A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 20 March 2015

Who knew? Patricia Jannuzzi is a Powerhouse!!!

From National Review. 

No wonder they've tried to shut her down.

She's a crackerjack!

Here's her fundraising page.


Fox said...

Vox, This lady is FANTASTIC!! She should be in politics!

TLM said...

Patricia Jannuzzi is a very brave and bold soldier for Jesus Christ in His Church!! We need many more like her!! She is exactly the model that Christ called us to be.

This all said, yes, the homosexual issue is hard. It is a hard teaching for those who believe they are born the way they are, the way they think God made them. But the Church has spoken the truth of Christ in His Church about the issue, and I do believe there are groups inside the Church that are there to help these people even re orientate their sexual leanings. There are so many of these people who DO NOT WANT to be this way, and the Church has seen the need to help them rediscover who they really are in accordance to the teachings of Christ. Why aren't these groups speaking out? Why do we not hear more of them? They have been considerably successful in helping these people turn their lives around to live in full communion with the Church. Just as the pro life groups have helped women who have undergone abortion to heal WITHIN THE CHURCH. To come full circle in the healing process back to Christ in His Church. THESE GROUPS ARE THE COMPASSION AND MERCY OF CHRIST IN HIS CHURCH!

Something some of our Prelates need to take to heart.......'Neither do I condemn you, go and SIN NO MORE!!!' They seem to forget the 'GO AND SIN NO MORE' part. Yes, the Church needs to show the complete MERCY of Christ, BUT.....Mercy coupled with complete conversion to Christ and His will for them. That is TRUE mercy.
Sorry for the rant.:)