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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday, 27 June 2016


The face of a malefactor!

The face of a heretic!

As I awake at early dawn, the press is elated. The world is in praise.

New York Times
Times of London
The Guardian

This man called "Pope Francis" is trending on social media.

A Catholic teacher has been fired in Edmonton, Canada.

In an Ontario city, another Catholic teachers has been suspended with pay and sent for re-education.

In Hamilton, Ontario, the government is fighting in court a Greek Orthodox parent for removing his child from blatant sexual education classes.

Three cases. Real. Current. The laity and good priests will now be persecuted because of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his evil, imprudent remarks on the aeroplane returning from Armenia. All three involve people defending Christian morality and Catholic teaching. 

He twists the catechism to suit his aims and the zeitgeist. He speaks of "discrimination." 

No! The CCC says they must be free from "unjust discrimination" which means that certain types are in fact, just!

He does not state the rest, that the orientation is objectively disordered and the act is intrinsically disordered. He speaks of "pastoral" need and has allowed the media today and moving forward to beat every Catholic priest, teacher or layman who dares to speak the truth. 

Bergoglio has thrown all of us under the bus of perversion and the sodomitical juggernaut.

This man will leave people suffering from same-sex attraction in their sin. They will die and go to Hell.

They will not be alone!

He may very well be with them, staring into their faces, hating each other for having rejected God and His truth.

Yes, Jorge Mario Bergoglio will go to Hell if he does not amend his ways and teach the faith.

A disgrace to the papacy.

A boil on the Body of Christ.


Luciano said...

O Lord Jesus, we beseech Thee, please directly intervene to save us from this disaster as we have been betrayed by Your Shepherds.

Wolverine said...

Francis the Destroyer....doing what he does best!

Michael Dowd said...

As Lord Byron would say: Let him melt like snow in the glance of the Lord.

My Blog said...
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Ana Milan said...

This Apostasy has been predicted. It is unfortunate we find ourselves living through it. None of us could have foreseen that would be the case sixty years ago. I don't believe any of them hold the Catholic faith or ever did. They are imposters! We can only depend on Our Lord & Our Blessed Lady to right the wrong. Lund & Fatima are both coming up. We must all pray vigorously that Our Lady's triumph is close to hand.

Barbara Jensen said...

Since your disavowal of the truth of Ann Barnhardt's declaration about Bergoglio's invalidity as Pope, you seem more insistent about the evil of him who is systematically destroying our Church, more insistent than ever I read you to be. Just now on Ann's blog she has written about Bergoglio affirming Lutheranism. She has him saying (I believe in his recent airplane interview)'Luther did not err.' Go read it for yourself. Do you know where this is leading? Luther did not believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. This affirmation of Luther is the gateway for antipope Bergoglio to tamper with our greatest Treasure. Will you still affirm him as 'pope' when he does that? It is right around the corner.
I am a simple person and I need simple questions and simple answers. Frankly, I mistrust complications. Jesus said "Let your speech be 'Yes! Yes!' and 'No! No!'" Here is my point: Obedience to the fullness of the Faith is subservient to no canon law. Obedience to the fullness of the Faith trumps any canonical procedure. Bergoglio does not believe what the Church teaches. He trashes the Church on a daily basis and is on a destructive trajectory to destroy her. As long as we keep debating about whether or not he is pope he has free reign to forward with his evil plan. The time is now to declare that he is indeed an antipope. He is not a true pope. His fruit is proving it. This reality needs to be faced. The prelates of the Catholic Church are not going to do what those, who are trusting them, think these weak prelates are going to do. They will remain silent because if they do not, they will suffer as the martyrs suffered. Ann Barnhardt needs to be affirmed for her courageous stand. She has emboldened so many of us who love our Faith. Will you allow what I have written here to be put out for people to see or will you not? Stand up for Jesus Christ.

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

Francis is here to make martyrs of the true Faithful Catholics in the world.

Embrace your suffering like the Saints before us!

What else is there to do at this point??

Vox Cantoris said...

Barbara Jensen said...Will you allow what I have written here to be put out for people to see or will you not?

You have your answer.

To say that Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope is not something that can be done, at this time, by us. If he were, it would mean he would not be Pope. The only person alive that can actually make that accusation is Joseph Ratzinger and he does not appear prepared to do that. This is all his fault.

It is the future looking back on history that can declare Bergoglio to be an antipope.

If he were and antipope and the presumption, as with A.B. is that Benedict is Pope and Benedict dies first, where does that leave us?

It leaves us where it does, sedevacantism.

No, Bergoglio is Pope.

And a bad one.

Ana Milan said...

It could be that the demise of PF will precede Pope Emeritus Benedict so if this question isn't cleared-up immediately we are back to square one. The onus is on PB to do the right thing and either resign properly or declare he was threatened into making his declaration & resume the Papacy.

Sandpiper said...


Anonymous said...

I agree, Ana. Pope Benedict XVI needs to clarify the situation. If he intends for Francis to be Pope, then he should clearly state that he has renounced the Papacy and not use the title "Pope Emeritus" or wear the white cassock.

Most of all, he needs to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima before he dies.