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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 31 March 2018

Bergoglio Crucifies Jesus all over again

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As I wrote two days ago, it was my intention not to blog this week, particularly over the Sacred Triduum. My peace has been disturbed and has yours no doubt, by the man sitting on the Chair of Peter. "Don't let him disturb your peace," some will opine. To which I respond, "So, we should abandon Our Lord at His Cross, His new Calvary?" 

We are not little children, we are not even Bergoglio's "yoots." We can take the truth, we can survive our disturbed peace to call out what is now clear to all, a heretic Pope named Jorge Bergoglio.

The comments attributed to Bergoglio by Eugenio Scalfari have been denied by the Vatican press experts. They state that he has not been "quoted" therefore, the comments have no basis in fact and should be dismissed.

Sorry, Greg. Sorry, George. Not good enough!

This is not the first time Bergoglio has made these comments about Hell to Scalfari and he has reported them. He continues to go back to this atheist communist like a dog to vomit. If he is trying to convert Scalfari, it is not working. Yet, this Bergoglio is not a stupid man, He is not a fool, he is not suffering from dementia. He is a manipulative, calculating, spiteful, deceitful, vindictive malefactor who has been thrust on the Seat of Peter by evil men and inept Cardinals. 

The fact that those Cardinals who have a reported "buyers remorse" sit by whilst this boil on the papal seat continues without rebuke is to their own damnation.

This scandal by Bergoglio, that no Hell exists, has made the global media. Just this morning on Twitter, I have seen it on Fox, the Wall Street Journal and even, Rush Limbaugh. It is the same worldwide.

The fact that this man has done this in Holy Week shows his arrogance, egoism and diabolical narcissism. He cannot let Our Lord Jesus Christ outrank him. Some will say, "Ignore him, you are doing the work of the devil by focussing off of him." To those who do, I say, "You are the real Pharisees. you do the work of Satan, your father. If you lost a dollar on the Sabbath, would you not search for it? Would you not go to the peripheries to search for the lost sheep leaving the ninety-nine behind?"

Greg Burke can issue all the statements he wants. Bergoglio's toadies and butt-kissing sycophants in the media and Church can spin all they want, it is not good enough.

Nothing less than Bergoglio publicly stating that Scalfari did not quote him correctly and that he affirms the Catholic and Biblical truth of Hell is good enough.

Until he does that, then we have no choice to believe that Scalfari's report is correct.

There have been many occasions before but it must now be positively obvious to everyone. Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome, is a formal heretic.

He may have the legal office of Pope, but he no longer has the Grace of Office and must be treated as such.

In his pride, his arrogance he has engaged in a massive overreach. He has been "found wanting."

Cardinals, Bishops, do your duty.


TLM said...

The complete SILENCE of the Bishops in the face of his complete apostasy is in and of itself a DIABOLICAL HERESY!! Are they really THAT STUPID to hesitate to speak because of the question of 'accuracy' of the report?? Have they not watched him from the start as we have and SEEN with their own eyes the heresy that comes from him time and time again?? Of course they have and they are complicit in HIS total betrayal of Christ for their SILENCE. Their silence at this point is beyond deafening......it's purely SATANIC!!

Helen Weir said...

Today is Holy Saturday, when Our Lord, the Light of the World, was consigned to the darkness of the tomb. They covered the entrance with a stone and walked away, but the darkness wasn't behind them; it was all around them, and within them most of all.

This year, Holy Saturday falls on the anniversary of the death by starvation/dehydration of Terri Schindler-Schiavo. A civilization which kills the innocent as the Nazis killed Father Kolbe is also self-deprived of the light. It has become an enormous concentration camp, no longer surrounded by barbed wire because there is nothing outside of it; nothing that doesn't submit to its inverted, anti-life, diabolical "values."

And on this Holy Saturday/Schiavo anniversary, we are rocked with the insinuation, from one who wears the shoes of the Fisherman, that there is no Hell. If this is truly Jorge Bergoglio's conviction, then he believes it as a fish believes there is no water. If Heaven begins on earth for the saints, then Hell does the same for those who--in Vox's trenchant terms--refuse to let Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ outrank them.

Bergoglio's gutting of the Pontifical Academy for Life leaves the innocent, like Charlie Gard, like Alfie Evans, abandoned to the clutches of the worldwide concentration camp. The rest of us are expected to roll a stone in front of their tombs, muttering of course a little prayer, and to walk away. But to do this is to leave Jesus Christ behind. It is to walk into the darkness; to become it.

