Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Let's all go ta Sveden, ya! Boot vy voud ve meet vit Katoliks?

The Catholic of Sweden are on the real "periphery." Persecuted for centuries by the Lutheran heretics, their cathedrals and churches, stolen! 

The Bishop of Rome will visit Lund to praise Luther and Malmo to kiss the feet of migrant Mohammedans and what the heck, he just found time to meet with Catholics and have a little mess, I mean Mass.

I suggest we all get ready for the asteroids.


Pope Francis: New Peripheries?
by  on 6 GIUGNO 2016 · 1 COMMENT · in VATICAN
Pope Francis' decision to extend by an additional day his visit to Sweden in order to celebrate a Mass with the Swedish Catholic community explains a lot about how decision making in the Domus Sanctae Marthae takes place. And it also shows that there are collaborators around Pope Francis able to intercept certain kinds of sensitive issues.
Pope Francis’ trip to Lund (Sweden) on October 31 for a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation was announced some time back. However, it was immediately noticed that he was planning to stay just one day, with no meeting scheduled with the Catholic community. And just as immediately, the Church in Sweden started working behind the scenes to have the Pope meet with Catholics at least for a Mass. The effort was grounded in the fact the Catholics in Sweden are a real existential periphery – to use Pope Francis’ words – placed as they are in the minority by the increasing wave of secularization that is affecting Sweden.
In the end, there would have been a severe papal gaffe if he were not to meet the Catholics of Sweden, who for centuries suffered persecution because of the Lutheran Church, and who now see these two freedoms at risk in their society once again.
Once this argument was won, Pope Francis decided to go. Malmoe is not far from Lund, and is home for many migrants and refugees coming from the Middle East. The Pope will go there after the commemoration in Lund, while Catholics would have preferred it if he had met with them and celebrated Mass with them first, before the joint meeting with Lutherans.


Ana Milan said...

The downright ignorance & complete lack of empathy with their fellow Catholics pouring forth on a daily basis from the Vatican still amazes me. False Modernist ecumenism & climate change take precedence.

We have a terrible situation here in Spain as a result of our Cardinal, Antonio Cañizares, upholding the family & denouncing the 'gay empire' & gender ideology and now his critics (feminists, LGBT collective of Valencia, the Socialist President of the Regional Government & others) wants the federal government to prosecute him on hate crimes. He was demoted by PF from his Vatican position for being too rigid. He needs our support & prayers.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Ms. Milan, it sounds like your good Cardinal has been "Burked", to coin a term. We need to pray for these good prelates.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

This article is further evidence of how inept and unCatholic this papacy actually is. We have a Hireling in our midst and of that there now can be no real doubt.

Pray my friends, pray.

Jonah said...

Post-conciliar German pope steps aside for Argentinian who then goes full Weimar... Freemasons wildly applaud.