Wednesday, 28 March 2018

French "priest' claims Bergoglio approved the blessing of sodomite "couples"

While it is a desire to quiet down for Holy Week and ease up on the blogging, it is particularly hard to do with hirelings in place of shepherds and a Church overrun by sodomites, malefactors and malfeasant and faithless men. I think that it remains upon us to not run from it and not hide from it so that we can share with Our Most Blessed Lord Jesus, the sufferings he continues to endure.

Here we are on Spy Wednesday, the day when we recall the betrayal by Judas and what do we find?

A so-called priest, from France, Daniel Duigou, has announced in a television interview that the so-called Pope of Rome has encouraged him and approved of his blessing of a sodomites as a so-called, couple.

So-called, priest, pope and couples -- all of them, filthy Judases.

Is this priest a liar? Did Bergoglio really tell him this?

Is this Daniel Duigou a pervert and sodomite himself?

I highly doubt Bergoglio corrected this Son of Satan for his lack of clerical dress.

French Priest: Pope Francis approved my blessing of homosexual couples

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March 28, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A French priest has announced in a televised interview that Pope Francis approved of his blessing of homosexual couples. The news comes in the wake of silence from the Pope at the suggestion of one of his main advisor Cardinals that spiritual encouragement of homosexual couples should be undertaken and blessings for homosexual couples should not be ruled out.
Father Daniel Duigou, priest of the Church Saint-Merry in Paris, France, is a late vocation and a former journalist who holds progressive views. According to a recent interview he gave to the international news service Konbini News, he just published an Open Letter to Pope Francis (Lettre Ouverte d'un Curé au Pape François) in the form of a book in which he calls for a “reinvention” of the Church and for a removal of the “monopoly” of the role of the priests in the Church.
Most importantly, Father Duigou also claimed to have received Pope Francis' personal support for blessing homosexual and “remarried” couples.

In the interview, Duigou said that he had a 45-minute personal meeting with Pope Francis. The photo on the cover of his book released this month supports his claim of the private meeting. 


Brian said...

The faith destroying Modernist scythe of Bergoglio never rests. His desire to destroy, a true Animus Delendi, knows no bounds. He is a grim reaper. And the bishops remain silent.

Wolverine said...

Hope it's true!! I pray that evil will be made manifest. Please dear Lord let all be revealed so that even the blind may see.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Jorge is going to "come out".

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The desensitization to the evil of sodomy is just about complete. It has been progressing steadily. At this point most "Catholics" are probably unaware that sodomy is a sin. The natural reaction of repugnance has been replaced with an enlightened (by the light of Lucifer) "Love is love." This is no longer a "Who am I to judge" time. All these sodomites with their bridges and repulsive distortions of the Holy Gospel have delivered. We are now in a time of celebration and blessings. End goal - sodomy will be held up high as a superior expression of "love". Let us sit back and watch them perverts. (Well, as long as I am able, and as long as we are permitted, I will cal them out, the disgusting proud deviants.)

Dan said...

But, but, but.... the youths... they want the Church to go in this direction....

TLM said...

"But,but,but.....the youths.....they want the Church to go in this direction." No a good number of them really don't as was reported earlier. They are upset in fact, that their traditional Church initiatives never made it to the final document for the Youth Synod. But...these demons in the Vatican already had the document drawn up. It's now plain as day to a good number of our Catholic youth that they have been betrayed. Well, maybe this is a good thing, as more EYES ARE BEING OPENED. The eyes of our young faithful are being opened. It's all part of Our Lord's plan. I just hope and pray that as young as they are, they hang on to the truth and reject this Papacy.

Kathleen1031 said...

Let us begin now to treat such scandals differently.
Let us acknowledge that unless he denounces this in the next 24 hours or so, then he is in favor. He certainly responds quickly enough when someone defends the faith, ala Cardinal Sarah's experience.
Now friends, this is the direction it has been going in all along, so not for a second do I and probably you, believe he will do that. Things may only slow down once openly homosexual priests can be "married", and even then, they will have more to bless, minor partners, polygamy, etc.
Ah, the destruction of Christendom is tiring work.

Tempus Fugit said...

What exactly is evil about sodomy? Serious question, not trolling. Is it specifically because of some particular Biblical injunction(s), or is there some general underlying principle?

Is there an essay that explains this in terms that a generally-but-not-very-Biblically-literate person can understand?

Johnno said...

Prediction: Blessing of Sodomites ceremony will be the outcome of the 'youth synod.' Or rather the pre written conclusion waiting for the synod salad dressing.

They'll claim that these "aren't marriages", they will just have every outward appearance of one. And what have you rigid Catholics got against blessings anyway? Don't you bless your car? Your house? Your pets? Why, we're just blessing gay people, and you never know how somehow that magical sprinkling of holy water as they exchange vows before the tabernacle in front of the cheering tolerant community will somehow make the m straight again, or at least a demonstration of faithful monogamy for your children to show God's faithfulness and put money in the collection basket every Sunday as they kiss your little son passionately during the sign of peace.

That's what this French priest story is signalling. He is acting under orders as part of the conditioning and temperature checking campaign. This is being deliberately put out there to test the waters before Bergy dives in.

Johnno said...

Tempus Fugit -

Apart from the obvious damage homosexual acts commit upon the person which is precisely violent in nature, it is a warping of the nature of sex and its end as God intended it.

This is why even acts like masturbation, contraception or men and women engaging in sodomite acts is sinful. It depraves our minds making us slaves to sexual lust above responsibility, and it angers God, because the sex act naturally draws God nearer for the reason of creating life.

He is always present there, and anyone engaging in such beastly behavior mocks God and denies God His place within our sexuality which He authored and created for the purpose first and primary of bringing children into the world.

The act and the creation of man and woman and their complimentarity and their functions etc. also has deep significance we will not fully grasp, even as the relationship between the Church as the Bride of Christ to God, and Creation to Creator of which men and women's bodies and relationship is a shadow of, and if man fails to understand and respect this, then man fails to understand Heaven and God, and thus is conditioned on reflex to reject God and Heaven and choose Hell. It is a rejection of ends, eternity and all logic for temporary carnal destructive depraved pleasure. It is so insane, even the devils can't stand the sight of it.

It is heavy dangerous stuff we are toying with that can destroy nations and people and individuals in life and deprive us of Heaven in the afterlife forever.