Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Dictator Pope's minions have proven that he is a Dictator Pope

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For a few days now, it has been revealed that the author of The Dictator Pope is actually the historian, Henry Sire. Publishing under the name Marcantonio Colonna, the second edition is about to be released in hardcover.

Sire is a Knight of Malta.

Sire was suspended from the Knights of Malta.

The Dictator Pope, who disembowelled and took over the Knights of Malta and put in place his German stooges, has proven to one and all that he is indeed the Dictator Pope.


Justina said...

Except, of course, that he might not be the pope at all. (Dictator, yes.)

Barona said...

St Pope John Paul II stated the following in 1980:—freedom not to be subjected, on religious grounds, to forms of restriction and discrimination, vis-a-vis one's fellow citizens, in all aspects of life (in all matters concerning one's career, including study, employment or profession; one's participation in civic and social responsibilities, etc.).

Obviously, the Knights in their actions have gravely violated Henry Sire in a manner that is contrary to the thought of our now forgotten Pope. The historian could consider legal action against these men for the harm they have done against him. However, being a gentleman, I am sure he will rise above this occasion. Indeed, by their very actions they condemn themselves. It used to be the distinction held by Nazis and Soviets who would silence legitimate academics without debate. Are thesevso-called Knights taking up where the show trials of Stalin and Hitler left off? Henry Sire should consider it a badge of honour to be thrown out of this corrupt organization.

Ana Milan said...

Not only the Dictator Pope but most probably the Destroyer Pope un-canonically elected that St. Francis of Assisi warned this community about. Silence still abounds within the Hierarchy. Are we to take it they are in agreement with this deal being reached to betray the Chinese Catholics? He has already called the victims of the Chilean abuse scandal slanderers - we still haven't heard the outcome of +Scicluna's visit there. There is no known reason to us why the entire Hierarchy is allowing this to happen - has it got to do with the Third Secret of Fatima? As they undoubtedly put great pressure on PBXVI to retire why can't they apply the same tactics to getting PF to resign? He has given them & the global CC must more reason for so doing & at the same time get rid of the innovation that there can be more than one reigning pope. The lettergate scandal demonstrates how low this papacy has brought the OHC&A Church in its bid for support of its tyrannical regime & failed miserably by inserting two volumes penned by a theologian who "during my pontificate had distinguished himself by leading anti-papal initiatives", & "who virulently opposed the magisterium of St.PJPII in regard to Varitatis Splendor."

This Hierarchy is on the edge of a cliff & if they don't assert themselves right away they & the papacy itself will be history. We cannot support Communist & Islamic oppression of our people. The continent that gave such wonderful Catholic culture, art & literature to the world & missionaries to the emerging nations has now been laid open to Islamic terrorists welcomed by the present incumbent of the Papal Office in league with George Soros & his totalitarian band of Masonic Marxist followers who hate the Bride of Christ & want it annihilated.

M. Prodigal said...

The Knights are no longer what they were. The spiritual aspect has been gutted and they now participate in things long forbidden by the Church, when the Church was the Church that is.

Anonymous said...

Boy i'd keep away from the merciful one if i was him!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Barona asks:
"Are the so-called Knights taking up where the show trials of Stalin and Hitler left off?"

Let's see. They serve Bergoglio, and Bergoglio likes to call children "agents of change", which is like Mao's Red Guards, but worse (because we should learn from past mistakes). And, of course, the new and improved theology of Bergoglio is styled after baby-killing, abortion-enforcing, Church-persecuting, God-hating Chinese communist regime - allegedly the most faithful expression of Christianity today. To add a cherry on the top, the man of the people Bergoglio likes to hang out and learn about equity from all sorts of spoiled, super wealthy, tax-avoiding celebrities and anti-humanity, pro-Gaia experts.

He also loves circus clowns and acrobats.

Dan said...

At one time this pope would be showing his mercy one auto-da-fe at a time.

Michael Dowd said...

Ana Milan has it right, i.e, Destroyer Pope.

Anil Wang said...

Personally I'm happy the masks are finally coming off. The more heavy handed this pope and his minions are, the more likely we will see a purge or a schism at the next conclave.

Under the cover of Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, man bishops and priests thought that these modernists "didn't seem that bad" and "the biological solution was going to get rid of them, so don't rock the boat". So time and time again, they got promoted to bishop and even Cardinals by Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. This careless attitude was precisely what lead to the election of Pope Francis.

Under Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, opposition to modernism by moderate (keep your head down and try to be liked), conservative (small t-traditions), and Traditional Catholics was scattered with different groups picking and choosing different aspects of modernism (yes, even the SSPX embraces a form of modernism by embracing it's quasi-schism as a badge of honor) and disavowing each other when we make different choices. Under Pope Francis, we're united since if we don't hang together, we hang apart.

