Saturday, 18 June 2016

Canada's first euthanasia execution happening now!

At 3:00 P.M. today EDT, high noon in Vancouver - less than 30 minutes from this writing, Canada’s first execution under its new euthanasia law will take place there.

The people that witness it will be certain of one thing, while some of those in Orlando may have repented, while some executed in prison may have repented, this person will have chosen to defy God and one of the four sins which cry out to heaven for justice – final impenitence against the Holy Spirit – they will witness someone who without a doubt, will go to Hell. They will have rejected God and therefore, there can be no mercy.

What of the doctors and nurses who assist?

What of the judges on the Court?

What of the politicians who did not defy the courts through the notwithstanding clause and voted for this?

They know not what awaits them.


Eugene said...

Yes Vox and this weekend I will attend mass, where our local Catholic MP who voted in favour of this death law and against conscience protection, will either act as a reader or EMC. I have had several discussions with him and have left him a message to call me since he voted in favour of it, but no call yet. I have sppken to our Pastor who plans on talking to him, but if he is not denied either readership or EMC roles, I don't know what I will do.

Vox Cantoris said...

We addressed one on here last week and we are now having some private communication. Email me his name, I will write him,

TLM said...

Another fear (and even greater) that I have with this 'new and upcoming approval and execution' of this horribly evil law is the innocent people that will (by authority of relatives and/or the courts) be put to death either against their will or by being oblivious to happenings (dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc) other words the people that will have no voice in the matter. Don't even think for a moment that this horrible scenario isn't right around the corner! If they can murder people in the womb, they can murder people they believe to be a 'drain on productivity and society'. Lord Jesus come soon!!!!

Unknown said...

@ Eugene, if nothing changes in your parish with the Mp, leave your parish. It's not worth it. Find a more faithful Catholic parish. Have been in the same situation as you, it cost me and my family too much, spiritually & emotionally staying around and hoping for the best. We have moved on to another parish.

Unknown said...

@ Eugene. I forgot to mention. If you do decide to leave, be ready for your Pastor to speak to you and say "who are you to judge?" and that Jesus ate and socialized with sinners. Be ready to be told that we must especially be loving and merciful towards 'public' sinners, be ready to be told that it is the year of 'mercy' so we should be 'merciful' to people who obstinately choose to cause public scandal. Be ready to be told that you are just as unworthy. Just giving you a head's up.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

The silence in the majority of our churches on this deadly issue has permitted the legalization of killing in Canada. There are no excuses.

Peter Lamb said...

Vox your picture is stunning. It really says it all. Those poor, faithless souls.

Eugene said...

thank you Vox...I will reach out to you.
thank you Anna for your courageous witness for the faith, as I predicted the MP was there helping to administer communion yesterday, I offered up my hurt, anger and disappointment in atonement for my sins and for his conversion. I had spoken to our pastor before the weekend and he said he would reach out to him to discuss his decision. I pray he will have the strength to bar him from the duties he is performing.

Unknown said...

Dear Eugene, I really sympathize with you. I understand the hurt and anger you are feeling, probably betrayal on top of it. You should continue to pray for the MP's conversion, but do not torture yourself there, at a parish that is allowing this. I understand that it is difficult to leave, we were at our parish for many, many years, past 2 years things were just brewing and coming to a boiling point. Until we just had enough, could not sit around despite our protest, concern with the MP and pleading and begging the Pastor to do something. It really is not worth your pain. Part with the parish, you've made your concerns known, obviously to no avail (for now, but always remain hopeful) continue to pray for them and leave the rest in God's hands. There is nothing more you can do. God Bless.

Mark Thomas said...

Peter Lamb said..."Vox your picture is stunning. It really says it all. Those poor, faithless souls."

I agree. Vox, that is a stunning picture. I don't recall a post on any blog that featured a picture more dramatic than the one that you offered. Never have I read a post that was more fortified via a visual aid than your post in question. Vox, your post is amazing. Wow!


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...


Here's what the Remnant website says about the euthanasia bill in Canada:


Vox Cantoris said...

Siobhan, sorry, the "delete" button was too close on the BlackBerry but I've reposted it here. God bless you.

Siobhan has left a new comment on your post "Canada's first euthanasia execution happening now!...":

St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada, please pray for your people!