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The gnostic errors in the Bergoglian CDF's "Placuit Deo"

From our good colleague, S.Armaticus at Deus Ex Machina below is the imported Twitter feed from Veri Catholici's assessment of the letter from the CDF.

Below is the reproduction of the Veri Catholici Twitter string on the subject and the full commentary on the Placuit Deo Letter of the CDF:

The CDF letter, “Placuit Deo” contains several grave errors and heresies: In this Thread, these will be explained. The document is at:

The first grave error, which is implicitly heretical, is the phrase “Christian Salvation”, which implies there is salvation apart from Christ and makes the only Salvation, which is Christ, merely a species of salvation in general.

Second, the English translation follows the usage of godless Atheists in denying the honorific capitalization to the Divine Nature, the Mediator etc., which Catholics are accustomed to

Third, the letter falls into the error of Gnosticism/Heraclitus’ metaphysics when it says, “The teaching on salvation in Christ must always be deepened.” As if there is something insufficient or ineffective in the plain preaching of the Gospel contained in Scripture and Tradition

Fourth, the Letter falls into gender confusion when it says, “Holding fast to the gaze of the Lord Jesus, the Church turns toward all persons with a maternal love” Because the Church is feminine and Christ is masculine and that colours their vision.

 Fifth, the Letter establishes a new deposit of the faith (“the greater tradition of the faith and with particular reference to the teachings of Pope Francis”) which is both objectively and ontologically different from that of Scripture and Sacred Tradition

These 5 points show that the Letter is formally Gnostic while claiming to denounce “Gnosticism”. This is a very deceptive and dangerous document. We warn all the Faithful to reject it!

 Sixth, the Letter advances the errors of Personalism, which infect the Pontifical Institutes at Rome, and which redefines salvation as the salvation of the human person, rather than of the soul, and the body only in virtue of the Resurrection in the world to come.

Seventh, the Letter in II, 2, presents an ontological soteriology divorced from all moral causes and effects as if sin and repentance from it are not essential or key themes in true soteriology. This is pure Gnosticism of the classical kind.

Eight, despite its attempts to avoid neo-Pelagianism, the letter in II, 4, falls into classical Pelagianism when it writes, “so that we are able to unite ourselves to the Father as sons in the

Ninth, the Letter reiterates a key error of Personalism when it writes in III, 5 “Man perceives himself, directly or indirectly, as a mystery”, this confounds the Mysteries of revelation and true religion, with existentialist conceptions of individuality and existence.

Tenth, the Letter falls into the errors of Americanism by claiming that all men seek happiness and are in pursuit of it. Catholic teaching is that all men, wounded by original sin, no longer seek blessedness but idolatrous images of it, unless they are saved by the grace of Christ.

 Eleventh, the Letter incompetently attempts to expound a Christian anthropology without confessing that there is a Creator of man, that man’s principal part is his soul, and that salvation consists both in an ontological and a moral conversion!

Twelfth, the Letter in III, 7 falls into the implicitly heretical position of saying that evil comes from man’s heart when the Catholic Faith holds from the beginning that evil is from the pride of Lucifer who seduced Angels and who can have power over material things.

Thirteenth, in III, n. 8 the Letter has a non-sequitur, “Therefore, Divine salvation takes on the creaturely order shared by all humanity and accompanies their concrete journey in history.” whereby it introduces a soteriology for irrational things to support Ecologic marxism.

Fourteenth, in III n. 8, it repeats the sloppy notion of B16 that Being a Christian is an encounter, when in fact Trent teaches that it begins with justification and sanctification which is the result of Divine Action, not merely an encounter.

Fifteenth, in IV, n.9 we find 1 Catholic paragraph, which contains a correct explanation, but is ideologically isolated from the rest of the Letter, whose errors it does not sufficiently refute.

Sixteenth, in V, n. 12, the Letter fails to correctly identify the Catholic Church and scrupulously omits the word “Catholic” and thus gives support to the error that there is good hope for salvation outside the Catholic Church.

