Monday, 12 March 2018

The Vatican clearly knows that nobody believes Bergoglio is fit for office, so much so that they need to bring out Joseph Ratzinger to say that he really is

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On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the darkness of the Bergoglian papacy that descended upon the Chuch, the Vatican says, after Pope Benedict was presented with a Vatican-published series of 11 books entitled “The Theology of Pope Francis," he said:

“I applaud this initiative, it contradicts the foolish prejudice of those who see Pope Francis as someone who lacks a particular theological and philosophical formation, while I would have been solely a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete lives of today’s Christian."
 The books, he says, “reasonably demonstrate that Pope Francis is a man with profound philosophical and theological formation and are helpful to see the interior continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences in style and temperament.”



Brian said...

Yeah five years ago. I watched this loser appear on the balcony. I got the creeps. Churchill's description, of Stalin, as a "smiling crocodile" came to mind. These last five years have more than proven my initial concerns. Lots more of the same to come, I'm afraid, from this Croc boss.

Michael Ortiz said...

Deeply disappointed in Benedict. Part of me wants to deny he has actually said this! Very sad day.

Ana Milan said...

This sounds like another Fake Sr. Lucia stunt. Satan really is thrashing around these days - his time must be coming to an end. It should be noted that they couldn't get PBXVI to speak to camera. A pathetic pretence!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Oh, the profound philosophical and theological depth of Agenda 2030, population control, wealth redistribution and sexual perversion! Oh, what smooth continuity of Christ's mission!

Anonymous said...

11 books? What more could the old goat say about copraphagia?

And no way is that petty told ya so voice that of B XVI. KIssy Tucho or Ramblin ROsica maybe.


Kathleen1031 said...

Very disappointing. I have doubts we knew BXVI at all.
The point is well made though, how worried are these men to have to trot him out to say this? Somebody's nerrrvouusss....

Anonymous said...

The Pope emeritus might not be reading the news. TS

Barbara Jensen said...

I don know what Ana Milan means by a ;fake Sister Lucia' stunt and how it relates to the falsehood that Pope Benedict affirms the theology of Bergoglio. I do not believe for one minute that Pope Benedict affirms the heresies of the devil running Rome. Indeed these leftist, one- world- order minions are desperate and indeed they are beginning to get the fact that their lies are not selling.

Anonymous said...

Can’t buy this tale. We would need to hear BXVI say, convincingly, this is true. With these vandals circling him for his imprimatur, not sure I would believe it even then.

Johnno said...

Well at the very least the Vatican has provided some more useful yet empty quotations for the Mark Thomases if the world to continue posting delusional defenses for Pope Satan Corp at whatever other Catholic comboxes out there after being caught and called out here. Put me in the camp where I wouldn't trust any quotations attributed to Benedict coming from the Vatican unless its him speaking directly into a camera. I dont trust the financial scamming drug sniffing synod rigging mail stealing faggots in Rome.

Peter Lamb said...

benedict is just another modernist heretic:

In section II, A, 5, The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible states:

“Jewish messianic expectation is not in vain...”

In section II, A, 7, The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible states:

“…to read the Bible as Judaism does necessarily involves an implicit acceptance of all its presuppositions, that is, the full acceptance of what Judaism is, in particular, the authority of its writings and rabbinic traditions, which exclude faith in Jesus as Messiah and Son of God… Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible is a possible one…”

So, according to this Vatican book, Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish position that Jesus is not the Son of God and the prophesied Messiah is a possible one! The preface for this totally heretical book was written by none other than Joseph Ratzinger, the now Benedict XVI.

This is antichrist!

1 John 2:22: “… he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist…”

TLM said...

I believe Benedict actually said this like I believe the Francis is Catholic.

Peter Lamb said...

Just another anti-pope. ALL conciliar anti-popes are foul heretics:

In fact, it was none other than Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (“Pope” Benedict XVI), one of the Modernist periti at the council, who admitted in 1969 that the “subsists in” doctrine of Lumen Gentium constitutes a “reduction in the claim of exclusivity” on the part of the Church (“Reduktion des Absolutheitsanspruchs” — see Ratzinger, Das neue Volk Gottes [Düsseldorf, 1969], p. 236). In other words, Vatican II relativizes or reduces the Catholic Church’s exclusive claim to being the sole true Church of Jesus Christ, and this was a necessary prerequisite for [false] ecumenism.

Benedict XVI: "The Catholic Church has no right to absorb other Churches. A basic unity of Churches, yet remain Churches, yet become one Church--must replace the idea of conversion." (See Theological Highlights of Vatican II, Paulist Press: NY, 1966, pg. 61, 68--before "election" as "pope".

