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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday, 19 November 2018

The Shame of Toronto's Basilian St. Michael's College School

SMCS had the video at the bottom of this article taken down. Thanks to Barona who downloaded it and then uploaded it again.

UPDATED, 11/21/2018 18:00hrs.

It is confirmed in media today that the Principal of St. Michael's College School knew about the assault on a student but did not report it to police. Greg Reeves reports that he did not call police because the boy's mother had not yet been informed.

It was Reeves' solemn duty to call the police, regardless. Meanwhile, alumni are calling for resignations and an end to the "bullying mentality" endemic in the institution. No reform is possible without the complete exposure of the Congregation of St. Basil.

The Board today, which includes a prominent Toronto lawyer Nina Perfetto of Fogler Rubinoff and businessman Nick Di Donato of Liberty Entertainment issued a statement today giving full support to the President and Principal of the College. The Board members themselves have lost all credibility with what they have said today:

A Statement from the SMCS Board of Directors - November 21
Toronto, November 21, 2018 – The Board of Directors of St. Michael’s College School issued a statement today surrounding the horrific events that recently took place at the School. Board Chair Michael Forsayeth said, “We are deeply saddened by the recent incidents that have taken place at our beloved school. They are offensive to everything we stand for and to the values we strive to instill in our students. Throughout this difficult time, our first priority remains on the victims and the safety and well-being of the entire student body, faculty, and staff.
"As a Board, we are united in our support of the School’s leadership. Both President Fr. Jefferson Thompson, CSB and Principal Greg Reeves were hired because of their dedication and care for students throughout their careers. That remains the primary focus, and they continue to have the full support of the Board for how this situation is being handled. They are both men of the highest integrity and continue to have our trust to lead us forward. Witnessing the standing ovation at last night’s alumni meeting, many of whom are current and past parents, I believe that Fr. Thompson and Mr. Reeves have their overwhelming support. As a school community, we want to ensure that these incidents do not happen again.”

The law is quite clear. Those in authority over minors are legally obligated to report cases of suspected abuse to the police or child family services under Ontario statutes. Were these so-called, Catholic leaders more concerned about the reputation of the school than the physical and spiritual welfare of a boy in its charge?

The law was not followed! 

Every Catholic in Toronto should be justifiably outraged over this failure and betrayal. This is nothing new for this school or the Congregation of St. Basil who have paid out millions of dollars in damages for those abused under its care.

This writer knows first hand from a half-century ago, the brutality of priests of the Basilian Congregation. The history shows that the culture of abuse and bullying in Basilian schools is endemic and irreformable.






Joe Warmington and the chronology of events.

"Since 1852, St. Michael's College School has been educating and forming young men in goodness, discipline, and knowledge for lives of leadership and service. We are Canada's only Catholic, Basilian, faith-based independent school, educating young men from Grades 7 to 12 in a university-preparatory programme, and forming them with a foundation for life." 
Catholic Education, St Mike's style
St. Michael's College in Toronto is facing another grave scandal. This latest involves alleged criminal activity including sexual assault, perversion and child pornography on the part of a group of students. It is alleged that the school reacted slowly to the situation and did not contact police.

Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowlege!

Over the last half-century. the Basilian Congregation which owns and operates St. Michael's College has paid out millions of dollars in damages to the damaged souls who suffered under the infestation of homosexual perverts into that once august religious congregation for years of sexual abuse and rape by sodomite priests. Parents pay $20,000 for their boys to attend this school. Much of it is documented here: History of Basilian and St. Michael's College sexual perversion and abuse at Sylvia's Site.

The parents at St. Mike's shouted "bugger off" to the media. Indeed! Get the buggers off!

A long history of sexualised violence. St. Michael's College School Has Long History Of Sexualized Violence: Alumnus

The alleged crimes were not reported to Toronto Police Toronto private school didn't report alleged sexual assault to police: cops

The latest news can be linked here:  CURRENT NEWS! 

The pictures here were captured by Barona from a student video linked at the end of this article.

Boys will be boys, eh?

Image result for rosica st michael's college
The spokesman for the Basilians is Father Thomas J. Rosica who said, " We are deeply saddened by the events that have come to light over the past days, ... Our primary concern in all of this situation is the protection of students, young people and vulnerable persons." The Board of Directors has an interesting member, a certain "pro-bono" lawyer. http://voxcantor.blogspot.com/2015/02/this-blogger-being-threatened-with.html. Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness was a student there and has his views at the following links.


Brian said...

Feral youth of a feral church.

Anonymous said...

This "school" teaches the inverted satanic message of what sin is and is not.
Like the rest of the LGBTQ crowd and Borgoglio , they appear to ascribe to the notion that anyone who opposes mortal sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance is a "hater".

Yes Fr Rosica, we do hate vile sin as taught by our Lord Jesus and his Apostles of whom you are certainly not one.

NBW said...

Thomas Rosica, che bella famiglia, eh? You should be more than deeply saddened; you should be ashamed for the disgusting behavior going on in your Basilian school. What a lovely family indeed....

When you point your finger and accuse someone else, remember, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting !!! Thank God all this filth is coming to the surface, as many have stated, I concur Our Lady is cleaning house. I do not trust any bishops, nor the Cardinal for that matter, they busy themselves nitpicking at good faithful priests, the few we have left, yet fail to act on this disgusting filth. Down with all of them, its about time, so sick of this.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the excellent reporting Vox !
You have exposed Rosica for what e truly is.

Anonymous said...

It must be a demotion of sorts for Rosica, to move from public relations face of the Pope, to public spokesman for an obviously decadent high school.