I, for one, will not go.

Johnno said...

Cardinal and bishops have been trained to be public relations men first and foremost over being priests.

This PR speak from the letter-staging privacy-breaking Vatican Press Office is an excuse only those who actually WANT to be deluded and lied to can buy because it purchases for them the convenience of continuing to sit back and not risk their comforts.

Already we have morons amongst the Catholic 'Conservatives' quoting Bergolio about the devil and Hell in front of pious crowds of believers and somehow imagine this is proof that he actually does believe in either of those things. No doubt somewhere Mark Thomas has a list of quotes ready to copy and paste in comboxes he trolls.

But this would only be evidence of Francis being a man who following his peronist leanings tells whichever crowd of people he happens to be in front of whatever they want to hear.

For the pious, Hell exists!
For the atheist, Hell doesn't exist!
For the hegelian, Hell exists but it is metaphorical and not exactly what we traditionally think it is.

Hell can be anything you personally want it to mean, the only criteria is that Francis comes first.

Now ask yourselves... what can of man could ever go around behaving in this manner?

A man who actually believes in Hell? Or a man who doesn't? It's not rocket science.

Vox Cantoris said...

Welcome to this comment box, Helen. How powerfully have you proclaimed the truth. Thank you.

jmbutk said...

May this pontificate come to a "merciful" end, and soon!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Helen Weir

Powerful words. We walk every day in the darkness of a concentration camp.

And what does Bergoglio say? - He is "ashamed of a fractured world".

What is the matter? Hasn't his endorsement of atheistic eugenicists brought about a global peace and unity among the tranquilized cattle yet? Some of us - fundamentalists - mock and humiliate us all you will, still cling on to Christ the Saviour? Have we not yet registered the new spirit his humbleness follows, miraculously able to make him kneel - before those offended by the cross of Jesus, whose feet he so loves to wash in pious submission?

Have we no sense? Must we be so ossified ans stubborn, when his merciful pastoral humbleness tirelessly leads with appearances on cover pages of glossy magazines for intrinsically disordered and diabolically disoriented? What is it going to take?

Anonymous said...

Cardinals bishops do your duty????? Will never happen... only the 3 bishops of Kazakhstan and 4-5 others who supported have openly challenged the pope.
We are not being shepherded any longer.. they are company men and will not challenge him.. beyond disgusted and distressed.. this can’t be Christ’s church any longer

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Jesus was uncreated in the tomb, because He certainly COULD NOT BE in a place THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Then, God, RECREATED HIS SON, and brought Him back into existence.



utahagen said...

That the official Vatican response to the news report contained no unequivocal that Pope Francis affirms the Catholic belief in Hell is all anyone need know. Not only is this Pope not a Catholic, he is not any kind of orthodox -- that's "small c" orthodox - Christian. Since Pope Francis is a "material heretic", does that retroactively invalidate Pope Benedict's resignation? Will no sitting Cardinal or Bishop ask this question publicly?