Benedict XVI: "I would respond by saying that the first and most important thing for ecumenism is that we keep in view just how much we have in common, not losing sight of it amid the pressure towards secularization – everything that makes us Christian in the first place and continues to be our gift and our task. It was the error of the Reformation period that for the most part we could only see what divided us and we failed to grasp existentially what we have in common in terms of the great deposit of sacred Scripture and the early Christian creeds. The great ecumenical step forward of recent decades is that we have become aware of all this common ground and that we acknowledge it as we pray and sing together, as we make our joint commitment to the Christian ethos in our dealings with the world, as we bear common witness to the God of Jesus Christ in this world as our undying foundation." ( See "Pope" Benedict XVI's address to the representatives of the German Evangelical Church , September 23, 2011.

Dan said...

I'm skeptical at best. BXVI was an intelligent, clear thinker.

Ana Milan said...

Barbara Jensen:
Don't you remember when they produced a letter from a nun that didn't even resemble Sr. Lucia or match her handwriting when they desperately needed the world to believe that the consecration of Russia made by St. JPII was accepted by Heaven? This supposed letter by PBXVI just reminds me of that & I'm sure was the catalyst for this spiel.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, if you find yourself trying to convince people you are a good guy ... maybe you are not.

NC Ken

orate fratman said...

I have a wonderful fantasy: President Trump invites Pope Emeritus Benedict to visit him at the White House. Pope Benedict accepts, and while at the White House, Benedict begs for refugee status and protection. The president grants Benedict's wish!

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Maybe Pope Benedict XVI, if he has issued this statement does so under duress?

It is just a thought.

Pope Francis papacy has been a disaster for the Church.

Michael Dowd said...

I guess 10 books were not even enough to demonstrate Pope Francis competence but required 11. This whole thing sounds like some kind of joke. The very idea of needing to prove the Pope's credentials suggests many negative characteristics on his part.

Unknown said...

Benedict abandons his flock yet again. As for Frank he has as much depth as a saucer of milk.

Kathleen1031 said...

As hard as it is going to be for some, and I, as a confirmed cynic, find it easier to take than others will, but go to Remnant Newspaper and read Hillary White's take on all this. The article is "Et tu Benedict?", and is well worth the read, although it is going to shake some up. However, wouldn't it be better for us to face the cause of all the confusion we have most of us had for 30 years or more? Tough questions require tough answers, and it seems time for us to look at the likely answer that has been staring us in the face all this time.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

What Petr Lamb said about Ratzinger's denial of Christ in a preface to a heretical book is sufficient information to decide in the mind (if it is still able to reason) once and for all that Ratzinger and Berogoglio are made of the same "theological cloth" (Catholic Mission above).

Courage, people.

Have spent a lot of time recently trying to understand and decide on the so called JQ. The deception and willful ignorance out there is truly unbelievable. Always knew that Jesus never told us to exclude certain groups from the necessity to believe that He is God. But we, against Him and against long Church Tradition decided that He was wrong.

Jesus could not have been wrong. Courage to look and see is not anti-anything. Here we talk about the Traditional Mass as key to everything, as though ignoring Jesus, and making best friends with those who despise Him (He is allegedly eternally boiling in excrement), is not a big deal at all.

We are obligated to tell them the truth. If they reject our teaching, we are told to leave and not look back.

Elizabeth said...

This doesn't even sound like Benedict. It sounds like a 10-yar-old kid writing his own excuse note to his teacher, supposedly signed by his mom, but obviously written by said 10 year old.

As for Benedict, I know it has become quite the fashion now to scream that he was really a heretic all along, he's worse than Francis, blah, blah, blah.

None of that is true; furthermore, I'm surprised at how quickly people have forgotten Summorum Pontificum, the dismissal of 2000 sex-offender priests from the priesthood, the attempt to straighten up Vatican finances, to name a few.

I have no idea why he left and I agree that leaving was a horrible betrayal. But I think what we have been hearing in has last few communications comes from a mind that has lost its grip or is possibly submerged in drugs, but at any rated is easily manipulated. I think BXVI simply does what he's told now. And don't forget, Ganswein is clearly on Francis's side now, and handles everything for what's left of Benedict.

Peter Lamb said...

Heretic benedict, commemorator of Assisi, denies the Catholic dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus est:

Regarding the future, it seems likely that, in global terms, the influence of the Church over the world will constantly diminish. The numeric triumph of Catholicism over other religions, which today can still be admitted, probably will not continue. ....

In this state of things, one should no longer be concerned with the salvation of 'the others,' who for some time now have become 'our brothers.' Above all, the central question is to have an intuition of the Church's position and mission in History under a positive new point-of-view. This new point-of-view should allow one to believe in the universal offer of the grace of salvation as well as the essential part that the Church plays in this. Therefore, in this sense the problem changed.

