Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Muslims, Pagans, Hindus -- all must come to Christ except the Jews - according to Cardinal Koch

Muslims must convert? 

So says Cardinal Koch. Will this get him slapped down by Pope Francis? Will a fatwa now be issued on his neck?

Yet, the Jews are exempt!

That's right, the Church still has a "mission to convert," but not the Jews.  

"For He came unto His own and His own received Him not." St. John the Evangelist

Cardinal Koch doesn't think Jews warrant saving by Our Lord Jesus Christ whom they rejected once already and therefore, don't need Him. Since we know that this is not true, then either we are deluded and have been wrong for 2000 years or Cardinal Koch is a liar and an anti-semite.

As a Catholic who dearly loves his elder brothers and sister in the Faith let me say this; there is no salvation outside of the Church that Yeshua founded upon Cephas. He is the Messiah you have been waiting for. If Cardinal Koch and Pope Francis won't say it, this simple layman will.

You must come to Jesus Christ and be baptised in water and the Spirit in order to be saved and do so within His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Atheists, all must come! 

Or you don't.

Your choice.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cardinal Koch: We Should Try to Save the Souls of All Men Except the Jews Featured

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Cardinal Koch: We Should Try to Save the Souls of All Men Except the Jews
On May 24, 2016 The Telegraph reported the comments of the Vatican’s head of ecumenical relations, Cardinal Kurt Koch. The Cardinal had just finished a two day closed door discussion with Jewish leaders at the Woolf Institute in Cambridge. The Telegraph began with the following:

Christians still have a “mission to convert” Muslims and members of other religions to Christianity even in the face of persecution in the Middle East, one of Pope Francis’s most senior aides has insisted.

It should be noted that many Neo-Catholic newspapers, blogs, and websites reported the story with only this headline. Straining to find any semblance of orthodoxy coming from today’s Vatican, Neo-Catholic journalists were quick to publicize that Cardinal Koch said we have a mission to convert Muslims. The fact that they feel compelled to report this statement as if it were a new and earthshattering teaching is itself a condemnation of the Neo-Catholic view that nothing has changed in the Church. It’s as if the Neo-Catholics had humbly resigned themselves to believing the Church should no longer convert Muslims and were then surprised and happy to see that we can try to convert them again. This is the sad condition of people whose faith is based on the ever changing statements of Vatican bureaucracies rather than the Catholic religion. Unfortunately for the Neo-Catholics, Cardinal Koch’s statements did not end there:


Anonymous said...

Discussions behind closed doors ,what they think is a triumph is really a tragedy .It's outrageous that the Vatican is now taking orders from Man not God.

Peter Lamb said...

Vox got it right - JESCHUA - Savior! :)

"... [Jesus] is not always referred to by the same name, however, but is diversely called "That Man," "A Certain One," "The Carpenter's Son," "The One Who Was Hanged," etc.
The real name of Christ in Hebrew is Jeschua Hanotsri—Jesus the Nazarene. He is called Notsri from the city of Nazareth in which he was brought up. Thus in the Talmud Christians also are called Notsrim—Nazarenes.
Since the word Jeschua means "Savior," the name Jesus rarely occurs in Jewish books. It is almost always abbreviated to Jeschu, which is maliciously taken as if it were composed of the initial letters of the three words Immach SCHemo Vezikro—"May his name and memory be blotted out."(2)
(2) cf. I. Buxtorf in Abbrev. Jeschu: "The Jews among themselves do not say Jeschu, but Isschu, so nearly corresponding to the words of this curse. When talking to a certain Jew about this some years ago he told me that it not only meant this, but also Jeschu Scheker (liar) Utoebah (and abomination). Who would not be deeply horrified at this? ... I also discovered here and there two other secret words from the Jewish Cabala which have to do with this name. It is well known that the Israelites are often warned in their sacred writings to shun the worship of Elohe Nekhar—strange gods or god. What does Elohe Nekhar really mean? By the numbering method of the Gammatria these letters equal 316, which taken together make the word Jeschu ... They therefore teach that to dishonor God by the worship of Elohe Nekhar is the same as to dishonor him by the worship of Jeschu. Behold the malice of the serpent!
In the Talmud Christ is called Otho Isch—'That man,' ... In the tract Abhodah Zarah, 6a, we read: "He is called a Christian who follows the false teachings of that man ..." Elsewhere he is simply called Peloni—"A Certain One." In Chagigah, 4b, we read: "Mary...the mother of a certain one ..."
Out of contempt, Jesus is also called Naggar bar naggar—'the carpenter son of a carpenter',(3) also Ben charsch etaim—'the son of a wood worker.'
He is also called Talui—'the one who was hanged.' Rabbi Samuel ... refers to the fact that it was forbidden to take part in the Christian feasts of Christmas and Easter because they were celebrated on account of him who was hanged."
(THE TALMUD UNMASKED THE SECRET RABBINICAL TEACHINGS CONCERNING CHRISTIANS, By Rev. I. B. Pranaiti(Roman Catholic Priest) With Ecclesiastical Imprimatur.)

