Thursday, 22 November 2018

The abuse at St. Michael's College School, "Starts at the top!"

Kyle Fraser attended St. Michael’s College School between 2009 and 2013, and he believes its “toxic masculinity” and “culture of hazing” played a role in the scandal involving the school now.

Kyle Fraser is a 21-year-old former student at St. Michael's College School. He is interviewed by the Toronto Star (no friend of Catholicism). Fraser left the school after Grade 10, he was continually verbally abused, though he does not state if this was from students, lay staff or priests. Fraser states that the problem, "starts at the top."

Fraser is correct. The reporters call the issue, "toxic masculinity."

While the behaviour and culture are "toxic" it is certainly not proper "masculinity." Men protect, men lead, men champion truth, men govern with "goodness, discipline and knowledge," something this school and the Basilian Congregation long ago forgot, They exchanged their motto for money, power and sexual perversion.

The President, Principal and Board are a disgrace and should resign. Some should face lawsuits and prosecution.
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I can personally testify that my own experience with Basilan priests at the age of 13 was one of physical brutality, verbal abuse and public humiliation. Let me assure you that the scars of abuse victims are carried all their lives. Prayer, therapy and support can assist in coping and moving forward but the marks last forever. I will take mine to my grave. The effects of the abuse and assault on this boy at SMCS, around the same age as I was, will be with him all his life. He needs to accept that and not try to bury it, as I did. He must seek resolution in prayer, therapy, family and true masculinity. I still bear the scars and the effects. The boy and his family must hold SMCS and its leadership, including the Board, accountable. It took this writer forty years to seek justice from that filthy congregation of brutes, abusers and perverts. How little did I know then that a few years later, another Basilian would come at me again? Thomas J. Rosica has sent me over a dozen emails of insult, rudeness, degradation and judgement. He attempted to sue me into poverty because he feared the truth. Thomas J. Rosica learned well in Rochester from those Baslians who were familiar to him there. His pattern of behaviour to me is indicative of the long-standing problem of that Congregation. It has continued at SMCS today. 

In both cases, from 1969 and 2015, I took on these wretched Basilian abusers and thugs and triumphed. 

The problem at SMCS indeed, "starts at the top." It starts with a rotten Congregation of priests who long ago exchanged Jesus Christ for the world of money, greed, power, perversion and sodomy.

They gave that boy a broomstick up the rectum. I was lucky, I escaped their filthy clutches before that could happen to me. 

Yes, the problem started at the top.


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Melanie said...

Ann Barnhardt has taken her caricature to a new level. I thought the pink pencil skirt toting a gun in a posed photo was silly but that was evidently just the baseline. Now, she claims that her email box is filled with correspondence from sedevacantists who “don’t want to convert the Jews we want to kill them all.” What a psychopathic liar. Ironically, this disgusting and inflammatory lie is pronounced as she complains about having mud slung at her. Well, Happy Thanksgiving, here’s mud in your eye!

Irenaeus said...

How do you know it is a lie, Melanie?

Melanie said...

Irenaeus, Do you believe Catholics, who think the chair of St. Peter has been vacant since Pope Pius XII died, want to kill all the Jews? I don’t. It’s asanine. Even if sedevacantists are wrong, it is an honest mistake, as the Church went to hell in a handcart, just like you’d expect with no Pope. I’ve never met any Catholic in my life who wanted to kill all the Jews. I don’t believe it; I know it’s a lie because I know Catholics.

Irenaeus said...

Melanie, I know Catholics too, and while I have not met any in real life who openly state all Jews are to be killed, they do hold a suspicion of Jews and plead for their conversions. These are non-schismatic Catholics. It's a different story with sedevacantists in general. (Dr. Lamb I know you don't.) Ann said it herself, once you go into schism, it's fertile ground for all sorts of crazy material. Louie's comment section was an example. Many in there went bananas and spouted all sorts of nonsense, including holding Jews responsible for everything which has gone on for the past 100 years or so. It is a short step from there to say all Jews should be killed. Trust me. I know how slippery a slope sedevacantism is.

With this in mind, it's entirely possible that Ann is right.

Have you written her an email asking her if it is true or not? She did say you could email her about anything regarding the video.