What concerns us is no longer how 'the others' will be saved. Certainly we know, by our faith in divine mercy, that they can be saved. How this happens, we leave to God. The point that does concern us is principally this: Why, despite the wider possibility of salvation, is the Church still necessary? Why should faith and life still continue to come through her? In other words, the present day Christians no longer question if their non-believer brothers can reach salvation. Overall, they desire to know what is the meaning of their union with the universal embrace of Christ and their union with the Church

(Joseph Ratzinger, "Necessita della missione della Chiesa nel mondo," in La Fine della Chiesa come Societa Perfetta, Verona: Mondatori, 1968, pp 69-70).

Peter Lamb said...

No Dorota, benedict did not make the statements - he prefaced a book in which the statements are made.

Anonymous said...

With what looks in the photo to be a black eye. Hmm sure makes ya wonder...little coersion at play here

Peter Lamb said...

Here is a good article on the false Sr. Lucy:

Peter Lamb said...

All about ratzinger:

Fr. VF said...

"So, according to this Vatican book, Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish position that Jesus is not the Son of God and the prophesied Messiah is a possible one!"

There is nothing heretical or scandalous in stating that it is "possible" that etc. Of course it's possible. I.e., it is not a square circle--it is not a logical contradiction. That's why we have Apologetics. That's why we have the New Testament, miracles (biblical and modern), etc.

Jesus worked miracles to to prove He WAS the Messiah--precisely because it WAS possible that He was not the Messiah.

There is nothing productive about hysterically "finding" heresy where there is none. There is plenty of real heresy already.

Peter Lamb said...

No, dear father, it is NOT possible! Jesus IS the Son of the Living God; the Second person of the Blessed Trinity, Who is God. It is Not possible that Jesus is not God. To admit of the possibility is heresy most foul!!! Neither jewish, nor any other opinions affect reality. Jesus is God - no matter who thinks otherwise about it. And, as I quoted above:

1 John 2:22: “… he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist…”

Michael Dowd said...

Peter Lamb et al. Check this our from Hilary White. She says Benedict was in on the Bergoglio scheme from the beginning and the problem is Vatican II itself. Maybe the sedevacantists were right all along. It sure seems that way. Vatican II was a planned overthrow of Catholicism from day one. And this is my opinion also and has been for some time.
Vatican II was a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety.

chris griffin said...

You guys don't get it. Today is the Italian April Fools Day. Review and recommend books that you haven't read! That's good enough for SNL.

Funny if it wasn't so tragic. I don't know why anybody ever liked either of these Popes. Benedict was always a coward and Francis is a Protestant.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Father, I must congratulate you on your mastery of the modernist debating technique.

While Our Lord walked the Earth, HE WAS GOD. The possibility that He is not God has never existed since eternity. As you say, He preached and worked miracles to prove it to his disciples and hearers. People were hearing the Good News for the first time and obviously all initially considered the possibility that he was a fraud and not the Messiah. Those that were converted accepted Him as such and those who weren't deny Him to this day. The possibility that Jesus was not the Messiah might reasonably exist, among these first-hearers, THEN - 2000 years ago.

However, ratzinger's prefaced book,(2002), presents the vile possibility NOW, when, for a Catholic, that possibility not only does not exist, but it's utterance is blasphemy.

Very cool and modernist - suggesting a reasonable possibility pertaining THEN might be applied in debate about NOW, in the light of 2000 years of Catholicism. Very devious and probably effective against the unwary. :)

PS. I'm not the hysterical type. I'm just a Catholic.

Peter Lamb said...

"So, according to this Vatican book, Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish position that Jesus is not the Son of God and the prophesied Messiah is a possible one!"

"There is nothing heretical or scandalous in stating that it is "possible" that [Jesus is not the Son of God and the prophesied Messiah] Of course it's possible."

This is such heresy, I can't stop shaking. The man who wrote this MUST be a novusordite posing as a Catholic Priest. No Catholic Priest would write such filthy, heretical tripe.

Fr. VF said...

I made clear what I meant by "possible." I said I meant that it was and is not a LOGICAL CONTRADICTION to say that Jesus was not the Messiah. And I believe that's what the "heretical" book you quoted was saying.

I.e., because it is NOT a logical contradiction, the position of the Jews needs to be understood and examined.

You inserted the word "reasonable" before "possibility." No. I never said it was a "reasonable possibility." You know why? Because the fact of miracles and other evidence makes it unreasonable to deny the divinity of Jesus.

You answered my comment with INCREASED hysteria. And by inserting a word I never used.

Only a hysteric could say that it is heretical to say the position of the Jews needs to be understood and analyzed because it is not a logical contradiction. I.e., it is not a "square circle."

Anonymous said...

What can one say? Just another sad note for Heaven and history to record.
Very disappointing, but in the end, not to much of a surprise.

Don said.

Fr. VF said...

