A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 16 June 2016

The Cowardly Episcopacy

The best analysis on the subject in some time from LifeSiteNews, those nasty radicals, and Taliban Catholics run out of "somebody's basement in the Ottawa valley."

"These smooth, plump men did not sign on for combat, did not sign on for marches, for vigils, for interrogations in courtrooms or for jail terms. As priests they were instantly deferred to and respected by their own flocks. As bishops they get even more of that from their faithful, plus real palaces. But they now find themselves targets for attacks from society at large. They are tasked with feeding their sheep at the same time as defending Christianity’s politically incorrect teachings on homosexuality, abortion and transgenderism, and Catholicism’s particular teachings on a male-only priesthood, divorce and in vitro fertilization."

Thus; we have a logical explanation as to what is wrong with the majority of the bishops of the Church today.

They will never have the courage to act because they are poseurs, effeminates, cowards, narcissists and in some cases, sociopaths.

They do not know Our Lord Jesus Christ.  They do not love Him.

They stay because they are "too old to dig, too proud to beg."

They will be damned.

Don't you be!


Ana Milan said...

What is it about our society that cannot produce good, honest, clean & upright young men to follow Christ? In my youth the courts used to send young social deviants (robbers, molesters etc.) into the army to be reformed until they refused to take them any more saying it was not their responsibility, which was to build-up a fighting force of dedicated, resilient & fearless men to protect their country from alien invasion, to keep the peace at home & to fight outside aggression alongside their allies when necessary, as in wartime. It now looks as if all aspiring seminarians must first have to spend a couple of years in the army before enlisting as warriors for Christ which seems incongruous.

These deviants come from families but this gets little attention from the media. Homosexuality inherently starts there, as Joseph Sciambra states, & mainly involves a father who is unable to display sufficient masculinity within the home but the reason(s) for this has not been sufficiently researched although it has been happening for many decades - probably since WWI. Did this & subsequent wars kill off the testosterone in our male population so that now it might be necessary also to provide this hormone to most males free of charge?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Cathedral covered in the homosexual-pride rainbow - the world is definitely coming to an end - or perhaps God's Church is. Will it have to be re-consecrated?

Ignatius88 said...

Ana, the main social reason can be traced back to feminism and women's suffrage. The answer is a return to patriarchy.

Ignatius88 said...

Ana - the reason can be traced back to feminism, women's suffrage, and Modernism. The answer is a return to patriarchy.