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio is the prophecised False Prophet and works behind the scenes as we speak with the literal son of satan the antichrist. The New World Order Agenda is upon the entire world. The only way these so called elites who actually run this world can get this New World Order to work is if they can control the Religious. They have their men within the Vatican walls who are of the Masonic Order, the Free Masons.
They devised a plan on March 17, 2011 to oust Pope Benedict which they were successful in doing. Pope Benedict resigned under the umbrella of resignation when in fact he was blackmailed and accused of things he had no part of. For the sake of trying to hold the Church together, he announced his stepping down as a resignation. They ousted Pope Benedict in order to put their man in place. The New World Order Religious Leader is Jorge Bergoglio. Many well known so called Theologians are also Free Masons and they publish daily to help convince the laity that the False Prophet Bergoglio was elected and is valid. THEY TOO ARE LIARS. Jesus forewarned us that he would be elected but he would be the prophecised False Prophet.
He may have been elected by those wearing red robes who are also Free Masons, but the Holy Spirit of God had absolutely Nothing to do with that election. The Masonic Order had Everything to do with that election. Bergoglio has been sent to dismantle the Holy Catholic Church as well as All Christian Churches. He is sent to form the New World Religion which falls under the umbrella of the New World Order which is the only way the New World Order can successfully work, which is to control the religious. They Must control the Religious and the Faithful before their Diabolical New World Order can be successfully implemented.
This is WHY he makes apostate statements, which is WHY he is separating Holy Dogma and Doctrine which in fact he has absolutely no authority from God to do. Which is WHY he calls Jesus a sinner, one who had to beg for forgiveness.. when in fact Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and who was and is and always will be perfect and infallible. This is why he says that the Blessed Mother felt betrayed by God when in fact she was created in the womb of Saint Anne for one reason only and that was to be the purest of souls who would accept and house the Son of God made flesh and NEVER felt betrayed but knew she was Blessed, which is why she said, for generations I shall be called Blessed... I could write a book on the blasphamys this man has uttered and a second book on the Spin Doctors calling themselves Catholic theologians who twist and turn and weave and stretch and bend every abomination this man utters.. Thier job is to convince you that the False Prophet is a valid Pope.. When in Fact Pope Benedict is our ONLY TRUE and FINAL Pope.
You must all understand... that this man Bergoglio is laughing behind the scenes with the son of satan, the antichrist right now at the faithful and how easy it is to manipulate you. He was sent to destroy and dismantle the Church and that is precisely what he is doing. The TRUE CHURCH as Pope Benedict so wisely prophecised.. will become SMALL... Meaning that the TRUE CHURCH will be the Catholics who will NEVER follow this false prophet into error but who will stand and fight for the TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH that Jesus Christ established through Peter and His Apostles. We are witnessing prophecy unfold and it is time that ALL CATHOLICS wake up... stand together united in Jesus Christ and fight this beast together in order to help save the souls of our brothers and sisters who are being misled straight into the arms of the antichrist, who will hand deliver them to satan.
God Bless +

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen Ana Milan, and also why he and the other puppetmasters have filled Europe with members of the nation of Islam. This nicely eliminates the Judeo-Christian culture and neutralizes it's influences on the West. When all borders are gone and Islam is everywhere, fear will rule the day and the people will be much easier to control. These men have no religion except materialism and Marxism or Communism, so they'll sit back and let Christians just be frightened into silence and eventually disappear by infiltration and replacement. It's all the same to these Vatican monsters, one way or another, there goes the West and that's the goal, as well as to eliminate Christianity.

We can do nothing except pray. Really there is little else to do, although for our part we refuse to participate in FrancisChurch as we once did. Eventually we are not even going to have the crumbs we have. We will have to learn to go it alone, we must. We have had to endure realizing over the course of five years there is not ONE Bishop or Cardinal to lead us. Not one. It's all blowing up, but we get to carry our little splinter and offer that to God. Take courage friends. We can know we are not alone, we at least know there is a community of believers out there, even if we are not all in the same geographic location.

kiwiinamerica said...

He's a formal heretic, not a material heretic.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the boil "celebrate" the vigil Mass from Rome. He looks like the headlines are getting to him. Seething rage is written all over that expressionless puss. I can only imagine what it was like at the bathhouse when he got home. I wonder does he throw candlesticks at his people like Hillary throws lamps?


Vox Cantoris said...

Corrected. Thank you, I mixed up my terms.

NB: A material heretic may not know he is a heretic. Bergoglio knows well what he is doing and is doing it well, in his mind.

Dan said...

One could think that the timing of the meeting and report of the conversation was on purpose. Another scourge, another nail, another thorn. Great for a laugh for a man who hates Our Lord. I find it all too obvious at this point.

With all the publicity that this is getting, if this doesn't cause voices of opposition to finally rise, loudly and clearly, against this Judas, nothing will.

Anonymous said...

The word Hell was dropped from The Apostles Creed ,as in "He descended into Hell" is now He descended to the dead. He will come again to judge the living and the dead replaces He will come again in Glory to judge the living and the dead. The Apostles Creed was composed by Christ's Apostles and it has been modified.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with the ANONYMOUS /the one above/ comments. All what is happening from the last 5 years, only proves that all the prophecies given to us - and ridiculed strongly by many from 2010 - by Maria Divine Mercy are nothing, but pure truth. God didn't forgot about us, He has prepared us, but did we listen? Of course not, who would believe prophecies in XXI century... However, if anybody wants to save yourself unnecessary pain and suffering and roller-coaster of Bergoglio's reign - you better get ready. All has given to us by our loving God here: Fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/ Yes, Bergogilo is a son of perdition; yes, his is ready to break the CC and schism is coming. Don't kid yourself!!! Get ready, save your sanity before all of this will come over us. He will give up the church to Satan. He and masons, who has chosen him to do this job are not going back now. He will destroy the good priests and nuns, will throw them on the street out of the Church... He will change the Most Holy Mass, he will give a church to heathens, and... Jesus said he is not believing in his heart in: CRUCIFIED CHRIST... DO YOU NEED TO HEAR MORE... ??? !!!
Read: Fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/ and get mentally ready for the end of the church as we know it... God will cleanse his church from its filth... We will live as a Remnant Church...