So I invite Pope Francis and his minions to do their worst. It will only make the backlash even stronger at the next conclave, and if that's rigged, then there will be an even stronger backlash,

Unknown said...

He assumed the power to be a dictator way back in 1054.

Amos said...

Lot's of people here calling JPII a "saint." Yet, he helped get us to this point, aided by his scandals against the faith. How soon we forget because Francis is in our face. May Our Lady blot out the memory of pseudo-saint John Paul II and the whole revolution since the Second Vatican Council.

Anil Wang said...

Amos, saints aren't perfect and they don't always make perfect judgements. IMO, Pope John Paul II's greatest flaw was also his greatest strength, namely that he was focused on evangelizing the world, which unfortunately left the curia in the hands of many unsupervised modernists like Bugnini and Maciel.

Regardless on how you feel about his status as a saint, I can say that the majority of his pro-life and pro-reason encyclicals are pure gold and must not be allowed to be forgotten. Much of today's Catholic Bioethics is based on those encyclicals.

Also, the new Catechism has it's flaws, but without it, we'd be defenceless against Pope Francis's cabal since at the time of the release of the New Catechism, modernists successfully convinced many Catholics that different bishop's conferences could define their own catechisms (e.g. Dutch Catechism) which contradicted the deposit of faith. For better or worse, the New Catechism became the standard by which other catechisms are measured.

Personally, I wish we had a new Catechism back in the 1960s instead of Vatican II since Catechisms can be corrected, councils (even supposedly non-doctrinal councils like Vatican II) carry some weight, and it's a lot harder to have "the spirit of the Catechism" than "the spirit of Vatican II" since catechisms are expository and councils have been historically active.

Johnno said...

Should've included free condoms with every book.

Then the Knights of Malta would've happily distributed copies themselves.

Considering what they've become, I'm sure Henry Sire feels no great loss.

On the plus side I'll be looking forward to picking up this as well as his phoenix from the ashes book in the near future.

Kathleen1031 said...

I don't call silence being a gentleman anymore, I call it being a coward. Our Church and the world are having to endure unimaginable suffering now exactly because of men who chose to remain silent rather than speak out against the takeover of our Catholic Church and faith. Whatever force rules the secular world, the exact force is now ruling the church. It must be Satanic, because only the darkest of forces could bring about the devastation and moral ruin we are seeing in both spheres. Money can pretty much buy anything, as it turns out. It can purchase Christendom, and gain the cooperation of world leaders who enable the influx of Islam to replace, REPLACE, the formerly Christian citizenry. And whatever escapes Islam for the moment is being brought low by the LGBT Nazis. These politicians have made it possible to keep any complaints by the rabble limited, by using PC obsession and legal threats. How dare anyone complain their people are being raped or killed? Shut up you dogs! Show some understanding for your new masters!
The Satanic force gained the full cooperation of the puppet regime pope and his minions, to conveniently forget Islam's history of persecution of Christians and Jews, to enable Islam to be brought right through the gates that Martel and Sobienski slammed shut so long ago. The men that died, the noble cause they gave their lives to protect, for what, the saints that died rather than betray the faith, they have all been abandoned, their sacrifice lost on a gutless generation and a rogue pope and his evil men. "Pope" Bergolio hates the West, the successful West, he wants to level it to the condition of Venezuela, and then he'll be satisfied. When the West all looks like Venezuela, he'll have achieved his goal, because all of this hatred toward the West is nothing but envy, and the Socialist and Communist sees success and can only wonder, rather than how can we imitate that, how can we bring them down. These powers that be hate Christianity, they have always hated it and now, they are making great inroads replacing it with Islam. And with the gentle tolerance of the people! It couldn't have been easier.
When the Communist Chinese regime is called the "best social representative of Christianity", folks, it's over.

Sam Sham said...

By the way, regarding the post above about "Pope St. John Paul II...if Bergoglio isn't the pope, and it increasingly appears to be the case thanks to the St. Gallen Mafia "illegal" campaign to get him elected and ongoing reports Benedict was threatened or intimidated, then JPII isn't a saint. Neither is John XXIII. Neither will Paul VI be a saint. Doesn't that sound a whole lot more realistic than that those folks with waived waiting times for consideration for sainthood and waived and/or questionable "miracles" are really saints? Nice PR attempt in canonizing Vatican II this way though. PR about as effective as the Benedict "Lettergate."

Kathleen1031 said...

It occurs to me I may have been harsh on Mr. Sire, who at least has authored a fantastic book that has surely opened up many an eye. It was not my intention to state Mr. Sire was a coward if he did not complain (loudly) about his treatment by the powers that be in the Order of Malta.
I'm just so worn out by cowardice in general.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your witness Vox. It reminds me of why we need Pope Francis.

