Friday, 24 June 2016

England is fighting back against the globalist, fascist, masonic hegemony. Now England, come home - become again Mary's Dowry!


Peter Lamb said...

Rule Britannia !!! God save our Queen !!!

Peter Lamb said...

Vox, let's celebrate with a bontspan and a tot of Great, great Uncle Alfred's nectar! :)

Anonymous said...

It was to Our Lady of Walsingham that I prayed last night to free her Dowry from the evil monstrosity called the EU. May this be the beginning of Her children's return to the Faith of their fathers. Praise be to God and God Save the Queen.

TLM said...

AMEN!!! Is all I can add Vox. I was born and raised in the States, but my heart is every bit with England in her victory (through Mary) from the EVIL EMPIRE!! I was SO ELATED in the early morning hours to hear of this overwhelming victory that I felt it hard to contain myself!! YES!! Thank you Dear Mother for leading the people to light.

p.s. I had really prepared myself for defeat according to the media reports, it was so shocking, I had to keep looking at the headlines to let it 'sink in'. :)

Siobhan said...

Vox, speaking as an American, my belief is that once Great Britain returns to the Catholic Faith, then and only then, will we see a reunification of the English speaking peoples in a Christian Commonwealth. She must lead the way.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, TLM.

I thought for sure that after the pro-EU MP was killed (that was REALLY HORRIBLE) that the UK would have voted pro-EU in protest. It just goes to show that miracles never cease!

Barnum said...

Let Ireland cast off the Sproutish Yoke next. Let the Iberians follow hard on her heels.

Anonymous said...

Please alert your readers to what's happening in Primary Catholic School, St Anthony's, Southwark, London, UK. They are going to introduce gender-neutral uniforms to young infant children in Sept., see following web-site. They do not answer any e-mails. They only thing they do not like is publicity, as they hate the light!

Headteacher is Mrs Jane Day, priest on Governors at school Fr Jerry Mulvihill, Archbishop for Diocese Peter Smith, overall in charge in UK Cardinal Vincent Nicholls. Also Catholic Education Service are keeping silent!

Doctors are calling this CHILD ABUSE

Jewish schools are opposing OFSTED and UK newspapers are warning of the dangers, but NOT CARDINAL NICHOLS who should be leading a charge against this ideology as he is head in UK of Catholics he should resist like Jewish schools are doing.

Any publicity you can give this would help in stopping this agenda before it spreads to ALL Catholic schools in UK.

MyronM said...

"Now England become Mary's Dowry again!" Again?

England has never ceased to be a dowry of Blessed Virgin Mary, since King Richard II, in a sovereign decision, promised Her his kingdom in this form of giving, if She would help him to subdue the general revolt of the peasantry. He most likely submitted this offer on June 13, 1381, or Saint Anthony of Padua. The Holy Virgin arranged for this urgent state matter at an express speed, following the thoughts of the ruler, and in this way this peculiar dowry* was legally taken over by Her.
A dowry by its nature can be consumed when the bride marries. Can the Virgin Mary marry again? Yes, She can: Saint Hermann Joseph, O.Praem., the German mystic, this is the crown proof. However, his death (April 4, 1241) put an end to their mystical marriage and we are again dealing with Virgin Maid Mary. That is why King Richard II could offer her a dowry, and She could receive this gift.
And so we come to modern times, when the events described in the Revelation of Saint John are unfolding before our very eyes. In this comprehensive prophecy, the Woman Clothed in the Sun and Her Son-Man play a key role. The Chruch's tradition rightly equates the Woman with Virgin Mary. In contrast, the identification of the Son-Man as Jesus Christ creates a significant problem, because stressing that the son is a man only makes sense if Her son is also Her man, that is, Her spouse. The Blessed Virgin passed away from this world as a maid and widow, and now at the end of time She marries one of Her sons whom She gave birth to as our Mother the Holy Church. The son-man from the Apocalypse is Her husband and, as such, identical with the Paraclete. It is only in this perspective that the history of salvation of the human race reveals all its divine meaning. The Paraclete and the Woman Clothed in the Sun after a period of persecution** of the Church will bring a small remnant of faithful Christians to the Kingdom of God on earth.
Characteristic thing: Pius XII reminded the Church of the person of Saint Herman Joseph, confirming his worship on August 11, 1958. By this act Pope pointed out, unknowingly, a pair of mystics contemporary to Saint Hermann of Steinfeld: Saint Klara (+11 August 1253) and Saint Francis (+3 October 1226).
Premonstratensians mention St. Hermann on May 24, means on the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians, which again shows that the Paraclete-Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary was given to faithful as their Helper. The Paraclete is not the Holy Spirit, but he is full of the Holy Spirit, just like His Virgin Spouse Mary the Maid.
One last remark: After the birth of the Lord Jesus, Herod - inspired by Satan - killed the boys (under the age of two) in Bethlehem to kill the Messiah of Jesus. For 100 years, unborn children have been murdered on a mass scale - why? Satan hunts for Him who will be known as the Paraclete, the Second Comforter!

* Saint Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, not only cares about the condition of the Holy Virgin's dowry, but even multiplies it. All states and peoples belonging to the British Commonwealth, including Canada, also form part of this estate. Queen Elizabeth II might one day ask: “And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” [Luke 1, 43] She would hear in response: "For this dowry."

** The tribulation is aimed at shedding the elect from among many called.