Thursday, 30 June 2016

Jorge Bergoglio violates the Catechism on Capital Punishment

If I, as a Catholic, stood in public and delivered an address, or wrote here on this blog, something that is entirely inconsistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and two millennia of teaching, I would be called at best a dissenter, and at worst, a heretic. 

If I gave it as a private opinion, that is one thing, but if I were in a teaching position at a Catholic university or if I were a cleric in an exalted position, that would be something quite different.

What if I did this and I happened to be the Bishop of Rome, the Pope?

Capital Punishment is morally permissible. It is even justified in some cases. We do not need to get into a debate here about which case and when it should be used, it is simply fact. 

Killing is sometimes necessary. If someone attempts to kill me or my wife or the child next door, I am morally obligated as a man to stop it, even if it means I must kill that person.This is not against the Fifth Commandment which speaks of "willful murder."

Nation states are free to choose whether capital punishment is something for their lands. Most have abolished it, certainly in the West, except for the United States, Belarus and some Caribbean island nations. The rest include China, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and mostly in Islamic countries. Frankly, I regret that in certain cases, it is not an option in Canada. We can list recent heinous murderers and rapists such as Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson and Robert Pickton.

So just who is Pope Bergoglio lecturing here?

If we are to believe this Pope Bergoglio, then God Himself is a great violator of His own Commandments, for He ordered Israel on many occasions to kill its enemies.

I am well aware of what Pope John Paul II said about Capital Punishment, it is not the same.

This Bishop of Rome has also stated that "life in prison is like a death sentence." Presumably then, we should just let murders and rapists and sodomites who committed buggery on children should roam around after a few years under some lie of "mercy" only to do it again.

Jorge Bergoglio is free to hold any heterodox position he chooses to hold, It is his soul. 

He is not free to promulgate heresy throughout the world.


Ana Milan said...

Let's face it. PF & his cronies have hijacked the Papacy! They have succeeded in trashing the CC & its Traditional faithful. Sin is no more, confession not needed, marriage (who needs that?), we must now apologise to public sinners, priests must give them Holy Communion & accompany them, rather than get them to repent of their sins through confession beforehand. He doesn't show any reverence to the Blessed Sacrament nor does he genuflect at the moment of consecration. It has been continuously one heresy after another, endless interviews with the modernist media in an effort to appease their sensibilities into believing that the CC believes not in God but in Nothing. He & his supporters should be in parliament where the environment is a key issue, not in the CC where upholding the Ten Commandments & administering the sacraments is of primary importance. It is nigh impossible at this stage to consider any of the present Hierarchy as worthy recipients of the honour bestowed upon them & people will have great difficulty in trusting the next pope if he is selected from within their group. They collectively have brought shame on the CC faithful and ignominy on themselves.

Dan said...

Let's not forget the comment saying pastors shouldn't poke their noses into the moral lives of people.

Kind of makes the Church useless..

Anonymous said...

How about "Thou shalt not commit adultery?

Antony said...

The Bishop of Rome and the whole Church should be focused on the glorification of God and salvation of souls. It is so simple and yet so not done.

Anonymous said...

Glad somebody noticed that heresy. His position contradicts clear Scripture and the perennial teaching of the Church.

raphaelheals said...

Francis....Do the sixth and ninth commandments have 'absolute value'?

GMUA said...

Wolverine said...

Ann Milan said... well stated Ann and God bless!

My Blog said...
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Anonymous said...

Let us join His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke in a spiritual crusade to storm Heaven with prayers to dispel confusion.