Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Sodomite Church of Bergoglio - leave any others in the combox to join the hall of shame

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Msgr. Ricca with Fr. Bergoglio

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Msgr. Capozzi

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 Krzysztof Charamsa

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Don Izzoli

From Darota, how could I forget?

 (Don) Michele de Paolis

 Catholic priest Father Andrea Contin faces being defrocked as police probe bondage orgies allegedly filmed in his rectory
Don Luca

Fr. Luca Morini
Fr. Luca Morini 
And how could I forget this child porn aficionado of the Roman Rota.

Msgr. Pietro Amenta
Msgr. Pietro Amenta

And then this child porn uploading masturbator wanted in Canada and the United States but quietly shuffled out of Washington to protect him under "diplomatic immunity."

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Msgr. Capella


Brian said...


Welcome to Gaydom Inc. Is this what Ratzinger meant by the word "filth"?

Jay Jay said...

I thought these were the Vatican Post Office commemorative stamps for this year. I hope they’re self-stick, I wouldn’t lick any of them!

Anonymous said...

Fr. James Martin and Fr. Thomas Rosica

Ana Milan said...

The following I have marked down as either sodomite or soft on homosexuality:
++s Cupich, Wuerl, Dew, Errazuriz, Nichols (?), J. Tobin(?), Coccpalmerio, Danneels, O'Brien, Kasper, Schönborn, Marx.
+s Barros, Paglia, Pineda.
Frs. Daniel Horan, James Martin.

I'm sure many more will follow that are not so well known.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Bergoglio kisses hand of homosexualist Jesuit.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

There is this priest in Italy, Father Andrea Contin, who had another priest videotape extreme sex orgies, including horses, on church property.

Giving more examples would be really unbecoming, and we all know, there are many.
I am embarrassed to remember, but did not want to leave Vox's challenge unanswered.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lamb said...

Please head the gallery with a photo of montini - Paul the Sick.

TLM said...

Oh....right Peter......forgot about HIM!

TLM said...

And....RIGHT Brian.....I like to call it the Church of 'GAYGLORY'.

Anonymous said...

We are so very lost. I could never even have imagined such corruption, in my youth.


MaryP said...

What the h... can "unbecoming" mean when youth are endangered and the Church is attacked. PubliciZe those you know, that are still alive, so that others can be warned. Publicize those who have died, so that those in denial can confront what happened.

S said...

Pray for them. Seriously.

Ronald Sevenster said...

Is there any person in the Vatican who is still sexually normal?

Anonymous said...

Please include brief summary underneath pictures. The cognoscenti may recognize these people and what they've done, but ordinary people won't.

Do you have included the papal delegate (nucio?) caught in flagrante dilectu in Uruguay , then put in charge of the Casa Marta on this list?

The one with the homoerotic mural of himself in his cathedral?

Sandpiper said...

Cardinal Spellman. Notorious.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen1031 said...

Who was the priest who just came out, that got the standing ovation by the flock in his church, who thought him heroic and grand for announcing his sodomy habit?
Anonymous, you refer to "Paglia", of rainbow glasses and homoerotic mural fame. Yecch.
What about that priest in the NY diocese, the one with the expensive boyfriend? The one CM was talking about so much. The one that has cost the diocese millions but no one cares, including Cardinal Dolan and apparently, the parishioners who continue to give the church money. This year the gay groups are going to be placed front and center at the parade that used to honor St. Patrick, but which has become not just a joke but an outrageous insult against the saint who worked so hard to stop the Druids from committing that diabolical act on the Emerald Isle.
Please make Cardinal Dolan an honorary member. He's done so much to help them, he deserves the recognition.
Please God, help us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

On another topic, on day that Cardinal Sarah comes to Toronto, the archdiocese retweets an image of its own liturgical abuse:

Priest praying to a camera while holding an 'earthenware' Eucharistic cup.


Anonymous said...

Make note of it, and share it with other concerned and fed up Catholics. The only way to get rid the church of these perverts is to make them known to the public

Fr. VF said...

I had to do a Google Image search to identify Inzoli and Cappella. All the photos should be captioned.

Irenaeus said...

TS - Toronto is, considering the liberal country it is found in, surprisingly conservative. That is, until you realize that their conservative views are towards conserving and following all the rules towards the NO. Thus, that photo is completely in line with that mode of thinking.

The two most traditional priests here have been denied leadership of a parish in the metropolis and are based at the western and eastern extremes of the diocese (at the very least, in very out of the way places). That tells you a lot of how things are here.

While ++Sarah coming here is a good thing, and I am hopeful that the event will plant some seeds in some of its attendees, it will take a long time for the modernism and liberalism entrenched in this city and its environs to fade away. We've let it carry on a little long, too long, in fact.

C. LaSalle said...

Having worked with children who were victims of sexual abuse I can say that I felt those situations couldn't get any worse. I was so wrong.

These homosexual clerics are a disgrace to the human race and need to be driven out of the Church.