is uninformed about, they hit the nail on the head as to precisely where things are going and dare to say it!

Wake up peeps! The secularists get it! And even they see what's fishy with the whole two-pope thing!

Despite being Vanity Fair and their pro-Francis spin, it's well worth reading!

Jonah said...

John (friggin Hitler's Pope) Cornwell???? Amchurch's apologist with one foot in the toilet and one on the rim? Conveniently misses that AMERICAN diocese are being investigated for criminality, not the Vatican. American media, including Vanity Fair, are run by the CIA as propaganda organs. And, Amchurch has been in the grip of the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program since the beginning of the Cold War, and in schism with the rest of the world. Read Jesse Russell's penetrating 3-part takedown of the games being played by Cornwell, Dreher, and others:

NBW said...

This is a pro -Francis PR piece. Vanity Fair has a problem understanding Catholicism, especially when it paints a sort negative picture St. John Vianney and when it believes that condoms are the only way to stop AIDS.

Kathleen1031 said...

It's hard to read secularists take on church-y affairs. So clueless, and obvious they never consult with a single authentic Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Let's Roll !