Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Jean Vanier supports Canada's Euthanasia law - has the temerity to cite Pope Francis to justify it!


In a shameful, scandalous, and blatant betrayal of his faith, his country, and his parents, Georges and Pauline Vanier, Jean Vanier, the founder of L'Arche and internationally known Catholic humanitarian has come out in support of euthanasia.

Often exaggeratingly and ridiculously called "a living saint," Vanier was interviewed by the CBC on the matter and confirmed his views in writing to LifeSiteNews.

Jean Vanier is proof that the Catholic Church in Canada is in rapid collapse. The L'Arche Hymn will never be sung by any choir under my direction or myself again. 

Jean, feel free to take the needle but remember what will come a moment later. 

May God's judgement be swift.

Jean Vanier's full statement to LifeSiteNews on assisted suicide
English translation
I stand by everything that I have said. The main thing is in any case to support life and to avoid all situations of suicide that originate in a situation of depression and solitude. No Jean, it is to "avoid all situations of suicide" period! 
My sister Therese, who was a palliative care doctor, has always said that 97 percent of people die fully conscious and without suffering. For the remaining 3 percent, they worked at finding a way to administer medication so that all could die without suffering. Nobody needs to suffer unnecessarily. Palliative care is what is needed, as you advocate. Sometimes, those drugs administered to ease pain, may hasten death as a secondary effect.
If the correct sedative or medication has not been found one cannot oblige someone to live through an unrelenting agony. But one cannot advocate that in the absence of that "sedative or medication" one can administer a drug to "kill" the patient. Why are you not abundantly clear on this?
One must not take part of a series of remarks and take them out of context. The most important thing is to accompany people with a competent doctor and above all if possible involved in palliative care. What is the context of your remarks? It seems pretty clear.
Pope Francis continues to tell us that everything cannot be regulated by a law and there are always exceptions. So, you join the Pope in celebrating ambiguity? "Let your yes be yes and your no be no!"


TH2 said...

This poseur always was a darling of the Catholic Left/Liberals because he never asserted Catholic orthodoxy enough to get in trouble with the latter. Catholic glow on the outside, secular humanist on the inside.

Vanier's defence against criticism - and the reason why "conservative" Catholic commentators were and are silent about him: he worked with vulnerable persons and to in any way critique him would therefore be like punching a blind man in the face. He slyly disassociated *real* Catholicism from its direct connection with, and unmatchable help for, the weak, the vulnerable, the sick. Do not emphasize it too much, you know. Do not be too specific. We want to be respected and loved by the world.

Thus Vanier is adored by the media. Documentaries, interviews, awards, schools named after him, etc. And, oh!, how the reprobates at Novalis Publishers adore him --->

But now God shines the light for all of us to see, and the slimy snake crawls out from under its rock.

Good, I say.

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out."

Ana Milan said...

The most popular & used words by this Papacy seem to be Dialogue, Accompany & Gradually. As that's the case, perhaps someone could dialogue with the Swiss Guard to gradually accompany the total leadership of the CC onto to a waiting plane which would then gradually drop them in the nearest crocodile infested river where at least they will be welcomed by the inhabitants. The poison they have produced over the years, the scandals, the ripping apart of the Liturgy of Ages, the downgrading of the sacraments, their obsession with climate change & environment, their silence over LGBT agenda which is destroying the world (particularly children), their gradually accompanying people who have no repentance for their sins, justifies such a fate imo. Cannot wait to be rid of the lot of them.

Unknown said...

Someone send this to Cardinal Collins and ask him to stop making a fool out of himself publicly. He accepted the wynne sexual agenda, even threatened some groups/priests not to resist or allow any talk on the topic. No word from him prior to the elections of our fascist leader trudeau...and so on, and so on. As our cardinal he needs to be clear on all issues, he needs to clean house here, he needs to call out dissidents and traitors to the faith. Until he does this people like Vanier, teachers in CS (like the Catholic teachers union who march in pride parade) people like the liberal mp in whitby (who publicly defends lgbtq and everything the liberal party stands for) receives Holy Communion regularly. Scandal after scandal. Well it like TH2 said, at least they are all coming out from under their slimy rocks. Their true colours are showing. God will bring all this into His light for all to see. Until then we must persevere, we must hold fast as difficult as it is sometimes. Jesus, the innocent lamb, had to endure ridicule, rejection, cruel suffering etc. Why do we think as sinners that we will not have to face the same, except we deserve it. All in God's time will be revealed, exposed and will have to face His justice.

Anonymous said...

I do not trust L'Arche. They seem too focused on the now rather than on eternity.