Thursday, 23 June 2016

Everybody's somebody's fool, but some are more foolish than others!

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"Bergoglian Blasphemy."

Socci: "Pope Bergoglio: 'Jesus plays the fool a bit' -- and other grave expressions and actions"
Pope Bergoglio: “Jesus plays the fool a bit”. This and other inconceivable, extremely grave “expressions” pronounced last Thursday...

Antonio Socci
19th June 2016

It is earth-shattering for a pope to mix-up a two-faced devil with Jesus. It happened last Thursday when Bergoglio mistakenly referred to a column capital on Vézelay Cathedral: a “case of mistaken identity” emblematic of this pontificate, even if a somewhat superficial ghost-writer was probably to blame.


Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

Maybe some can educate this poorly educated Catholic, I'm guessing that in selecting the candidate to be Pope that the conclave's decision is inspired by the Holy Ghost - the same Holy Ghost who gives us all wisdom and insight, should we choose to accept what's offered?

Perhaps it naive of me, but I would have assumed that only one with sufficient intellectual rigour would be permitted to occupy the Seat of Peter? Put simply a prerequisite to be Pope a candidate must be holy but he must be very intellectual able?

This Pope, being a Jesuit, obviously has great intellectual ability so for him to say the intellectual incoherent things that he regularly says cannot be put down to lack of brains (unless his intellectual capacities are diminishing)!

"Jesus playing the fool" is the most incomprehensible statement I have ever heard - and what's worse it is from a Pope.
Francis is stating that God Incarnate, Jesus Christ, is either mendacious or a fool.
Francis statement is profoundly disrespectful.

Francis statement is also entirely illogical because if one accepts Catholic teaching, God created entirely the Universe and everything contained in that
Universe. By no degree could such a Creator be considered for one second to a fool of any merit. In fact by such creation one would recognise an intellectual power that our feeble minds could not possibly comprehend.

"Playing the fool" is an accusation of mendacity against God Incarnate, Jesus.
This is apostasy hiding in plain site, folks.
One of the properties of God is that God never ever lies. God is incapable of lying or mendacity. To suggest to or to allude to lying or mendacity on the part of God is diabolical.

Has this Pope been misquoted? Or is this statement really attributable to Francis.

We the Laity need to keep watching every single word attributed to Francis.
And every single time he issues words that contradict age old church teaching we need to shout and keep shouting loudly that "you're wrong, Francis"

lmpivon said...

I don't believe he believes in GOD anymore. He may have at one time, but if not, he is the most "worldly" pope we've ever had in the history of the entire Catholic Church. He is SO HERETICAL, can't some of these good Cardinals & Bishops oust him, or force him out? Gosh, there must be SOMETHING they can do!!

I am sick of this man. It's at the point I believe the evil prelates forced Benedict out due to threats, or drugging him. Take your pick, but I want to believe that Pope Benedict XVI is in reality still our pope!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

No, "not you are wrong." You are speaking heresy, Bergoglio.

O, and why the question about the accuracy of the quote when the report linked to addresses your question?

Brian said...


Perhaps another Connie Francis hit song, "Where the Boys Are", would be apropos for the homo mafia.