Thursday, 15 March 2018

Vatican manipulators betray Ratzinger's "Personal reserved" letter!

Oh the tangled web that Bergoglio and his minions have set for themselves. Not only did they manipulate the letter of Joseph Ratzinger, but they betrayed him in releasing it as Sandro Magister reports:

Given that Viganò gave full reading of the letter of Benedict XVI in front of numerous journalists, it should be added that on the envelope that contained it was written: "Personal reserved".

You really could not make this up.

The double "foolish prejudice". The complete text of the letter of Benedict XVI. With a Post Scriptum

Viganò 01.25.22
The press office of the Holy See did not disclose the full text of the letter sent by Benedict XVI last February 7 to the prefect of the Secretariat for Communication, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò.
Viganò, however, has read it (see photo) on the occasion of the presentation to the press of the series "Theology of Pope Francis", published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana and made of eleven pamphlets, by various authors, on various aspects of written and oral teaching current pontiff.
The letter is dated February 7 and is in response to a previous letter from Viganò dated 12 January. But since it was announced on the evening of 12 March, the eve of the fifth birthday of the election to pope by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the public came as if it were a sort of "vote", more than good, given by Benedict. to his successor at the end of his first five years.
This press release was also encouraged by the press release issued for the occasion by Viganò himself, who mentioned the letter only the second and third paragraphs.
In which, however, Benedict XVI rejects not one but a double "foolish prejudice": both that according to which Francis would be "only a practical man devoid of particular theological or philosophical formation", and the other according to which he himself, Joseph Ratzinger, would be " only a theorist of theology that would have understood little of the concrete life of a Christian today ".
To Francis, Benedict recognizes what is undeniable: to have had a profound "formation" in theology and philosophy. As well as recognizing an "inner continuity" between the two pontificates, where the adjective "interior" is at least as good as the noun "continuity", given "all the differences in style and temperament".
And then there is that final paragraph, omitted in the press release, in which Ratzinger, with sincere candor, gives proof of his fine vein of irony. Read it. And who wants to intend intends.
Here is the complete text of the letter, from the heading to the final signature.
Benedictus XVI 
Pope Emeritus

Most Rev. Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò 
Prefect of the 
Secretariat for Communication
Vatican City 
7 February 2018
Most Reverend Monsignor,
I thank you for your kind letter of 12 January and for the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.
I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice that Pope Francis would be only a practical man devoid of special theological or philosophical formation, while I would be only a theorist of theology that would have understood little of the concrete life of a Christian today.
The small volumes show, rightly, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation and therefore help to see the inner continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences in style and temperament.
However, I do not feel like writing a short and dense theological page on them because in all my life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books that I had also really read. Unfortunately, even for physical reasons, I am not able to read the eleven volumes in the near future, all the more so because I am already waiting for other commitments.
I am sure he will have understanding and I greet him cordially.
Benedict XVI
POST SCRIPTUM - Given that Viganò gave full reading of the letter of Benedict XVI in front of numerous journalists, it should be added that on the envelope that contained it was written: "Personal reserved".
Moreover, Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press found that the photo of the letter released by the Vatican was voluntarily rendered illegible in the first two lines of her last paragraph, for the remainder covered by the booklets on the theology of Pope Francis:


Ana Milan said...

Maybe people are at last wakening up to the fact that PF is an infiltrator - the Destroyer Pope we were warned about by St. Francis of Assisi. The St. Gallen Mafia got their way, the Holy Ghost was sidelined & we are the recipients of their horrible & satanic regime. The silent Cardinals are just as complicit, despite one or two speaking sense, they are not unified in their opposition to this travesty & so it continues. The forthcoming betrayal of Chinese Catholics is going to be the last straw. A Schism should now be declared & a general council to oust this imposter from our midst.

Let us continue to place our trust in Our Lord & His Blessed Mother. The following is a prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: "Blessed Virgin Mary, no one like you among women has ever been born in the world, daughter and handmaid of the Most High King and heavenly Father, Mother of our Most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, spouse of the Holy Spirit. Pray for us... to your most blessed and beloved Son, Lord and Master" (Francesco di Assisi, Scritti, 163).

Anonymous said...

urge every friend here to read this book: THE GREAT CONTROVERSY


Anonymous said...

If pope Benedict XVI will become a nuisance for the Francis's program of destruction of Catholic Church, then these Illuminati will silence him, like they did pope John Paul I...

THE WAR IN THE VATICAN FOR THE TRUE AND ONLY CATHOLIC CHURCH IS FULL-BLOWN NOW ... and whomever think that this is impossible, you better look at this CLOSER...

MASONS VERSUS TRUE BELIEVERS... Church has entered the Passion now!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I know a story just like this.
When my little sister at the age of 7 got a less than satisfactory teacher's note in her "Student Book" to share with the Parents, she decided not to bother them, and she faked my Father's signature. But the signature didn't turn out right, so she attempted to erase it. It was in ink, and the eraser made a hole in the page. She tore out the entire page, but all pages in the little book were numbered... Of course, the other half of the torn page became loose and fell out completely...

Oh, the troubles we go through for love... A a a aaand peace. A a a a aaaaaaaand unity.

Johnno said...

So they broadcast a letter that was intended by Benedict to be private without his permission?

Anonymous said...

"Oh, the troubles we begin to weave, when we first begin to deceive." Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that no one is gullible enough to feel sympathy for Ratzinger.

He has no morals. He is reprehensible.

He is as much a part of this trash, as is Bergoglio.

As was Woytyla, which is becoming increasingly clear to me.


Anonymous said...

I'm not actually seeing how the real letter is all that different from the one originally released by the Vatican.

~ M. Ray

Anonymous said...

What happened over at Toronto Catholic Witness?


Blogguy said...

The foolishness describes two things: Bergoglio as pastoral without theological impact, and the caricature of Ratzinger theological without pastoral insight.
Ratzinger is being tremendously ironic.