Seventeenth, in V. 12, the Letter reiterates Bergoglian pantheism when it states: “In her, we touch the flesh of Jesus, especially in our poorest and most suffering brothers and sisters.” Confounding sarx with somata to promote the elevation of eros to the level of caritas.

Eighteenth, in V. 14, the Letter falls into the error of asserting human relationships as necessary for salvation, even though many a Saintly hermit spoke and communed with no one for decades and the rest of their lives!

Nineteenth, in VI, 15, the Letter repeats the nonsensical and absurd doctrine of Salvation by Dialogue, and omits direct reference to preaching the Gospel necessity of accepting Christ or being damned, as Christ Himself said, not dialogued: Repent and Believe!

Finally, if a student in a theology course at a Pontifical University had written this document, VC would give them a 3 out of 10 for its poor attempt to reiterate Catholic Doctrine on the key errors of our day.

Please share this critique because so many “scholars” have been fooled by this document, very cleverly written to introduce heresy into the mind of unsuspecting and un-alert Catholics.

17 comments: said...

Thanks for putting this up, Vox. Just sent the following to VC and thought I might drop it here as well.

Hello Veri Catholici:

I read your Tweets on Placuit Deo at Vox Cantoris.

Thank you for writing this, and exactly in this format, comprised of bullet points of the Gnostic heresies counterposed by sound doctrine.

Having had my thinking negatively influenced by reading too much of the Neo-Platonic Hermetic writings of John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and the USCCB, I can no longer read such texts at all, and for the same reason have avoided all Bergoglian publications.

Your work is valuable to Catholics like me because it enables us to read the texts of these authors without internalizing their subtly spun heresies, and to inoculate the mind against their effects.

I would surmise that exactly this type of writing, whether on social media or a longer format, will be of great benefit to the Faithful attempting to retain in mind the light of Sanctifying Grace, as the darkness of the seeming eclipse of the Holy Faith deepens.

Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

So only nineteen anomalies? What about the other hundred or so???

Anonymous said...

But nevertheless BQ be sure to not cut your ties w/Francis, Benedict, JP2 or the USCCB and be sure you don't tell others to cut their ties w/such false teachers. If you do that, you might not be saved even though you also might be damned by having your mind poisoned or because your example and preaching to remain subject to false teaching led others' to their damnation. What heresy would that be that you all are following where what your doing to be 'saved' could also be the cause of your own and others' damnation?

Maybe Vox or S.Armaticus at Deus Ex Machina could do some tweets on why you would be in Francis' Church any more than you would be in Luther's or Billy Graham's.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Salvation by dialogue, and becoming a Christian by encounter?!
It has been a while, since I could use the words dialogue and encounter. They appear in the mind accompanied by a bad smell in the nostrils.

As long as I shall live, I will never dialogue, only talk, and never encounter, only meet. These people's "narratives" and "paradigm shifts" act as a powerful repellent.

Anonymous said...

A bad dream that goes on and on...


Michael Dowd said...

The point of ‘Placuit Deo’ is not meant to please God but get Pope Francis off the hook and justify the use of his insulting references to orthodox Catholics as neo-Pelagianists and neo-Gnostics.

Orthodox Catholic it seems are rigid in their misguided and outdated belief that adultery is still a sin. Orthodox Catholics fail to realize that truth and Catholic doctrine evolves and is not fixed. Shame on them for holding on to their pre-Vatican II faith.

All of this says pay attention to Pope Francis and forget about Christ.

Justina said...

And still we have to hear from the oh-so-careful critics of the Pope that, while he may on occasion express himself infelicitously, he has nowhere actually lapsed into heresy. What would he have to say or do, in order for them to admit this possibility? I shudder to think.

George Brenner said...

The failure to teach that There is No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church has been the greatest disappointment of VCII. This is of great damage to our faith. This has gone on for over 50 years now!


George Brenner

Michael Ortiz said...

