Saturday, 25 June 2016

Is Cardinal Reinhard Marx a homosexual?

Come out all the way out Eminence. It is "pride" month after all which as you once knew,"goes before the fall."

What an malefactor.. What a disgusting, shepherd. What a wolf who would let people die in their sin.

Does this man believe in Hell? He will when he gets there.

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Catholic Church should apologize to gays, says papal adviser Cardinal Marx

DUBLIN, Ireland, June 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- One of Pope Francis’ leading advisors has declared that the Catholic Church should publicly apologize to homosexuals for what he called its scandalous and terrible treatment of them.
The comments by German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, one of the council of nine cardinals chosen by Pope Francis to advise him, were reported in the Irish Times June 23. 
“The history of homosexuals in our societies is very bad because we’ve done a lot to marginalize [them],” he said, adding that as a Church and as a society “we’ve also to say ‘sorry, sorry.’”


Anonymous said...

Montreal has just banned Catholic priests from being alone with children...I hope the Germanic nations have a similar ban on Catholic priests,bishops and Cardinals.

Michael Dowd said...

And we are reminded of another 'off the reservation' Bishop.

Notorious Catholic bishop after Orlando shooting: Religion, ‘including our own,’ targets gays...But in what may be the most outrageous case of speciously projecting fault, the Catholic bishop, Robert Lynch, of St. Petersburg, Florida, distorted the very faith he was ordained to uphold.

Dan said...

Aren't they all?

Leah said...

There may be such a thing as hard-wired same sex attraction, but that doesn't mean one has to engage in it. Sexual relations are not a necessity as are eating and drinking. They can get married in a heterosexual relationship and have children, if they do not want to live alone. People who are divorced have it much tougher, they also cannot have sex, nor even have a pseudo second marriage, because of scandal.
What we can do is immerse ourselves into a more active spiritual life and a life of good works. Nobody said that life had to be fair. There are people in life with other handicaps, like autism, etc. etc. Being alone in life has it's hardships, but so has every life.
Each and every person, heterosexual or homosexual, will eventually stand alone before God. The cards God deals us is our way to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Leck mich am Arsch, Reinhard!

How about apologizing to abandoned spouses whose adulterous partners have abandoned us, as scum like you and the heretic Jorge, welcome them with open arms?

The man is vile beyond words.


philipjohnson said...

Leah.Very well said!God bless.

TLM said...

And to think that the Pope has surrounded himself with men like this, including himself of course. But.....not a word will come from the Pope to condemn such evil.

Ana Milan said...

The CC should apologise to the entire Catholic laity for the scandalous behaviour of the Prelature since Vatican II for trashing our Liturgy of Ages, the Sacraments, Catechesis, allowing Sodomy to enter our seminaries, enablers of child abuse, false ecumenism, preaching that non-believers & unbaptised can get to Heaven by good deeds, obsession with the environment, pro-Islamisation of Europe, calling Traditional Catholics nasty names etc. etc. Cardinal Marx & cronies need denouncing & calling to repentance by the CDF.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

Wait, what? Montreal banned priests from being alone with children? Well then I hope they banned teachers first because their incident rate of child sex abuse is significantly higher than priests.

Aren't facts fun?

Unknown said...

"scandalous and terrible treatment." "We have done a lot to marginalize them." He is truly living in a fantasy world.

TLM said...

This is an interesting and very scary observation that I have had rolling around in my mind for quite some time, but have yet to allow myself to delve too deeply in......way too scary. But.........does anyone else see a correlation between what the hierarchy and the Church are wallowing in and what our governments are promoting? The 'gay' agenda, the socialism, etc, etc? I see a very definitive and like mindset, say for instance, between the political agenda of Obama and that of Francis. The one world order thing........the 'globalism'. They may have had a 'set back' (THANK YOU OUR LADY FOR THIS VICTORY) with Brexit but it seems as though they are all working together. We have had a small victory with Brexit, but don't be fooled. The powers that be are a long way from 'giving up' world domination. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...


TLM - I'm sure you've read Fr. High Benson's "Lord of the World". If not, due. It's all happening right in front of our eyes. Including your comment above.


TLM said...

Thanks James for the tip. Yes, I've heard of the book but not yet read it. Going on to Amazon now to see if I can purchase it! Thanks so much again.....many of God's Blessings to you!

My Blog said...
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tuleesh said...

Is the pope Cath… Oh, wait. Let me get back to you. I have to find another analogy.

Dan said...

"And the lingering question for any regular, secular, non-Catholic human being is:
If the Catholic Church is like the world, why be a Catholic, why belonging to this group of people? "

This Catholic is beginning to ask this too.