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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday, 17 June 2016

James Martin, Edward Beck, Blase Cupich, Robert McElroy, Robert Lynch and their ilk are the real "haters"

Following the deaths of 49 Americans at a club in Orlando, murders caused by a Mohammedan terrorist, James Martin, S.J., produced a video which he released on line. As with others, of his ilk, including Edward Beck, of the Passionist Order and known as "Father CNN", and the heresiarchs in Chicago, San Diego, and St. Petersburg, the real fault here is the hatred and intolerance of Catholics for persons with same-sex attraction.

Father Richard Heilman at Roman Catholic Man says calls out his brother priest:

This is where Fr. Martin’s skewed understanding of faith is so dangerous. You see, by justifying, rationalizing or even ignoring the sinful acts of homosexuality, we are, in essence, saying, “Come home and bring the prostitutes with you.” What are you saying, Fr. Martin? In opposition with very clear biblical and Church teachings that homosexual acts are gravely sinful, are you saying that is no longer true? Or, are you saying, “Come home and bring the prostitutes with you?” Maybe the whole idea of being separated from God when we engage in mortal sin is a “hateful concept” for you?

These men are liars and deceivers.

Mohammedans want to send "gay" persons to Hell. Catholics want them saved from it.

James Martin, Edward Beck and others of their ilk are liars. They wish to not only meet people where they are but keep them there. Instead of bringing them out of the mire, they only sink into it with them.

True respect and love for "Gay" men and women is found in pointing out the error of their ways and calling them to repentance in Jesus Christ and His Sacraments. Leaving them in their sin is to hate them.

These men will spend in eternity in Hell looking into the faces of those whom they deceived.

We must hope that some of those murdered by the Mohammedan, asked God for mercy before they died. We must pray that those who survived, may see it as a gift and repent of the lifestyle of sin that they have trapped themselves in.

These priests and bishops are amongst the worst enemies of people locked in their sins.


Unknown said...

And when one goes to a priest like these here mentioned, for advice, for counsel, for help to get out of such a lifestyle or any grave sin, what does a priest like this say to the poor sinner? How does he show God's mercy to them. "Who am I to judge?" is most likely the answer this poor sinner receives, and he/she goes on in error, believing and trusting this horrible advice, these lies. Until by the grace of God someone points their error out. What happens then? well thanks to the 'sound' advice and counsel they received from such a priest, this poor soul who is truthfully admonished by someone who cares for their soul, gets defensive, is angry, feels 'judged' because a man of the cloth, someone who they look up to to guide them, to tell them the truth said "who am I to judge?" God help us please ! Have Mercy on us and save us from these wolves in shepherds clothing !

TH2 said...

"These men are liars and deceivers"... and depraved sodomite perverts with an insatiable hankering for young boys. Let's be precise, here.

Also, Mr. Vox, I wouldn't characterize them as "men". If those images of Beck don't scream faggot, feminine, emasculated, narcissist - then, I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

Vox, I do not know you. I am but an occasional visitor to your website but I must say Thank You. Thank you for going to the trouble to have a platform to publicly condemn the evils coming from fraudulent clerics of every rank. The adoring media should be a good indicator for people of common sense ( and the sense of the Faith) to RUN LIKE HELL from any priest, bishop or pope who pukes out the evil nonsense with which we are bombarded daily. One would think that a lesson would have been learned by now from what happened after the first media liar appeared on the scene and Mankind fell from God's grace.

Again...Thank you from nobody special in Ohio.

F said...

The effeminate / sodomite modernist apostates hate those who live by God's commands since by comparison their own fall is made obvious to them. It is demonic hate of everything holy and orderly.

TLM said...

Thank God that Joseph Sciambra is proclaiming truth to all who care to listen!! I found his interview with Steve quite telling when he reminisced about the many Priests who told him he was 'OK' with his gayness but just to try and find a monogamous partner. Thank God also that he fought the inclination to avoid the Church because of these men and eventually found a faithful Priest to mentor him! As I understood it, he had to look for a while to find one. And now God is using him to help other poor lost souls! Yes indeed, there are now lay apostles that are working to save souls, and not a lot of our prelates. It just might be all too correct to state that the laity will save the Church.

Kathleen1031 said...

Vox, you are on fire lately! Thank you so much for this great commentary. It seems as if we are seeing many priests who are basically now apologists for homosexuality, rather than the Catholic faith. They don't care about where the souls of homosexuals go, because they don't believe in all that clap-trap themselves. These men have no supernatural faith at all. They did not have a vocation, they went into the priesthood for selfish reasons, and their time has come, when they can start working openly to justify the evil they have done for decades.

Anonymous said...

Anna.. Here's what these priests say. These are actual quotes from the confessional ...We have many priests like this in my diocese:

When you woke up this morning you knew you were a heterosexual...it's the same for a homosexual. This is who they are.

Or: Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality as being a sin. And: why are you so opposed to your child's struggle with SSA?? Do you want him to commit suicide?

And they wonder why I'm tempted to run back to the Protestant Church where I came from.

Anonymous said...

These New Church priests and bishops don't seem to realize they are eliminating their own vocations. If we don't have sacraments, we don't need priests.

Already the ordained men of our Faith have been reduced to administrative managers, social workers, amateur psychologists, political activists and fundraisers.

Priestly life has an increasingly less religious nature, with less spiritual devotion to others. Priests have gleefully embraced this modern approach. Their job-eliminating trend is led by the priests themselves, silly boys. But will their re-purposing and re-branding work out?

Let's see: Baptism- not necessary for salvation, just an initiation into the community and excuse to charge a hundred bucks.

Communion, or whatever it's now called, Big Banquet- no kneeling, nothing sacred, lay people do large parts of the mass, including homilizing and handing out the thing.

Confirmation- now a 2-year teen fest with 2nd rate lay leaders. Confession- What's that? (Anyway priests won't long offer confessions as they are increasingly threatened by the government as "accessories" to child abuse.)

Hmm, Last Rites- ever called for a priest for a dying relative? Nowhere to be found; must be discount day at the golf course, or bath house.

Marriage- well, it's whatever the young folks feel in their dear little hearts, why bother with that stuffy officiating?

With all this pastoral openness and doctrinal evolution, sooner or later people will ask, "why do we even need priests anymore?" The priest has become a charming, affable civic leader and motivational speaker. Nice fellows, but simply piquant reminders of a bygone holiness.

The generous seminary-to-grave gravy train for these guys will not remain justifiable when they no longer teach or sanctify. They are now firmly demonstrating they are neither qualified nor able to do so any longer.

Anonymous said...

Father Richard Heilman is a living saint,his blogs are full of God's wisdom, not only is Fr. Heilmen a real man, he is a true faithful disciple of Christ. God through Holy men like Fr Richard is telling us that he is *not* disinterested, in fact i am sure its only a matter of time before Christ uses his whip on these wolves in sheep's clothing for they are evil. We see God's work at hand, he truly is separating the wheat from the weeds. May God continue to protect and strengthen Fr. Heilman for you can bet the devil will send out his trolls on his Fb and blog page.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, PLEASE don't leave the Church. The Catholic Church has been through crises like this in the past and it will survive the present crisis too.

Ask Our Lady and St. John the Beloved Disciple and Theologian to help you remain with them at the foot of the Cross. Remember that's how the Church was born - from the pierced side of Christ.

Mother of Sorrows, pray for us!
O Holy Apostle John, Beloved and faithful Disciple, pray for us!