Speaking of decadence, look at what Salt and Light TV is doing to restore the sacred:



Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if homosexual priests & bishops have not targeted these boys to be initiated as toy boys.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...I would be very surprised if homosexual priests & bishops have not targeted ...

Yes, this is how it starts.

I am a survivor of physical abuse by Baslians in 1969. I was not sexually abused because I fought back. It took me forty years but I went after the bastards.

I met with the former Principal, Tom Mohan, who later went on to SMCS. He was a liar to my face and I told him so.

Anonymous said...

Men created radical feminism and this is why ..

Where's the chart for Faithful Catholic women to pick a God loving spouse?
Certainly NOT from the examples coming out of this Toronto "Katholic" school !!!

WHO is teaching young Catholic males how to behave?

Irenaeus said...

Anonymous said, "WHO is teaching young Catholic males to behave?"

The answer is, sadly and simply, NOBODY. How do I know? Because I am a young Catholic man myself.

The fathers don't teach. Either they have regressed to adolescents who play video games and happen to have children. Or they are absent fathers. Or they are fathers who are around and happen to be Catholic, but don't pass on the faith/manners.

The schools don't teach either. SMCS didn't, clearly, when you look at the videos that aren't professionally made. Such crudeness. Such irreverence. Such disrespect. My high school did not, either - not once do I remember attending a class on how to be a man - and I was in the public Catholic system.

Society doesn't teach men, either. Most men these days will never watch, for example, old films which depict men acting like men, giving due deference to the lady of the film. Instead they will watch trashy shows like Two & A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, and so on and so forth. None of these shows depict manly behavior. They show men giving into instant gratification of their sexual desires, acting like little sissies, and gossiping like the girls they want to get in to. Not how men should and did act for centuries as a whole. And let's not forget the rampant feminism in all of these shows which belittle the man/men. It's disgusting, all of it.

Despite all of these pressures - which are considerable, I admit - the one responsible for acting like a man is the man himself. No one else! The man has to take responsibility for his past, current, and future actions as a man. When he dies, God will ask him, "Did you act like a man in your ultimate state of life?" What will happen to the man if he says no?

Men, unless you start actively desiring to become a man and surround yourself with GOOD MENTORS WHO ARE MEN, you will get nowhere. Unfortunately, there are many men out there who think they are actual men but end up being not being a man at all through their behavior.

Why else do you think the boys at SMCS have done such ridiculous behavior? Why the administration and faculty have refused to act in offense to it WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING? It's because they weren't taught how to be proper men, and the staff thought that it was how men should act!

I'm beyond disgusted. This is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Vox !
I went after a cross dressing pastor and met with the formed in hell Bishop who came to our parish to tell me off from the pulpit.
I laugh when I read commentators of CMtv who say they will be attending the Catholic Eastern Rite parishes from now on. We were filled to the brim with perverted priests. It turned out that our parish was sold and then the main Church emptied out after it was discovered what the cross dresser had done. He got away with stealing all the parish accounts along with the expensive rectory furniture the previous perverted ( and finally defrocked pastor ) had purchased. Now it looks like our thief is in the Melkite Rite.
Fr Danilak was also one of our pastors , found dead on his kitchen floor when the police finally went to arrest him.He left five males suicided in his wake. One was ONLY ten years old ! Fr Gera (aka Papa Bear) exposed by RCF on St Sebatian's Agels perverted priest hook up blog, was one of ours as was Fr Michael Sopoliga of EWTN"s "Light from the East" UNTIL he was forced into pastoring a parish in Florida where the parishioners discovered what he was and then he made to leave by the present Bishop after their complaints and outrage.

Anonymous said...

Why am I hearing faint echos of The Village People and YMCA..... in my head, as I look at the pics above??

God, help us, please.


Kathleen1031 said...

Vox, so grateful you escaped it. You could probably write effectively about your experience, and serve as an inspiration to others, that they might take action as well.
I have maintained that if our boys and young men were properly prepared, these perverts would have fewer options. Parents need to parent according to the demands of the day. If mountain lions live in your area, you teach your boys what not to do, and what to do if one appears. Same with these perverts. Number one, parents should never allow unrelated males to be alone with their children. Ever. Yes, teachers included, most definitely teachers. This means NEVER. Even related males, not fathers, need to be monitored closely. Never assume. Tell your boy what to do if someone shows him weird pictures, or talks about nasty things. He should tell you right away, and what to do if someone touches him inappropriately. His natural discerning sense will tell him it's wrong, and it's never the child's fault. Know the warning signs of sexual abuse, such as unusual behavior, crying for no reason, becoming interested in perverse material, depression.

Parents have abdicated their responsibility, and even good parents do not want to tackle this tough subject. Yes, it must be done carefully, but we send out boys to a world filled with monsters who would love to harm them for life, take away their innocence and corrupt them. These are worse than mountain lions. Realize these men look for vulnerable boys, those who do not have a good father/son relationship. They know the boy needs that relationship, and they can take advantage of it. Mothers, relieved to have a man in her boy's life, may be grateful for it, but never assume the man is not grooming your boy for sex, with gifts, attention. And for God's sake, nobody in this day should let their boy go overnight, not on any "Scouting" trip, especially since we know the Boy Scouts have chosen to look away while gay scout leaders sleep near little boys and young men.
Older boys, teens, need to be given permission to threaten any would-be predator with a punch in the face, and a knee to the groin, and deliver one if the warning doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Yes Vox , these highly disordered Bishops and priests are ALL liars even to your face just as Lucifer was a liar from the beginning as Jesus told us. He said He saw him fall from the Heavens. We are all watching the Bishops and Cardinals and even Borgoglio fall now too.

Irenaeus said...

Pity they took it down. It was such a good example of hollow their motto is.