Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Dear Leader of the Church of Bergoglio

Image result for north korean art kim il sung

Image result for north korean art kim il sung

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, the birth of a Communist regime under Jorge Bergoglio the apostate. Such saccharine memories of North Korea's already deceased Supreme Leaders, Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong-Il.

Nancy Reyes said...

well here in the Philippines we have a magazine My Pope.

the blurb on line claims:

My Pope Philippines is an adapted English version of Italian magazine, Il Mio Papa, dedicated entirely to Pope Francis. Every month, My Pope describes the life of the Holy Father, an emotional ride of meetings, words, and simple gestures of his daily life that highlight the important message of change that permeates his pontificate. At least 65% of the content is international and 35% is created by the local editorial team in the Philippines to feature stories highlighting the encouraging developments in the lives of Filipinos, whose values and actions reflect those that the Pope stands for, with sections on good news, inspiring stories, traditions, arts and crafts and everyday heroes.

I found the magazine, which seems to be aimed at our rich who live in gated communities, featured in one of the drug stores near our palenke, where the poor and lower middle class shop.

Anonymous said...

They never counted on the power of the Internet !
Far too long we have been force fed propaganda coning from the Vatican and though the so called Movements like crux's Opus Dei owned media .
Years ago the writer Suzanne Rini translated from the Italian the first accurate reports on Opus Dei for Faithful English speaking Catholics.
Today Randy Engel reports in her "Opus Dei Watch" free for those who sign up . Eye opening to say the least ! Mrs Engel takes the time to work with the Spanish speaking ex opus deites who, because opus recruited from their countries first, have a clearer long time experiential reservoir of knowledge as to how this free masonic pyramidal organization operates. ONLY Mrs Engel reported on the sexual abuse of a child in the opus dei owned school committed during class time when he was removed for "spiritual direction".
The guilty Numerary just received an eleven year sentence in a Spanish courtroom.
CRUX, EWTN and yes even 'Lifesite' exposed their allegiance by their silence.