Anonymous said...

What Jorge Bergoglio wants to do is to destroy the Catholic faith.

He is magnificent at it.


Anonymous said...

All the posters here should read the pope's homily for the Easter Vigil. It is awful. Catholic. He also stated that Jesus was raised, which means that He did not rise out of His own divine power. I was taught and have always thought that He rose from the dead. Who is the crazy one here? Easter blessings to all.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Of course, if "bad" souls disappear rather than suffer eternally, suddenly, everything Brergoglio does appears less irresponsible and mean-spirited. His focus is on here and now, on communist-style justice, with equal outcomes for all. Should the "holy" spirit he follows be misleading him badly, no worries - there will be no unpleasant consequences for anyone.

But for the here and now, there is no greater sin than not following Bergoglio's vision. Do not worry though, you rigid, legalistic and pharisaic Catholics, you will soon cease to exist, while Berogoglian collective continues to celebrate (with no end) on the beach with pizza and the little sins below the belt (his expression, not mine) of the kind Sodom is famous for.

As they say, the hell- or rather annihilation-bound would hate it in heaven. It is true for me. Bergoglio's heaven repels my soul. I do not want to enter through the wide (as far as you can see and beyond) gate of Francismercy.

How does he reconcile: "Enter through the narrow gate" with his benevolent plan? - Simple, he already explained (and was as usual unchallenged by any of the listeners) that narrow gate really means wide gate. I have not come across a theologian taking an issue with this, either. And... 2+2=5, of course.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Sorry, Greg. Sorry, George. Not good enough!

I assume the first is Popcak, and the second is Weigel, am I right? If I am, I wouldn't be surprised. They're nothing but mouthpieces and lackeys for the episcopal establishment. They confuse believing it with following Christ.

The Kurgan said...

What most of you seem to miss is that ANY and ALL clergy who do not formally reject everything connected to Vatican 2 are formal heretics and this means that since 1958 there have been no legitimate Popes. Canon 188.4 of 1917 is clear on this.

Vox Cantoris said...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...
Sorry, Greg. Sorry, George. Not good enough!

I assume the first is Popcak, and the second is Weigel, am I right? If I am, I wouldn't be surprised. They're nothing but mouthpieces and lackeys for the episcopal establishment. They confuse believing it with following Christ.


Greg Burke.

George (Jorge) Bergoglio

Anonymous said...

Bergorglio is the false prophet.. I pray people can see him for what he is. He hasn't even started his work for Satan yet. God help us in the most trying times to come.

Anonymous said...

Friends OUR LADY OF LASALETTE,FRANCE spelled it all out for us. The faith will live on in the hearts of a few. "the church will be in eclipe" "rome will be destroyed" Read it all, she does not lie.

What comes next i can only guess it's Eli and Enoch. Soon I pray.

Peter Lamb said...

Just read this post after coming back from holiday. Great comments! People are recognizing the truth about the conciliar church and "popes" by leaps and bounds. The cat is out of the bag and they, (judeo-masons,) will never get it back inside again in this age of the internet.

All we need to do is to stick faithfully to the Faith of our fathers and to spread the news of the evil imposters to our brethren who do not yet know what is going on.

Let us obey the admonitions of Saints Paul and John and let the anti-Christs be anathema. Have nothing to do with them, or their "church". Say the Rosary daily, make Spiritual Communions daily by hearing Mass on your DVD, or live webcasts and become virtual members of St. Gertrude's, Most Holy Trinity, or C.M.R.I.

What a humongous privilege Our Lord has given us to be among the faithful few! We go to the fields with St. Athanasius and legions of our Faithful ancestors in the Faith, who clung to our beloved Faith through thick and thin. Our Lady will crush their judeo-masonic heads!!!

Anonymous said...

Under this papacy heresy is a relative term. The new orthodoxy is unbelief. TS

Helen Weir said...

I believe it was Faramir who said that the praise of the praiseworthy is beyond all reward. It is hardly right that you should be thanking me! God bless, Vox. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!