All men do seek happiness. St Augustine says this many times. Not all men seek God, but most instead settle for idols. This criticism on this point is worthless.

Michael Ortiz said...

Point 12: Our Lord says evil comes from the heart.

Who the hell is this idiot? One can’t say everything in one sentence. Or is Our Lord wrong?

Catholic Mission said...

MARCH 3, 2018
Traditionalist Veri Catholici interprets Vatican Council II with the for and against EENS method : so does Cardinal Luiz Ladaria

Catholic Mission said...

MARCH 3, 2018
Hilary White like Cardinal Ladaria interprets Vatican Council II with the for and against EENS method instead of the for and neutral to EENS method.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ George Brenner

What you said - the failure to teach No Salvation Outside Of The Church (not the easiest thing to accept, I would know) being a big problem - has been on my mind increasingly as the problem.

If many roads lead to Heaven, the Church becomes irrelevant, and it proves herself a criminal, deceptive entity, which has been fooling gullible sheeple for ages.

We are no longer sheep, we are gullible fools.

If it is OK for Jews to still deny Jesus Christ after all this time, and our popes celebrate their religious events, without attempting to bring them to Christ, as though the Savior had never come, the whole Church in its long history becomes a farce.

It is irrational to pretend that this situation is normal. I could never believe that Jesus Christ is pleased with us ignoring Him and His Sacrifice, as though dialoguing with hardened fools were much more important than He is.

What causes this foolishness, this blindness, this ingratitude, unfaithfulness and blasphemy? NOT the Holy Spirit. Should it be the Holy Spirit, as Bergolio (or Wojtyla) would have it, the Church should rightfully be seen as a criminal and a laughing stock.

Michael Dowd said...

George Brenner said...
"The failure to teach that There is No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church has been the greatest disappointment of VCII. This is of great damage to our faith. This has gone on for over 50 years now!"

Completely agree George. If there is salvation outside the Church, why not find the morally easiest Church or just not bother with a church at all. Vatican II has been a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety. Vatican II is the Chruch's bankruptcy sign.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I should have added:
If Jesus is not the only way, truth and life, then, of course, it would mean that He was mistaken or lied.

If planning to rebuild the temple and training high priests to renew animal sacrifices ASAP is not blasphemous, than what is?

I am not saying that anyone should not strive to live peacefully among blasphemers. I AM saying that followers of Jesus Christ should not get out of their way to befriend and please blasphemers - even to the point of denying Christ. Let me tuck this cross in, so that you would not be offended.

Is it REALLY, what Jesus told us to do? - To treat Him like a fool or a liar? To dent Him?

George Brenner said...

Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation! This was on the lips ex Cathedra of three Pope's and countless Saints throughout the ages from day one of our Catholic faith. How disappointed Jesus must be in His Church for the failure to teach this with certainty and resolve like we did before Vatican II. Bob, Bod and Invincincable Ignorance occur before God Himself as Catholics. Everyone in Heaven is a Catholic. As Catholics it is our moral responsibility to teach to ALL people that there is no Salvation Outside the Catholic Church for everyone in Heaven is Catholic! We cannot judge anyone for eternal reward is completely up to God but it is critical for that every Catholic teach and believe that there is no Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church. This is the formula decreed by our Church for 2000 years. Without this certaintity as Catholics all is lost!

George Brenner said...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said:

" It is irrational to pretend that this situation is normal. I could never believe that Jesus Christ is pleased with us ignoring Him and His Sacrifice, as though dialoguing with hardened fools were much more important than He is."

It becomes more and more rationale as the years go by that we the Catholic people of the Catholic Church must take our Church back. There are many that fight but not enough. If there is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church we Must fight for this truth of our Catholic Faith which has been preached by Popes, Es Cathedra pronouncements and many of the Saints for century upon century. Before God we can never be discouraged by the absolute truth which has been professed for countless centuries. Never be complacent for you are correct.


George Brenner