Friday, 2 March 2018

The Bergoglian-Parolin blindness (or is it?) to the reality of the Church in China

From UCA News

Church in China has religious features forcibly demolished

State orders Yining Catholic Church in Xinjiang region to have its crosses, statues and bell towers pulled down

Church in China has religious features forcibly demolished
Under orders from communist authorities, workers in a crane get to work on removing religious features from Yining Catholic Church in Urumqi Diocese. (Photo supplied) reporter, Hong Kong

March 1, 2018

A church in northwest China's Xinjiang region had its crosses, statues, bell towers and other religious features demolished by order of communist authorities.
Using a crane, state-instructed workers removed the exterior religious features from the Catholic church of Yining city in Urumqi Diocese on Feb. 27.
A source told that no reason was given for the action but it  is believed to have been carried out because the religious features were "incompatible with sinicization."
Yining Catholic Church before it had its religious features demolished. (Photo supplied)

The source said three crosses and two bell towers on the top of Yining Catholic Church were demolished and that all religious symbols, two big statues and any reliefs were removed.
"It was originally said religious features inside the church should been demolished as well but it was suspended without any reasons given," the source said.
The church received a letter from the authorities the day before informing them the demolition would occur.
The source said he was puzzled by what has happened to the church because of it occurred just before the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the National People's Congress are both held in Beijing on March 3 and 5 respectively and while a Sino-Vatican agreement was supposedly being worked out.
A crane is used to dismantle another cross from Yining Catholic Church. (Photo supplied)

The source said that last November a cross on a church steeple in Manas city of Xinjiang was also demolished for sinicization purposes.
"So it appears that crosses should be demolished for sinicization," said the source. "Maybe one day, all the churches will be demolished since they are so modern and beautiful and are against the purpose of sinicization?" he asked.
In eastern Zhejiang province, more than 1,500 churches, both Catholic and Protestant, have been targeted for demolition or cross removals in recent years, sources have said in a campaign against churches not coming under state control. Chinese authorities are increasingly using property regulations to remove crosses and demolish churches.
The source said he thinks what occurred to Yining Catholic Churchit may be related to local political tensions in the region. The Chinese authorities have long repressed ethnic minorities, especially the Uyghurs,  and religions in Xinjiang, often under the guise of fighting "terrorism." In recent months, tens of thousands of Uyghurs have been forced into reeducation camps and prisons across the region.
Yining Catholic Church after it had its religious features removed. (Photo supplied)


Dan said...

They're not at all blind. I suspect the Chinese government is paying the right people.

Ana Milan said...

If this doesn't get an immediate response from the Vatican nothing will. The entire laity (inc. those who supported PF until now) should rise up & demand the so-called deal with China is scrapped. It should never have been entered into. They only represent themselves by signing it - no-one wants it, or the false ecumenism they have been promulgating for near sixty years. We must activate ourselves on behalf of our brethren in China. Slimy Marxists in Rome has been planning this for some time & if they get away with their plan it will inevitably spread to other regions in the world. PF is letting communist regimes carry out his dirty work for him. I am disgusted at the lack of resistance from our Hierarchy & Bishops - this will not end well for any of them & their names will go down in history as traitors to the Holy Trinity, deniers of the True Faith, insulters of the Blessed Virgin & forsakers of His flock all for the sake of their own greed for power & sodomitic lust.

JBQ said...

This action in China is part of an overall world socialist strategy.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Bergoglio will love it: It is just what I have always wanted! This building can be anything now, and can serve as temple to any god you can imagine, including the flying spaghetti monster. How can one respectfully dialogue with the FSM in an oppressive, exclusionary pre-VII Catholic environment?

This is why he made a deal with China. The Chinese government already owns most precious real estate on the North American continent, and has its Confucian Institutes in out schools and universities. Our children are already thoroughly indoctrinated with its ideology. As Mao's Red Guards, our children too are "agents of change". Bergoglio DID speak of children as our hope, our agents of change, and of communism, as the true spirit of Christianity.

Nothing will happen to stop or challenge this. This is an essential part of the plan.

Justina said...

The idea of Pope Francis and his henchmen not knowing what they are doing in China reminds me of Barack Obama's claim that he spent decades in the "church" of Jeremiah Wright, but never entirely grasped the essence of the message. If Bergoglio and Co. actually haven't any clue what they're up against, then they shouldn't be messing with the situation in the first place. In fact they should be in straight jackets, due to complete disconnection from objective reality.

Anonymous said...

This article might help us understand the danger - "Ukraine’s Experience With A Puppet Church Prefigures Francis’s Capitulation To Communist China".