Peter Lamb:

Contact any professional philosopher on the face of the earth (who is not residing in a mental hospital) with this question, and see if you can find ONE who will AFFIRM the following proposition:

"It is a logical contradiction to say that Jesus of Nazareth was and is not the Messiah."

Fr. VF said...

"This is such heresy, I can't stop shaking."

That's interesting. You are "shaking." But you are not "hysterical."

Make up your mind.

Diane said...


I am with Peter Lamb and you are highly suspect.


I agree with the posters who think that statement does NOT sound like Pope Benedict XVI. I think BerGOGlio and the St. Gallen Mafia wrote that weird sounding statement and falsely attributed it to Pope Benedict.

Peter Lamb said...

As I said - a modernist twisting and turning; playing with words. Jesus is the Messiah, but it's philosophically possible that He isn't!

So let's embrace our brothers, ( talmudic, moslem, or buddhist,) and march into a bright new future, under a positive new point-of-view, which should allow us to believe in the universal offer of the grace of salvation, jubilating in a New World Order church.
Well, this hysterical geriatric seems to be finally getting it!
OR, should we be hysterically geriatric and stick to the Faith of our Fathers?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

I understood it was the preface, not the book, that Ratzinger wrote. I understood more than this. It is not possible to be Catholic, and to doubt that Jesus is the Messiah. One who doubts this, can not make a profession a faith, and is not a Catholic.

The very cautious and manipulative statements we have been hearing from popes and theologians about salvation, especially in relation to Jews who after 2000 years reject Jesus as Messiah, and the friendships they keep, is what makes me angry.

I would wish a conversion on all those who call my father a liar, but would not be their friend.

Jesus did more than miracles, He was crucified, died and was resurrected.

He never told us to hold on to those who deny Him, but taught us to let them go, if that was their choice. If we believe Him, it hurts us to see good (or bad) people deny Him. It bothers us, we are uneasy and concerned.

We should also be at least a little offended on account of them calling Him a liar. No?

When seeking friends, one usually (or perhaps always) wants to agree with them on some basic propositions about life and its purpose. Otherwise the friendship won't work. If it does, we probably have more in common than we admit. - A certain lukewarmness about Jesus.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Of course, I know that all the first Christians were Jews, as Jesus was.

I am not expressing hostility toward Jews, obviously. Many have accepted Jesus, and together with gentiles who heard about Him and believed, we are Israel.

We no longer meet in synagogues, for they have outlived their purpose. We don't desire to rebuild the Temple to offer animal sacrifices to Yahweh. God would despise them.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church is trying to be all things to all people ,and they are compromising the Faith to do it. The Mass has been totally massacred to make it acceptable to those who do not believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament ,some Masses are a mockery of God.

Anonymous said...

To Fr. VF..."Let your yes be yes, and your no be no"

I hope that one those 11 books provides the theological and philosophical basis for the Tango Mass


Anonymous said...

"You're hysterical, you're mentally ill." - favorite quotes of
The Accuser, The Deceiver.

Philippa said...

So, the AP has just released a story about how the Vatican doctored the photograph of Pope Benedict's letter by blurring the lines below the quote where he states he hasn't actually read Pope Francis's books!

Irenaeus said...

Let us cherish our good priests - and not slam them for being 'novusordoite priests masquerading as Catholic priests'. Many of them have experienced great stress on maintaining the faith in this climate. We have very few good priests now, let's maintain what we have. For that, I think we should thank Fr. VF.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Catholic Mission, It's much simpler than you think: An heretic cannot be Pope formaliter.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Irenaeu, Do you know that Fr. VF is in fact a priest? Do you know his name, who he is, or anything about him - yet you dub him a good priest? The Vatican is full of good priests, is it not? Do good priests usually support a phliosophical possibility that Our Lord is not the Messiah? Does the title "Father" automatically create a good priest? I don't know whether Fr. VF is good, or bad, but I do know that what he has written is heretical. Check it out and see if you agree.

Praypraypray said...

Pathetically, it looks as if they are trotting out BXVI again to make everything look fine. If Catholics read that he agrees with PF/Bergoglio, well, then, they may not question the reforms /changes that Bergoglio is making and wants to make. However, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time and lots of astute Catholics smell something very fishy. This is NOT the speaking or writing or thinking style of Benedict XVI! He does not like to use the 1st person writing style. He does not gush over people and things, as say some South Americans or Italians might. The people behind the curtain are very sloppy and not so very smart. They’re sending up a lot of smoke, not unlike their sulfuric leaders from the underworld, yet, we can see right through the smoke screen. Come out from behind the curtain, wizards.
May God expose the evil doers.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Lionel, The Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church?

The Diamond brothers are Feenyites.

Fr. VF said...

Anyone who says that it is a logical necessity that Jesus is the Messiah either:

does not know the meaning of the phrase "logical necessity, or--

is a lunatic.