Amos said...

ANIL WANG wrote:

“Amos, saints aren't perfect and they don't always make perfect judgements.”

Saint do not do public acts against the Catholic faith, and then offer no public correction for said action.

E.G. Assisi.

In fact, he later defended this blasphemous event. JPII accommodated pagans in breaking the first commandment by worshiping their gods, which Scripture calls demons, on sacred Church ground. JPII became an accessory to breaking the first commandment an sacrilege.

I guess his memory as a “saint” should be blotted out. You can keep the good stuff, let’s just not promote his cult and pretend he was holy.

Amos said...

Correction on my last post (it's what I get for typing fast with cold fingers):

"In fact, he later defended this blasphemous event. JPII accommodated pagans in breaking the first commandment by worshiping their gods, which Scripture calls demons, on sacred Church ground."

This should read:

In fact, he later defended this blasphemous event. JPII accommodated pagans in breaking the first commandment; these pagans worshiped their gods, which Scripture calls demons, on sacred Church ground.

Michael Ortiz said...

A lot of Assisi crap was I think not directly done by JP2. Or, if it was, should we not have evidence before condemning him? These large papal events aren’t only one guy doing something.

Anonymous said...

JPII's sainthood is scandalous to those of us who have had our lives gutted by divorce, annulments, adultery and civil court destruction because of Canon Law and Catholic pastoral practices, which are destroying marriages.

If anything, he should be in Purgatory praying for our children and the damage he knew very well was going on but which he ignored.

It is not my place to judge his soul. But the facts are the facts.

The hierarchy is in the business, knowingly, as are the vast majority of Canon Lawyers, of intentionally destroying marriages and intentionally pushing children into situations that destroy their faith.


Or, may God allow the Catholic Church to be eliminated, completely.

Although, I think Jorge the THUG is doing a MAGNIFICENT job of THAT, ALREADY! Well done you monster!!!!


Anonymous said...

Assisi was horrendous ,if it had been a prayer gathering of Christians of all denominations ,it would have been acceptable ,a Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was barred from been brought inside ,a Dominican who objected was arrested. Our Lady was banned but voodoo was welcome .It was a dark sinister satanic gathering.

Anonymous said...

In Acts 5:38-39 Gamaliel said "For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

V2 is failing, the failure is a sign that it is not from God. AND slowly but surely the Tridentine Mass is growing and with it will come a True Restoration of the Catholic faith.

Pity the V2 generation that so carelessly discarded their precious spiritual inheritance and replaced it with a shabby and profane imitation. These aging heretics can barely replace their clerical ranks and their power structure in the Vatican will dwindle.

Pray for their conversion and act in any way you can to counteract the effects of their heresies upon society with a divine charity that cares for your neighbor's soul.

The gates of hell will not prevail, and it is always darkest before the dawn.


Amos said...

Michael Ortiz wrote:

"A lot of Assisi crap was I think not directly done by JP2. Or, if it was, should we not have evidence before condemning him? These large papal events aren’t only one guy doing something."

I can dig it up, but later that year JPII defended the Assisi event against critics in an address he gave. This was a great opportunity to clear up confusion/apologize for what happened (just like when he apologized for the crusades or other things).

But, nope. He did no such thing and promoted the event; no corrections, only defense. It says a lot about him.

Michael Ortiz said...

Sadly, it seems so. I am pretty sure Ratzinger at one point said Assisi did not conform to what JP 2 wanted. I believe John Paul is in heaven but I also believe he suffered in purgatory for a while due to his poor governance of the Church. Just a private belief.

john said...

JPII is as much a "saint" as I am. He had bare breasted, pagan women on the altar at one of his papal disaster Masses. He was the centerpiece of Assisi, Kisser of the Qur'an. Not even going to mention his disturbed "Theology of The Body." Additionally, perversion, pedophilia, and corruption flourished during his Papacy. A saint wouldn't be enthralled with scum such as Marcial Maciel.

john said...

Yeah, than libtard Ratzinger goes through with the Assisi II debacle. He was one of the Fathers of VII, he is arguably worse. They crown those guys "saints" while we are supposed to believe their bullsh*t "excomunication" of the actual Catholic, Archbishop Lefebvre.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Amos, john and Kathleen1031, you are exactly right about John Paul II.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It's long since time for people to start re-evaluating JPII's papacy, sainthood or no sainthood. When we refuse to evaluate papal policies honestly merely because those Popes were canonized, we fall into idolatry.

Nothing matters more than Christ. Nothing. Not even the Catholic ecclesial establishment.