Peter Lamb said...

Marc Chagall's blasphemous painting, "The White Crucifixion", which depicts Jesus the Christ not as the messiah but instead as Jesus 'Hasidic' Christ is Bergoglio's favourite painting.
"The Holocaust is a Christian Issue" by Richard A. Cohen ... gives the reader a peak into the psyche of an alchemist who is in the process of transforming his most hated enemy's religion into a golem to serve Talmudic Judaism. Below is an excerpt from this paper on the artist Marc Chagall and his work the White Crucifixion..."

There is more interesting info about it here:

"Why Does Pope Francis Promote the Hasidic Painting, White Crucifixion?":
White Crucifixion is a bolshevik ideological representation of Jesus. It has nothing to do with the real Jesus or Gospel. It depicts a Hasidic "Jesus" who was crucified solely 'because he was a Jew,' just as it is alleged that 'Jews' are always persecuted, for no other reason than that 'they are Jews,' in other words, "Esau hates Jacob," the fundamental tenet of the protection racket of rabbinic Judaism.
Chagall may have physically left the ghetto, but he was still preaching the message of the ghetto in his art. This is Chabad Lubavitch Hasidism par excellence. I believe this is why Pope Francis promotes this image, because it empowers the rabbinic racket by instilling fear in 'Jews' and shame in non-'Jews.'" ( Maurice Pinay.)

Sixupman said...

The Israeli Government is currently depriving Christian Schools of adequate finance to operate properly.

Anonymous said...

THEY don't need to convert. It's the rest of the world which will have to.

"The world is often very surprised to discover that the Jewish faith includes a complete provision for all non-Jews, regardless of race, social class or national origin, perfectly attuned to their needs, and deriving from the same source in Divine revelation through the prophecy of Moses, without any intermediary whatsoever. Only the true universal faith of the Jews regularly offers something to those who are not its members, and this is its sign of authenticity.
This provision is known as the Noachide Laws."

"The laws are all prohibitions, unlike those of the Jewish people who have affirmative commandments, but they are not intended to make life dull or restricted. They point out what the good and true path should be, and with this path all moral necessities for the non-Jews are established, without need for any other philosophy, scientific discovery or change in government."

If the worship of entities other than the Creator had not been forbidden by His express command, then people would be free to choose what to worship, just as they choose their own personal friends. However the whole area of relations between humanity and its Creator has been placed under specific requirements, namely that only His truth and unity should be the subject of belief, worship and philosophy. His revelation has two levels, the one in nature for ordinary reckoning, and the other through prophecy on Mount Sinai for the moral law. All non-Jews derive their true religious fulfillment from this latter source, and ANY REFERENCE TO AN INTERMEDIARY CAUSES ERROR and loss of morality."

"The non-Jewish nations of the world are commanded to avoid the state of anarchy by assuming and exercising the sovereign jurisdiction, to maintain courts that punish offenders by due process of law, and that provide civil redress in society. The Noachide Laws themselves form the basis of the criminal code, but each nation may make civil laws as it sees fit within the general guidelines. This provision does not apply within the Land of Israel, where the sovereign power is in the hands of the Jewish people, and they judge non-Jews of any nationality living or visiting there under these same Noachide Laws."

This is among the recognitions of the United States Congress in its Declaration endorsing the Noachide Laws (H.J. Res. 104, Public Law 102-14, March 1990 and subsequently), based on long historic understanding of the Jewish people and the Torah.

Rabbi Yirmeyahu Bindman
Judaism Online

Bill Dannemeyer
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992